Their small size, as well as a way to travel gibbons are very different from all the other monkeys. For this they, together with their close relatives, Siamang, zoologists combined into a single family. Their name in Greek means “walk by the branches.”
In contrast to the massive gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans, gibbon weighs only 5.9 pounds, and Siamang – 9-13 kg. However, due to the thick fluffy fur animals seem much larger. In gibbons have one distinguishing feature – “ischial callosities” – horny pillow backside. Thanks to them do not build nests gibbons and sleep sitting on thin branches. This saves them from the attacks of heavy leopards. Most of the time gibbons spend on the top layer of the forest, at a height of 35-40 meters.
There are a lot of food – fruits, birds and eggs. Without the efforts they peremahival from branch to branch, intercepting his long arms. Their movements are reminiscent of sweeping steps. Sometimes just “go” chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas young, but rarely. Gibbons live in tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and the islands of the Malay Archipelago. They live in family groups. In the group, usually a male, female and cubs.
Each group has its own territory, which is guarded by all forces from invading other gibbons. Ongoing border disputes arise especially in those cases when the fruit ripens on the “no man’s” territory. Gibbons rarely cause injury to one another: instead of this fight is usually played imitation noisy battle.
Begins so. Females begin to scream hysterically in the same area. They correspond to the female on the other. Gradually, they converge on the common border, and then it comes to the males. They sternly hooting, chase each other through the branches, hanging upside down face to face, hooting and rocks. Females, as football fans cheer their wild cries. About an hour later all the costs of their territory. The war is over, the border is defined.
Gibbons are born naked, except for a fluffy “cap” on the head. Skinny kid pink pen, although the look is very fragile, but from the first day stranglehold dig into the motherboard wool. Mother can jump, if he wants, – cub falls from a height. By the age of two, gibbons already own animals, but still kept in the family. And so up to six years, when there are more 2-3 cubs and parents kicked her first child. Soon the young gibbon itself acquires family.
Siamang have much in common with the gibbons. They live on the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. They have the same “family” type of organization. They even peacefully coexist in the same area because they do not eat fruit, but mostly leaves, which are around a huge amount. Siamang, as well as gibbons, fans yell. But they know how to do it louder. And those and others can safely be attributed to one of the most noisy mammals globe.

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