Perhaps for fame with figs can compete only apple. However, its benefits, more stems, much more nutritious.
Rhode figs, belonging to the family of mulberry, has about 1,000 species, representatives of which are grown mainly in the tropics or subtropics. In our southern latitudes (from places friends and relatives – Crimea, Krasnodar Territory (Tuapse), Dagestan, Armenia, caught Carian ficus (Ficus carica), often referred to as figovovym tree or figs. Ficus Carian named for the place, which is considered the birthplace of figs – mountainous region of ancient Caria, Asia Minor province.
Figs – one of the oldest cultivated plants. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit okryli their nakedness, and were expelled from paradise. In the culture of figs grown first in Arabia, it was borrowed from Phoenicia, Syria and Egypt. In the 9th century BC He was brought to Greece, but America was only in the late 16th century. The Russian language is the specific name of “Ficus” came in the 18th century and several changed – “guys” here – a fig tree. It was in Russia at this plant and other names – the fig tree, fig, fig, berry Smyrna.
What is the reason for the popularity of figs? Firstly, the useful substances therein rife: Fresh fruits contain up to 1.3% of protein, 11.2 sugars, acids only 0.5%. Dried figs proportion of protein increases up to 3-6%, sugar – 40-50%, which gives them a sweet taste and a deep feeling of satiety (calorie dried fruits – 214 kcal / 100 g). There are vitamins (B-carotene, B1, B3, PP, C) and minerals (sodium – 18 mg / 100g, potassium – 268, calcium – to 34, magnesium – 20, phosphorus – 32). Potassium so much that he is second only to the content of figs nuts. The fig is rich in amino acids, which have a positive impact on the sexual libido (sex love relationships). Secondly, it is very much abundant crop – up to 20 tons per hectare. Third, unpretentious: it can grow on poor land, scree, rocks, stone walls. However, strong trees are found in the river valleys, in the conditions of a good water supply. Fruit begins to figs 2-3 year lives up to 30-60, and in some cases up to 300 years.
From ancient times, figs are used in medicine. They were used as a remedy for cough and sore throat on, which stems brewed with boiling water or hot milk. The pulp is also the fruit has a good diaphoretic and antipyretic action. Further, iron in figs more than apples, therefore recommended for patients suffering from anemia zhelezodifitsitnoy. Thus, as in the leaves contain coumarin (an agent to increase sensitivity to solar radiation), they too have been used. The best figs – white or black. White figs is more suitable as a protein supplement, and the black is used as a nutritional agent. Figs have high nutritional value, soothing heat in the body and quenches thirst. Drives sweat and softens the body, relaxes slightly, cool heart, corpulence. Figs useful in palpitation, asthma, coughing, chest pain, coarsening of the pleura; use it for food with almonds, it helps with weight loss strong. When it is eaten on an empty stomach, he reveals the good path of nutrients and contributes as amended. Dried figs – has a laxative effect.
For drying is more suitable light, with golden skin and white flesh, about 5 cm in diameter. Dried stems 3-4 days in the sun, be sure to hole up at the top of the figs. We get accustomed to the fruits, the smallest seeds that are inside the wine berry, berry and the shell – a proliferating receptacle. The smaller fruitlets, the tasty figs. If more than 900 per gram of seed – very good, tender figs. If less than 500 – very mediocre. There is a seedless variety, which does not require pollination by using OS-babies, but it stems not so tasty and juicy.
Syrup of figs is an excellent tonic for children: it increases their appetite and improves digestion. Tomato, Natural Syrup helps with muscular rheumatism, skin diseases, kidney stones and bladder, liver and increase in belyah (colds female genital mutilation).

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