Disney is famous for its cartoons. Music, fun, light and bright, they are – the masterpieces of animation. True latest trends movie is not passed, and a lot of jokes have become based on clumsiness or naivete protagonists. “Tangled” was one of the recent winners of my personal hit parade. And of course, “The Cold Heart”, created by the same people, I expected with great impatience. There were no unexpected moments, and not too pleasant surprises.

Rethinking the history of the Snow Queen surprised her plot twists. Friendship sisters as a child, and troubles caused by Elsa magical powers – perhaps the second, in fascination, the moment around the cartoon. Cute girls facial features, their natural and charming laugh. Activity restless Anna and sparkle in the eyes of Elsa – really fascinating. But as is usual in such stories, happiness quickly ends. Anna lost memories, Elsa locked in a room and strange parents make things worse. And why do adults always thought I knew a better life …

In the future, a truly happy Elsa can be seen only in the moment of creation of the ice castle (first moment of beauty). Finally come out of hiding, she gets a long-awaited freedom. Dyavolinka in shape and cunning create a miracle, and strict woman tortured again turns into a young and beautiful girl (yes, Elsa, I liked more than Anna). At the same time, Anna, locked in a dreary castle, sad about something else. Love, loneliness, the pursuit of happiness. On the sister she had forgotten, because having lived so many years to get used to everything.

What’s the problem? If Rapunzel was a character who was fascinated by its simplicity and beauty, in the presence of two girls effect should be stronger? Maybe if the timing was twice as much. In fact, it turns out that none of the sisters could not fully reveal its history. Fool Anna falls in love with the first comer, and finally freed from the burden of Elsa. Be more time, the script could easily come out the way I imagined it. Kristoff, whose life is connected with ice. In his own words: “ice – my life”, to which they, if not love line with Elsa? Melt the heart of the Snow Queen and return summer. Hans – fairy-tale prince on a white horse, so touching concern about Anna, and incomprehensible open such an interesting love between two not heirs. They could escape in a romantic fairy tale, to leave the kingdom and live a happy carefree life. Disney simultaneously surprising and disappointing, at least for me.

Winter – the most beautiful time of the year. One has only to look at the snowflakes and the patterns that draws the frost on the windows. Snow fun and artistry of frost – this is what you can get from the cartoon “The Cold Heart”. Two beautiful girls, two love stories and universal happiness – something that can not be seen in it. Visit theater costs, but costs as carefully choose the session: roaring, laughing and aching monsters, which some call – children – can strongly pull the nerves.

Elsa, laughing and looking at life with joy – something that is worth to pay for the ticket. And it’s about freedom and the cold – the best song of the picture.

slogan «From the creators of ‘Tangled’ and ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ …»
director Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Scenario Jennifer Lee, Hans Christian Andersen, Chris Buck, …
producer Peter Del Vecho, John Lasseter, Aimee Scribner
composer Christophe Beck
Vomersli artist David Michael Dzhiaymo
Installation Jeff Dreheym
cartoon genre, musical, fantasy, comedy, romance, adventure, family, words …
$ 150 million
charges in the US
$ 400,738,009
fees in the world
+ $ 873,481,000 = $ 1,274,219,009


Kristen Bell
Idina Menzel
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad
Santino Fontana
Alan Tudyk
Kieran Hinds
Chris Williams
Stephen J.. Anderson
Maia Wilson

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