Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra
Birthday: 12/12/1915 Year
Age: 82 years
Place of birth: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Date of Death: 14/05/1998 Year
Place of death: West Hollywood, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 68 kg

Original name: Francis Alber Sinatra

The legend of the music world
Why Frank Sinatra threw journalism and began performing on stage? Thanks to a young guy who learned the whole country? As film debut influenced career Sinatra? For the role in which film the singer was awarded the Oscar? Why in Australia he made a real boycott? Is it true that Sinatra had connections with the Mafia and became the prototype of John Fountain – the hero of the novel by Mario Puzo ‘Godfather’? Why is marriage to actress Ava Gardner received notoriety, and how their relationship after divorce?

A start in life
Frank Sinatra was born December 12, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey, the son of Italian immigrants. His father was a shipyard worker, but to provide for the family, often participated in boxing fights. Mother served as chairman of the city cell of the Democratic Party, was a strong, dynamic woman for whom social and political work was above the family.
Frank grew up a gifted child, but did not get an education. In 1931 he was expelled from school for bad behavior. Some time Sinatra worked as a courier in the sports newspaper, and then began to write articles yourself. However, journalism he was not attracted. From early childhood, Frank was fond of music, and was interested in the movie. His favorite actor was Edward G. Robinson, who starred in films about gangsters.
In the early 30s he joined the Frank Sinatra musical trio Hoboken, where initially worked as a driver. Soon, a talented young man became a part of the team ‘The Hoboken Four’, which in 1935 won a competition for young talents in the radio show. The boys went on their first national tour, laying the foundation for their professional careers.
In 1939, after returning from his first tour, Sinatra married a modest simple girl, Nancy Barbato, who bore him three children: daughters, Nancy and Tina, and her son Frank. Nancy Sinatra became a popular singer and actress.
World popularity
Frank Sinatra’s career took off sharply after 1939, he signed a contract with trombonist Tommy Dorsey. He learned from him everything that comes to music, because Sinatra had no musical training and did not know music. Together they performed at various concerts, where the singer once remarked agent George Evans. He quickly unwound an unknown guy made him a real star.
In the movie, the time was dominated by musicals, so needed a Hollywood talent such as Sinatra. In 1941 he made his debut in the film ‘Night of Las Vegas’. Fulfilled in it the song ‘I’ll never smile’ became a hit. Frank fees exceeded 50 thousand dollars, and in 1943 he was named the best singer of the year. This was followed by the painting “Raise anchor ‘(1945),’ Till the Clouds Roll By” (1946), ‘On the Town’ (1949).
Due to the popularity of the movie Sinatra reached incredible heights.
In 1946 he released the album ‘The Voice Of Frank Sinatra’, which was his first of the more than one hundred discs. His velvety voice was maddening of all women and become the property of not only American, but also world culture. People joked that Sinatra could sing even the phone book.
More Frank excelled in the love arena. In Hollywood, he was known as a real ladies’ man. Among the many novels Sinatra’s greatest interest was his relationship with actress Ava Gardner. They met at the premiere of ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and soon learned that they have a lot in common. Gardner was famous for its runaway explosive character, so well suited to Frank. They loved spaghetti, nightlife and firing revolvers that suit, racing at high speed on the highway.
Their behavior Sinatra always attracted media attention, with representatives whom he had a strained relationship. Once in Australia, the singer had called journalists, for which they announced a boycott, and he had to leave in disgrace continent. In the US, too, is a recurring problem. In the late 40’s, Frank suffered a series of setbacks as a result of which he almost lost his job and his marriage to Nancy was destroyed.
That all changed in 1951 when Sinatra married Ava Gardner. Their career immediately went up. In 1954, for her role in ‘From Here to Eternity “(1953), Frank won the Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. It was rumored that he received the award because of the Mafia, which has been linked, but whether the information is actually unknown. What Sinatra was friends with some mobsters, really. They invested in its promotion and receive a percentage of the concert fees. It is said that the singer was their courier and often transported in his luggage money and drugs. Therefore, many believe prototype Sinatra singer Johnny Fontaine, the hero of the novel ‘The Godfather’.
50s was the peak of popularity of Sinatra. He played in the movie, starred on stage, led the show and television programs, participated in the presidential campaign. His hit ‘High Hopes’ remained in the national chart as much as 17 weeks and even beat the legendary ‘The Beatles’. Thanks to his friendship with the Kennedy family Sinatra was among the first people in America.
Recent years
After six years of marriage, Gardner threw Sinatra and moved to Spain. For him, it was a real blow. Ava was the only woman he truly loved. In 1966, when they were divorced, Frank called his ex-wife and said that he would marry the young actress Mia Farrow. He hoped that Ava will be jealous and come back to him, but she could not forgive him.
Marriage with Farrow and not last year. Despite the fact that Sinatra had a lot of women, he often traveled to Europe to visit Ava, who in his last years very ill. It is fully paid for her treatment until death of the actress.
In 1971, Sinatra announced the end of a career, but did not keep his word, and three years later reappeared on the scene. In 1979, the singer recorded a masterpiece – ‘New York, New York’, becoming the only performer who fifty years later was able to regain the popularity and love of the public. In 1976, Frank married Barbara Marx, with whom he lived until his death.
At the last big concert in North Carolina Sinatra sang with teleprompter – memory seriously misled Hollywood legend. One of the critics on this occasion quipped that Sinatra – the Colosseum. Partially destroyed, but also fascinating. Indeed, the world has not been a performer who would have remained popular for several generations.
Ironically, it was hated Frank journalists accepted his death as a real tragedy. Some of them wrote that the day of death Sinatra – May 14, 1998 – was the end of the twentieth century. In some ways they are right. The era of the golden age of Hollywood, who embodies the famous singer and actor, irrevocably gone.
Frank Sinatra loved and hated, but no one ever doubted the greatness of his talent. He was a true genius, a strong personality, capable of great things. The singer has always believed in themselves and go forward. Not for nothing on his tombstone engraved with the words: ‘Best – ahead’.

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