Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman
Birthday: 01/30/1930 Year
Age: 85 years
Place of Birth: San – Bernardo, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 188 cm

Gene Hackman (his full name is Eugene Alden Hackman) was born January 30, 1930 in San – Bernardo, California, USA.

Jean grew up in a provincial town of Danville, Illinois. His father worked in the printing of the newspaper and always envied his brother, who worked in the same newspaper, only the “top” – reporter. Obviously, it is the lack of demand forced him to eventually leave his wife and two sons, and leave the town without even saying goodbye. Gene Hackman at the time was 13 years old.
Becoming a senior man in the family, Hackman quickly matured. At age 16 he left school and enlisted in the Navy USA. He knew that his mother did not allow him to serve in the army, and the 16-year-olds without parental consent is not accepted. And then Hackman played before the selection committee of his first acting sketch, depicting cheeky and confident 21-year-old boy – and was accepted. Three months after the beginning of the service in the Marine Corps, he was sent to China. For six years he traveled almost all the Pacific coast, visited Japan, Shanghai, Hawaii. In the army he finished school curriculum and is actively engaged in sports – soccer, swimming, track and field athletics.
Random assignment – to replace the lead on Army Radio – changed the entire life Hackman. Faced with a microphone, he realized that he had to act like a damn … In 1952, he left in stock, qualifying for free to learn and to end any American university (according to American laws that privilege enjoyed by all who served in the army). Hackman first enrolled at the University of Illinois at Department of Journalism. Ready to work on TV. Six months later, dropped everything and hitchhiked to New York, where he enrolled in the School of Radio Engineering. Diploma gave him the opportunity to work on the radio in Florida, but soon it ceased to please him.
For a while Hackman was in New York advertising business, but in the end waved to California and joined an acting troupe Pasadena Playhouse, where he met with Dustin Hoffman. Together they developed a plan of conquest of show business and went to Broadway to follow in the footsteps of Marlon Brando. The sentence was harsh colleagues: from the entire troupe at Hackman Hoffman with the most meager chances of success. Nevertheless, in the early ’60s Hackman went to New York, and soon followed after him and Hoffman. They had hard times: eager to become “the new Brando” and without missing. Hackman got a job as a driver. Hoffman also, which no profession was not for a few months at Hackman slept on the kitchen floor, until finally he was not taken to a psychiatric hospital orderly.
Soon after his arrival in New York Hackman married Faye Meltiz cashier, who bore him three children. Despite this, the “daily” work was still to Hackman only a temporary break-in and the main thing he considered his participation in polulyubitelsky performances that put off-Broadway troupe. Early successes Hackman in show business are dated 1964 year. He played in the Broadway hit “Any Sunday,” and starred in a small but memorable role in the film “Lilith”. Hackman has made such a strong impression on the artist starring Warren Beatty, that in 1967 he offered his brother Hackman play the hero in the famous crime drama “Bonnie and Clyde”, for which the first Hackman was nominated for “Oscar”. First gold statuette Film Academy awarded him in 1971 for “The French Connection”. Also, the actor received the “Golden Globes” and BAFTA. Participants filming later recalled that the soft and discreet Hackman always had to inflate yourself to enter into the image of an embittered cop Popeye Doyle, but, nevertheless, he was able to completely forget himself in the character.
In the future, Gene Hackman starred in science fiction films (“Superman”), a “disaster movies” (“adventure” Poseidon “), a detective (” Company “), comedies (” Young Frankenstein, “Mel Brooks), thrillers (” Night Moves “Arthur Penn,” The principle of “Domino”), in dramas (“No Exit,” “Extreme Measures”).
Hackman roles can be defined by the words “real man”: he played professional soldiers, scouts, spies, journalists, police – always fussy, absolutely reliable, fearless. So it was even in the role of a tramp (paired with Al Pacino) in the movie Jerry Schatzberg “Scarecrow” and one of the best in his career tapes – “Conversation” by Francis Ford Coppola about the expert on electronic eavesdropping, which became a victim of its own professionalism.
Few embodied a much tsereushnikov and the FBI, as Hackman – remember most roles were in the “Targets” Arthur Penn and “Mississippi Burning” by Alan Parker (nominated for “Oscar” for Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival). Kind of ironic outcome of this long list was comedy Nicholas Meyer “The Case of the company”, where he played an aging CIA agent, and Mikhail Baryshnikov – KGB resident, and both captive Allied cause, because from the beginning of perestroika and the end of the Cold War, their work begins to seem pointless.
In 90th Hackman plays a sheriff in the movie “Unforgiven” (“Oscar” for Best Actor), “Geronimo: An American Legend,” “Wyatt Earp,” “Quick and the Dead”; acted in the comedy “Get Shorty,” “The Birdcage”, a smooth transition from the images of tough guys to age-typical roles.
Gene Hackman is one of the most popular and busy actors. In 1985, he divorced his first wife and is now married to pianist Betsy Arakawa, which lives in a villa in Santa Fe (New Mexico).

As a child, Gene Hackman was very fond of movies, especially movies with Errol Flynn.
In life Hackman was able to visit and a waiter, and a loader furniture, and a truck driver, and the porters, and even a shoe salesman.
Hackman always punctual and always dressed immaculately.
All his life Jean is friends with Dustin Hoffman.
In his spare time actor studied sculpture, drawing and writing.
Gene Hackman has recently released his first novel, “Following the star Perdido” (Wake of the Perdido Star, Newmarket Press, 1999).

Best Supporting Actor
1993 – Unforgiven – Best Actor
1972 – French Connection, The

Best actor (musical comedy)
2002 – Royal Tenenbaums – Best Supporting Actor
1993 – Unforgiven – Best Actor (Drama)
1972 – French Connection – Berlin Film Festival
Best Actor
1989 – Mississippi Burning
Best Actor
Best Supporting Actor
1993 – Unforgiven
Best Actor
1973 – French Connection
Poseidon Adventure
Royal Tenenbaums, The, 2001
Behind Enemy Lines, 2001
Heartbreakers, 2001
The Mexican, 2001
Replacements, The, 2000
Under Suspicion, 2000
Enemy Of The State, 1998
Antz, 1998 (voice)
Twilight, 1998
Absolute Power, 1997
Extreme Measures, 1996
Birdcage, The, 1996
Get Shorty, 1995
Crimson Tide, 1995
Quick And The Dead, The, 1995
Wyatt Earp, 1994
Geronimo: An American Legend, 1993
Firm, The, 1993
Unforgiven, 1992
Company Business, 1991
Mississippi Burning, 1988
No Way Out, 1987
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, 1987
Power, 1986
Target, 1985
Uncommon Valor, 1983
Under Fire, 1983
Superman Ii, 1980
Superman: The Movie, 1978
Domino Principle, The, 1977
Night Moves, 1975
French Connection II, The, 1975
Young Frankenstein, 1974
Conversation, The, 1974
Scarecrow, 1973
Poseidon Adventure, 1972
French Connection, The, 1971
Bonnie And Clyde, 1967

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