Gale Sondergaard

Gale Sondergaard
Birthday: 15/02/1899 Year
Age: 86 years
Place of birth: Litchfield, Minnesota, United States
Date of Death: 08/14/1985 Year
Place of death: Woodland Hills, United States

Nationality: United States

Sondergaard acting career began in the theater, and in 1936 the actress got into the cinema. She became the first owner of ‘Oscar’ (Oscar Award) for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in his debut film ‘Anthony Adverse’ (Anthony Adverse) – in the history of American cinema of all eight of these actresses. Sondergaard played numerous supporting roles in the late 30th and first half of the ’40s, including the films “The Cat and the Canary’ (The Cat and the Canary, 1939), ‘The Mark of Zorro’ (The Mark of Zorro, 1940) and the ‘Letter ‘(The Letter, 1940). The second time she was nominated for an Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for the film ‘Anna and the King of Siam’ (Anna and the King of Siam) in 1946.
As the wife of the director Herbert Biberman (Herbert Biberman), Sondergaard supported him in the early 50s, when Biberman accused of being sympathetic to communism and placed in a so-called ‘black list of Hollywood’. As a result, her film career was almost destroyed. Together with her husband actress moved to New York (New York City) and returned to the stage. Since the late ’60s she occasionally appeared in films and on television, and in the end returned to Los Angeles (Los Angeles), where he died of cerebral vascular thrombosis.
Real name Gail – Edith Hill Sondergaard (Edith Holm Sondergaard), she was born February 15, 1899 in Litchfield, Minnesota (Litchfield, Minnesota), a Danish-American family. She studied acting at the School of Dramatic Arts in Minneapolis (Minneapolis School of Dramatic Arts), and then joined the Shakespeare Company John Keller (John Keller Shakespeare Company). Later, she traveled all over North America (North America) with the production of ‘Hamlet’ (Hamlet), ‘Julius Caesar’ (Julius Caesar), ‘The Merchant of Venice’ (The Merchant of Venice) and ‘Macbeth’ (Macbeth). Her younger sister, Esther (Hester Sondergaard) also became an actress.
Sondergaard on the silver screen debut in a historical film “Anthony Adverse” as Palaeologus Faith (Faith Paleologue) and became the first winner of an Academy Award in the category ‘Best Actress’. Throughout the 30s, her career in film flourished, and suggestions from directors followed one after the other.
During the preparation of the classic film production company ‘MGM’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ (The Wizard of Oz, 1939) is first to portray the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Witch of the West) in the form of a glamorous villain in black skin-tight suit with sequins in the manner of the Evil Queen Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937). The role was offered Sondergaard, who was photographed in two versions trial costumes – glamorous evil witch and more familiar ugly evil witch. Alas, after ‘won’ the image of the ugly wicked witch, Sondergaard refused to participate in the film, not wanting to cause disfiguring her beauty make-up – it is feared that it could damage her career. The role went to character actress Margaret Hamilton (Margaret Hamilton). However, in 1940 Sondergaard played Cat Tillett (Tylette) in the tale ‘Blue Bird’ (The Blue Bird) – kind of response the studios ’20th Century Fox’ on the ‘Wizard of Oz’.
The first time Gail married in 1922 to actor Neil O’Malley (Neill O’Malley), but in 1930 they divorced. May 15, 1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), she married theater director Herbert Biberman, which eventually became a film director. He died in 1971. They had two children, Daniel, Hans Biberman (Daniel Hans Biberman) and Joan Campos (Joan Campos).
Great harm to the career of the actress struck in the early 50 ‘Red Menace’ era of McCarthyism, when her husband Sondergaard, suspected of sympathizing with the Communist Party, among many other Hollywood actors and directors, entered the ‘Hollywood Ten’, faced with persecution and almost McCarthyites lost the opportunity to work in the film industry. Sondergaard helped her husband to finish work on the film ‘Salt of the Earth’ (Salt of the Earth, 1954), after which they sold their house in Hollywood and moved to New York, where Gail returned to the theater.
Before retiring Sondergaard managed to pull in a number of films and television series in the 1969-1983 years. She died on 14 August 1985 at the age of 86, in Woodland Hills, California (Woodland Hills, California).

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