These animals live in Central Africa. You probably guessed that this is a giraffe. Adult male reaches growth of five and a half – six meters and weighs a ton. It looks very disproportionate to the giraffe. Judge for yourself: very long, thin legs, narrow chest, a very long neck, small head that ends with inordinately large ears. And all this is crowned with small horns. The impression is that nature that got it wrong.
Spotted giraffe skin gave rise to the most incredible legends. For example, the ancient Egyptians, who knew more of these animals for fifteen hundred years BC, believed that giraffes – the offspring of camels and leopards. Just thought the ancient Romans, who called them camelopardalis, which means verblyudoleopard. This name has survived to our time as the scientific name of the species.
Giraffes cause and admired since prehistoric times. Bushmen is very similar to paint them on the rocks. Arab ruler sent them as a gift to other rulers as a sign of peace and friendship.
Giraffe with just a glance neskladen. This is a very graceful animal. He is perfectly adapted to live in the most arid regions, where water and grass during drought virtually disappear.
Long front legs of a giraffe neck and unusual allow him during a drought eat his favorite food – leaves from the tops of acacia trees.
Giraffe has sensitive hearing and eyesight. He sees enemies at a great distance, and strong hind legs allow him instantly rush to the place. Giraffe running very quickly. It is quite a long time can be carried at a speed of 60 km / h. He is easy to leave far behind the lion – the only predator that can be considered a giraffe his prey. But even the king of beasts, and then, perhaps, think twice before attacking a giraffe. After all, if the lion would catch giraffe surprise (and it happens very rarely), he faces almost certain death by lethal blows sharp hooves.
Courtship giraffes last long and without any displays of affection. Female gives birth to only one cub. Newborn weighs 45 to 70 pounds, and its growth exceeds two meters.
Giraffes have long been considered dumb. But scientists have discovered they have well-developed vocal cords. There are even reports that these animals communicate using bleating and pohryukivaniya. There is a wrong opinion that giraffes do not sleep. In fact, they are from time to time “dozing” standing. Sometimes, sleep and truly, his head resting on his back. But a very short time: at most – five minutes.
Besides lion giraffe there is another enemy. This is a man. Year after year, hunters killed thousands of giraffes in Africa for skin strong and tasty meat. Because giraffes do not interfere with cultivated fields, special extermination they had not been. As long as people will leave giraffes enough places for living, you can not be afraid of their extinction.

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