Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire
Birthday: 05/10/1899 Year
Age: 88 years
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Date of Death: 22/06/1987 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 175 cm

Original name: Frederick Austerlitz

Legendary dancer American musicals
Fred Astaire worked actively paired with dancer and actress Ginger Rogers (Ginger Rogers) – a series of 10 Hollywood musicals with them starring in his time literally defined the new face of the genre as a whole. However, work with Rogers was only a small, though fairly well-known part of a very, very long and successful career of the legendary dancer and actor.

Frederick Austerlitz, better known as Fred Astaire (Frederick Austerlitz or Fred Astaire, 10.05.1899 – 22.06.1987) – American actor, dancer and singer, known for his roles in American films and Broadway productions.
Astaire was born in Omaha, Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska). In 1905 the family moved to New York; this is where children and made their first steps to success in show business. Fred and his older sister Adele demonstrated a clear talent; Soon, on the advice of his mother, they changed their name too ‘military’ ‘Austerlitz’ on a shorter and a resounding ‘Aster’. Thanks to the outstanding commercial abilities father Fred and Adele quickly gained a large contract. The couple have been ups and downs, but in general they had good success; already in 1917, brother and sister were first time on Broadway.
Over time, it became clear that as a dancer Fred shows the results of which Adele can only dream; however, and sister Astaire attention of the audience got it in ample amount. In the 20’s, Fred and Adele appeared on Broadway; after the close of the next project (setting ‘Funny Face’) Aster moved to Hollywood (Hollywood), which had tried to pass the test in ‘Paramount Pictures’, but, alas, were rejected.
In 1932, the way Adele and Fred went – Adele married. Fred Astaire’s career, however, was more than worthy and without Adel; Fred had a hard time psychologically, but their suffering, he was able to transform into a desire to further hone their skills. After some time, a dancer, a new partner, Claire Luce (Claire Luce).
Hollywood legend has it that after the first trial for Astaire ‘RKO Radio Pictures’ verdict was pretty harsh -‘ can not sing. Can not play. Bald. A little dancing. ” However, ‘RKO’ nevertheless decided to use Fred in his show – and it has paid off. He made his debut in Hollywood Fred in 1933, in the musical ‘Dancing Lady’ with Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford).
Truly turned Aster paired with Ginger Rogers. Backed by long experience with her sister, Fred was initially skeptical about the creation of a new permanent duo; however, persuaded his audience ratings.
It is known that Astaire received not a fixed rate, but the percentage of the total profits of films that actors of the time was, to say the least, unusual. However, Fred deserves such payment – among other things, he was credited with two rather serious innovation. Firstly, Aster insisted that the dancers were shooting static chamber being kept as much as possible in the frame have been completely dancers. Secondly, Astaire always insisted that dance and song numbers built into movies maximum logical and reasonable to the point of view of the story.
In 1939, Astaire left ‘RKO’ and parted with Rogers. During this period, he appeared in films with varying success, but in general reviews his new work received more positive. After the release of the next project – ‘Blue Skies’ – Fred, much to the surprise of fans, announced his departure from the movie. Aster rested, though not for long – as early as 1949, he starred in the project ‘Easter Parade’. In the same year he had the opportunity to work again with Rogers ‘The Barkleys of Broadway’.
During the ’50s he played another in a series of major musicals; only in 1959, Fred said that departs from kinomyuziklov in order to concentrate on acting. Fully Astaire dancing is not tied, but the acting roles he really added – and some of them dancing Fred simply not necessary. Astaire continued to act until 1981.
June 22, 1987 the first 88-year-old Fred Astaire died of pneumonia.

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