Ferrari FXX Evolution

Still think the fastest Ferrari – this 660-strong Enzo? Yes, but only on a public road. After all, in 2005 there was the so-called Super Enzo – modification FXX with forced already to 812 “horses» V12. Its habitat – only racetracks. But in Maranello did not stop there: it turned out that this is not the final – the Italians presented evolutionary version FXX!

It’s no secret that all were released thirty Ferrari FXX, and each of its owners, including even Michael Schumacher (Michael Schumacher), not just wound circles at various racetracks. In two years, the car dashed 35,000 kilometers. Received telemetry data specialists from Maranello used to make an already gorgeous car even better. And it looks like they succeeded.

Visibility in this Ferrari – clearly not the trump card. However, in Maranello and thought about it. So particularly important customers will not scratch their supercars, cars equipped with side rear-view cameras. And their body does not degrade the aerodynamics.

6.3-liter V12 now hides a “herd” of 860 “heads” – and this is, by the way, the indicators F1 (albeit in F1 such power “take off” with volume of 2.4). Crankshaft revolutions at which the engine operates with maximum efficiency, are also impressive – 9500 per minute. A robotized gearbox became more “high-velocity” – now stage change takes 60 milliseconds.

In addition, Ferrari engineers slightly modified front suspension geometry and tire manufactures of Bridgestone «fit» more durable rubber.

Talk about the acceleration to “hundreds” in relation to Ferrari FXX Evoluzione simply indecent. And who is it interesting? Much more important time on the track Fiorano, native for all machines with prancing stallion on a poster. So, the Italians claim that a new version of his passes for two seconds faster than its predecessor (at 1’16 “). And it is an achievement not only more powerful motor.

It seems unlikely someone once wanted to be a guinea pig. But what if the laboratory is located in Maranello, the cell – a circuit Fiorano, instead of white robes – red overalls and performs the role of Professor Schumacher?

Seriously worked on aerodynamics. FXX Evoluzione has a new diffuser, active front spoiler, and modified rear of the machine elements. It is possible to improve aerodynamic efficiency by 25 percent. In addition, the brake system were modified composite ceramic discs Brembo. And together with the GES Racing Division has developed an advanced traction control system – the pilot can choose one of nine of its settings using the toggle switch on the center console.

FXX Evoluzione package can be installed on any of the “usual» FXX. By the way, the test program is not finished – has developed a plan of races for two years. But here’s something to Ferrari have not yet reported, can I buy a FXX Evoluzione «from scratch.” Or the lucky ones who can boast of working together with Schumacher, and will remain in the amount of 29 people?

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Ferrari FXX Evolution Wallpapers
Ferrari FXX Evolution Wallpapers
Ferrari FXX Evolution  Wallpapers hd
Ferrari FXX Evolution Wallpapers hd
Ferrari FXX Evolution  HD pics
Ferrari FXX Evolution HD pics
Ferrari FXX Evolution  Background
Ferrari FXX Evolution Background

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