Geena Davis

Geena Davis
Birthday: 21/01/1957 Year
Age: 58 years
Place of birth: Wareham, Massachusetts, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Geena Davis is hard to miss – its bright appearance and high growth immediately apparent, her acting range is quite broad: it can play and caring mother, and a desperate warrior, and business women. All who know her, talking about her strong character, determination and dedication, and the images created by this actress, are life-affirming, optimistic nature.
Virginia Elizabeth Davis was born on January 21, 1957 in Verheme, Massachusetts, USA. Gina’s father, William Davis, was an engineer, and his mother, Lucille Davis – assistant teacher at the school. From his childhood dream of becoming an actress Gina, and therefore made every effort to achieve their goal. Perseverance and hard work, she could not hold: at school she was an excellent student, and on weekends to play in the church organ.
After graduating from the theater department at Boston University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gina almost immediately signed a contract with the New York modeling agency “sols”. Her appearance: tall, sensual cheeks and lush head of hair – immediately attracted the attention of cinema personalities. So she met with Sydney Pollack, who offered her a small role in the comedy “Tootsie” (1982) with Dustin Hoffman in the title role. After the debut of the TV series was followed by work in “Buffalo Bill” (1983) and “Sarah” (1985).
Roles in serials allowed Davis to show viewers a unique combination of beauty, intelligence and rich acting talent. Since then, her career took off, it is increasingly offered starring roles. So, on the big screen, she played in the comedy “Fletch” (1985) with Chevy Chase, and shortly thereafter received her first major role in the sci-fi film by David Cronenberg “The Fly” (1986), through which her name became known around the world .
By the way, during the shooting of this picture Gina met with actor Jeff, whom she married. However, it was the second of her marriage. Gina’s first husband’s name was Richard Emmolo.
After the “Fly” invitations to leading roles in other films did not take long. In 1988, two films in which Davis starred. These were the “Beetlejuice” (“Zhuchin juice”) and “The Accidental Tourist”. The first is a parody of horror films. Geena Davis brilliantly played the role of a ghost there – a woman killed in a car crash, showing another facet of his talent – the ability to balance on the verge of drama and comedy.
Brilliantly played a supporting role in the film “The Accidental Tourist” led critics to appreciate the acting talents Gina: the long-awaited “Oscar” led her into the category of stars.
Start 90s marked for Davis takeoff career and popularity. Each year the picture with her participation, including “Earth Girls Are Easy” (1989), “Thelma and Louise” (1991), “League of Their Own” (1992) with Tom Hanks and Madonna starring; “Hero” (1992), where her partner again becomes Dustin Hoffman; “Angie” (1994).
In those years of feminism in the United States experienced its heyday, so do not be surprised huge success of these films, especially drama “Thelma and Louise”. Davis previously tried to create on-screen images of confident, stubborn, brave and free women. Here, Davis played a timid housewife Louise “standard doll”, which accidentally falls into a dramatic binding and finds himself in an abiding thirst resistance. The role of such “extraordinary” ordinary woman brought the actress nomination for “Oscar”.
Picture of Penny Marshall “League of Their Own” was named by critics openly feminist. This is a film about the first in the history of the US women’s baseball team. Geena Davis surprisingly quickly and easily mastered all the intricacies of the game. “Gene was invited to the project at the last minute – says Marshall. – We had a lot of candidates, but they always refused when they learned that the second female lead will play Madonna. They were afraid that the second part will eventually become first. Gina – the only one who was not afraid. It seems to me, like her heroine Dottie, who manages to catch the balls are not in the glove and bare hands. Then when you’re done shooting, Gina admitted that not only had never played baseball, but also a very vague idea of ??the rules and the essence of this game! ”
Two years later, Gina divorced Jeff. Unfortunately, her personal life was not as smooth as a career. And in September 1993, she married again – this time for the Finnish director Renny Harola, who was two years younger than Davis. Immediately after the wedding, the young said they wanted children – just much. But the first film project was the brainchild of Jean’s “Cutthroat Island” (1995), in which she played the dashing pirates. In order to convincingly play a difficult role, Davis took lessons in shooting and fencing, learned to ride horses, swim under water. Many tricks she performed herself, without the help of doubles: descended on a rope into the cave diving among sunken scenery, fight enemies with swords. Alas, “Cutthroat Island” has not had much success at the box office. Then there was “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996), where the film’s heroine Samantha (whose role is played by Davis) is a teacher at the school. She has a family and home, but Samantha does not remember his past. Once she learns that in fact she is not a teacher, and an assassin, who at the time of “mothballed” to be used for particularly important cases …
Marriage Gina and Rennie lasted only three years. After a series of failures of their joint projects wife separated, however, preserving friendships and partnerships. Davis has long refrained from shooting, but actively worked as an executive producer in film and television. On account of its successful works such as “Wife policy”, “Resolution”, “Miscarriage of justice” and “Bigmalion.” However, Gina has said several times that he would return to the screen as soon as a job offer that would allow her to play something that would appeal to her. Obviously, such a project was the comedy “Stuart Little” (1999). This is a very good movie about a family who adopts the speaker mouse Stuart. In his life there are not only new friends, but also enemies – cats. Mouse in the film puppet and cats – are real. Gina (and not for the first time) appears before the audience in the role of mother.
Until recently, their children Gina was not. But now a spokesman for the actress said that the family expected completion Geena Davis. It should be noted that not every woman who has more than forty, decided to have their first child. Anyway, Gina and her new husband Reza Jarrah, cosmetologist, were very happy with the appearance of a child. Soon Jin reappeared on the big screen, playing in the sequel, “Stuart Little.”

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