Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn
Birthday: 11/21/1945 Year
Place of Birth: Washington, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 168 cm

Paintings, in which she plays a serious dramatic roles can be counted on the fingers. However, unlike most of his colleagues in an easy genre, who are suffering from their image and dream of playing high tragedy, Goldie Hawn does not complain about the fate of his acting and working in comedies with obvious pleasure.
Goldie Hawn belongs to the category affluent Hollywood “stars” whose careers develops smoothly and stably. Even though some tipazhnosti its characters and not very rich arsenal of acting techniques, the audience and critics take the work of the actress with great pleasure. At its career it works professionally and plunges into raptures invincible charm of sincerity.
Goldie Hawn was born November 21, 1945 in Washington. She was the youngest daughter of the violinist and teacher of dance. In three years, Goldie took choreography and singing, performing with various troupes. At sixteen, she played on stage Shakespeare’s Juliet, and at seventeen she already gave dance lessons to pay for college education. Later, she joined the faculty of the American University of drama, but by throwing it, went to New York, there is continuing career as a professional dancer. While it can be seen performing in the capital club cancan United States and Puerto Rico. Part of this is the secret of her still slender figure, tripping and sense of rhythm.
Goldie was the soul of the company, its love for the nature of light, besides, she told great jokes and parody could everyone. Talented actress could not miss – it was invited to the TV show The Andy Griffith as episodic “girls of the corps de ballet”, and then given a small role in the comedy series “Good morning, world!”, Where he was born the image of a sly, funny and charming blonde Goldie which operates throughout his acting career.
As a general rule, if the young talent starts of interest to producers, straight road on television in Hollywood he assured. Goldie is the second part in a big movie was a truly triumphant: the picture “Cactus Flower” (1969), where Goldie has been a great partner Ingrid Bergman, brought her big Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Goldie so was not ready for such a high valuation that does not even go to the ceremony “Oscar”. The victory she told friends, called the next day.
“Oscar” Goldie gave the opportunity to choose the role to your taste, and she does not hesitate to give his career to the power of comedy. Her second film was a big “Sugarland Express” (1974). Directed by Steven Spielberg went to some risk, assigning it this is not funny role – the role of the mother, who embarks on a journey across Texas to her child, with whom she was separated, depriving parental rights. This role has cemented its reputation as Goldie Hawn mature and talented actress. Picture with Goldie Hawn enjoyed great success: between 70’s – early 80-ies of the actress six times nominated for the “Golden Globe” in the category “Best Actress comedies and musicals.”
Bargain for acting talent Goldie discovered yet and organizational skills. In 1980, she became the executive producer of the movie “Private Benjamin”, which also played a brilliant role emancipated American women who desire to serve in the army and rose to high rank. Curiously, the film this movie came out long before the picture “GI Jane”, where in a similar manner acted Demi Moore. “Private Benjamin” was nominated for “Oscar”, which in itself speaks volumes.
In 1992, Goldie has pleased fans of the genre “black comedy”, appearing in one of the main roles in the movie “Death Becomes Her”. Among Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Isabella Rossellini she laughed at the eternal feminine desire to look younger and more attractive, sometimes passing into paranoia. In this tape, as in any “black comedy”, does not apply to special depth and dramatic images that require more grotesque. I must admit that Goldie got the role of a little more versatile than its stellar colleagues. Her heroine Madeline – an intellectual at the beginning of the film, after the loss of the groom turned into Lower, plump monster – eventually becomes seductive, gorgeous but extremely cunning woman, thirsting for revenge. “In one film, one role to feel completely different three women and at the same time have some fun from the heart – what could be better ?!” – Exclaims the actress.
“She has an amazing ability to enjoy life – says Diane Keaton, Goldie partner for the film” The First Wives Club “(1996). – Every morning she drinks coffee, cappuccino, and each time it is for her – the most delicious coffee.” So says Alan Alda and actor with whom in 1997 Goldie starred in Woody Allen’s “Everyone Says I Love You.” Alan confident that Goldie even has a therapeutic effect on the audience.
Despite the fact that in November Goldie Hawn will turn 56 years old, she is still full of optimism and willingness to work. In 2000 came the film “Town and Country”, where the actress once again to please their fans. Now Goldie plans to make a documentary about joy. “That is a mystery – she says – smiling baby on average 72 times a day. Where then, in adults, it takes the joy out of life?” For the past 17 years the joy of her own life is a beloved man – actor Kurt Russell. Many people believe that their romance is tied to the filming of “Overboard!”, Where they performed brilliantly as a “random” spouses. However, the novel star couple began earlier, when fate brought them together in the film “Changing partners in the rhythm of the swing.”
Prior to this personal life Goldie developed not entirely smooth. When she was 24, she married actor and director Gus Trikonisa in whose veins flowed the explosive mix of Greek and Turkish blood. Seven years later, they parted, and Gus demanded as compensation 75 thousand dollars. Second husband turned out to be no better than the first one. As a result of her divorce from actor and musician Bill Hudson in 1980, Hawn was left with two children – son Oliver and daughter Kate – and without a home in Malibu, which became the property of the Hudson. So now Goldie and Kurt together four children: children from his first marriage Goldie son Kurt Boston from his first wife and Wyatt – common child spouses. Goldie does not confuse that Kurt younger than her for six years. She was not by chance many years managed to keep close to a younger man, persecuted obozhatelnits crowd. Firstly, for thirty years Goldie looks almost unchanged: the same fine figure, the same long hair and dazzling smile. It is no secret that holds a special diet, the main components of which are the spinach and carrot and cucumber juices. And Goldie interested in Buddhism, meditating. It seems that it is endowed with a natural gift to ignore any trouble and experience life with gratitude and joy. Goldie Hawn very happy and always happy to share a sense of joy to all who do not have enough.

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