Geneva – a city in Switzerland and the second in the country in terms of population and space. Nestles between the mountain ranges of the Jura and the Alps on the shores of Lake Geneva, it is absolutely not similar to other towns in the state. On all sides it is surrounded by France and the rest of Switzerland joins only a narrow strip of land and lake. Geneva is also a very cosmopolitan city – more than a third of its population are members of other nationalities.
Geneva – Capital of the World

Today, the city of Geneva is the largest cent of financial, business and diplomatic activity in the world. Here are the headquarters of the most influential international organizations – the UN office, the Red Cross, the WTO and others. It is because this city is often called “The Capital of the world.” Also, the on-site set of public and private banks, financial companies and corporations, leading to high interest of foreign investors.
Geneva is a major transportation hub in Switzerland. Next to it is one of the country’s largest international airport, the city railway station served by direct flights to Milan and Paris, and the lake port enables communication with other settlements on the coast.
The city is well-developed industries that require great precision and professionalism. These include jewelery, machine tools, precision mechanics, electrical engineering and watch industry. Get the necessary knowledge for these areas is possible in the many local universities, colleges and profiled courses.
Protestant Rome

The first settlers in the territory of the modern Geneva were representatives of the Celtic tribes. References to it are found even treatise where Julius Caesar describes the victory of legionaries in 58 BC In Roman times the city was a transit point of goods. With 443, he enters into the domain of the Germanic tribe of the Burgundians in 534 – francs, and then – the Carolingian Empire. From the 11th century it was under the rule of the bishops.
Thanks to John Calvin, who promoted his own doctrine, Geneva is often called the Protestant Rome. He opposed the Catholic Bishop, the local population causes a stir and provoked a long political struggle for independence. The final chord in the confrontation became Escalade – a battle in 1602. On the night of 10 December 11 savoytsami last attempt was made to capture the city, but they waited for failure. This event is a symbol of independence of Geneva and is annually celebrated costumed parades and demonstrations.
From the 18th century in the city there is a rapid development of social sphere. Jean-Jacques Rousseau starts from here to spread the idea of ??human rights, Henry Dunant organized by the Red Cross and the Swiss coat of arms makes the symbol of humanity.
Today, Geneva is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. It is often said that it is home to more than the rich than the unemployed. Many actors, singers, politicians and successful businessmen gradually choose this city to buy their own home or apartment.
The architectural ensemble of the city and the atmosphere

Geneva divided the river Rhone into two parts. Left Bank – is its historic center, which is of great interest to lovers of history and architecture. The most prominent structure is considered to be St. Peter’s Basilica, on the construction of which took nearly 150 years. Initially, the project was created in the Romanesque style, but over time has acquired the elements of Gothic style and the neoclassical facade. Next to him, stretched area of ??Bourg de Fours, where you can see traces of ancient cobbled roads.
The right bank of the Rhone is replete with business facilities, such as banks, offices and headquarters. There is also the railway station, city pool, Palais des Nations, and built in the 60s residential skyscrapers.
It is impossible not to mention one of the main symbols of Geneva – a unique fountain installed in the waters of Lake Geneva. Its height can reach 140 meters, it is one of the largest and most powerful fountains all over the planet.
Geneva is one of the healthiest cities in the world. This is due to the presence of many parks and the predominance of northern winds. Recent purify the atmosphere of various contaminants and bring to the city the air filled with the scent of alpine flowers and greenery. Waterfront Lake Geneva studded series of first-class resorts and scenic parks. Confirmation of the fact that the local population is trying to live in harmony with nature and loves her, is one of the unique attractions – Hours of flowers. They are on the Promenade du Lac and have a record of its length second hand (2.5 m). On the creation of man-made “natural miracle” needed annually more than 6,500 bushes flowers.
The city can come up with many epithets – elegant, international, chic and trendy. However, each of them individually can not fully describe the present Geneva. To understand this, it is imperative to come here, to plunge into its atmosphere, a tour narrow streets of the historic part, have a cup of coffee in a cozy restaurant in downtown, try the famous Swiss cheese and chocolate.

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