Errol Flynn

Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn
Birthday: 06/20/1909 Year
Age: 50 years
Place of birth: Hobart, Canada
Date of Death: 10/14/1959 Year
Place of death: Vancouver, Canada

Citizenship: Canada

The famous Hollywood actor of Australian origin, a movie star and sex symbol of the 1930s and 1940s.
Errol Flynn was born June 20, 1909 in Hobart on the Australian island of Tasmania, the son of a marine biologist Theodore Flynn and his wife Lily Mary Young. Changed several private schools in Australia and England, where he was expelled for academic failure and school in Sydney – and even for communicating with the daughter of the school laundresses.
At age 15, got a job as a clerk in Flynn Sydney shipping company, and a year later went to New Guinea, where for some time he worked in the police and the manager of a tobacco plantation, hired Aboriginal gold mines and wrote for newspapers articles about local events.
Arriving in Australia in 1929, Flynn bought a yacht named “Sirocco” and, together with three friends returned to its board in New Guinea, and covered the distance of 3,000 miles. The story of this journey that took seven months later became the basis for his book called Beam Ends (published in 1937). In 1930, he became acquainted with a certain Dr. Hermann Erben, who studied tropical diseases. Hiring Flynn, Erben aboard his yacht down the Sepik River and made a documentary about this little-explored region in those days.
A start in life
In 1933, Flynn returned to Australia, where after his photographs were one film producer, has received an offer to play the role of a rebel Fletcher Christian in the semi-documentary film about the history of Pitcairn Island “Path” Bounty “. So he made his debut in the movie. Feeling interest the new craft, Flynn in the same year went to the UK and throughout the year and a half has successfully played at the theater in London and Northampton. He was soon discovered by the film company Teddington Studios, overseas branch of Warner Bros., who felt that the young actor looks like public – Flynn was very handsome and well built – and offered him a contract, and after a successful appearance in the 1934 drama “Murder at Monte Carlo” Flynn was invited to Hollywood.
Around the same time he met French actress Lili Damita. She was older than he was for four years and previously was married to director Michael Kёrtitsom, in films which subsequently Flynn often filmed. Between Errol and Lily began an affair, and in May 1935 they were married.
First Hollywood works Flynn in 1935 began supporting roles with weekly salary of $ 150 in the comedy “Do not Bet on Blondes” and the film adaptation of the detective novel by Earl Stanley Gardner’s “The Case of the Curious Bride,” and then followed by a role which ensured a lightning takeoff and career Flynn defined his acting role – the role of the noble pirate Peter Blood in high-adventure film “Captain Blood” based on the eponymous novel by Rafael Sabatini.
Colorful role of the brave Captain Flynn went by chance. Originally it was intended Robert Donat, who already had experience in costume – in 1934 he played Edmond Dantes in “The Count of Monte Cristo” – but after Donat unexpectedly refused to participate in the film, Warner Bros. Guide decided to take a chance and replace it with an unknown to American audiences Flynn. Together with him was another newcomer, a future star Olivia de Havilland. As a result, the picture has won public acclaim and in 1936 was nominated for the award “Oscar” in five categories.
Recognition and fame
In the next five years, Flynn’s career reached a truly dizzying heights. The most popular actor brought adventure, historical and military films where his characters become selfless and noble brave, gallant towards the ladies, and merciless to the enemy. Such were his heroes – fallen in an unequal battle, Major Geoffrey Vickers in the film “The Charge of the Light Brigade” (1936), the noble thief Robin Hood in the award three “Oscars” of the film “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938), a brave captain Courtney who gave their lives for the sake of other, in the drama “The Dawn Patrol” (1938), Sheriff Wade Hatton, a fighter for justice in the western “Dodge City” (1939). By that time, his fee was increased and $ 2,500 per week.
In addition, Flynn tried his hand at several dramas – “Green Light” (1937), “A New Dawn” (1937), “Sisters” (1938) – and comedies – “perfect copies” (1937), “Four – a gang “(1938). But despite the comic talent shown by Flynn, the public – and especially its beautiful half – with much more enthusiasm took his adventure pictures. Women could not resist the way his romantic hero with a mocking narrowed blue eyes, behind the external recklessness that hides vulnerable and noble soul.
Hermann Erben
In 1937, Flynn with his old friend Hermann Erben traveled to Spain. In the country at that time there was a civil war, but nevertheless had a friend in the neighborhood of Madrid and Barcelona in March and April. Erben – despite the fact that he was a Jew – he worked for the Nazis in Spain gathered for their information on the German dissidents who emigrated after Hitler came to power. Flynn friendship with the German spy subsequently served as a pretext for accusations of Nazi sympathies Flynn.
Star Warner Bros.
By the early ’40s Flynn has become one of the leading actors of Warner Bros., and his film production company has consistently brought huge profits. He continued to work strictly within the limits of their role – in 1939, he starred with Bette Davis in costume “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex” melodrama about love of Queen Elizabeth I and her favorite, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. During filming he was a car accident, and the producers had to significantly restructure the schedule of the actor, to give him time to recover. In 1940, followed by Western “Virginia City” (paired with Miriam Hopkins), an adventure melodrama, which received four nominations for “Oscar”, “Sea Hawk”, where Flynn played privateer Geoffrey Thorpe, and another duet with Olivia de Havilland – Western “Santa Fe Trail”.
Spring of 1941, Flynn became a father – May 31 Lili Damita bore him a son named Sean. In the same year, a list of his works has expanded detective comedy “Footsteps in the Dark” war drama “Dive Bomber” (award nomination for “Oscar” for cinematography) and military melodrama “They Died with Their Boots On” – the eighth and final duet Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, where the actor played the role of the famous cavalry brigadier general in the Civil War George Armstrong Custer.
In 1942, the film company Warner Bros. has released two new pictures with Flynn – war drama “Desperate Journey” and the movie “Gentleman Jim” in which the actor appeared in the role of legendary heavyweight boxer James Corbett, who won the 1892 world title. However, not only these two premiere attracted the attention of the public to Flynn. In April, the actor divorced Lily, who left him with his son in the late last year, and in October, two teenage girls – 17-year-old Betty Hansen and 16 year-old Peggy Satterlee – the actor was accused of rape.
According to Betty Hansen, who came to Hollywood from Nebraska in order to break into the actress, her familiarity with Flynn happened at the party, after which they retired, and Flynn asked her to undress. Although the question of whether it happened with her consent, Betty replied in the affirmative, with a minor under the laws of California was a crime in the case if the actor was found guilty, he could face would be 30 years in prison. The second girl, night club dancer Peggy Satterlee, said in early August with Flynn went on his yacht in the sea voyage to the island of Santa Catalina, and during the trip he twice declined to its proximity. Peggy even provide pictures, which were sealed Flynn and she is on board.
Both denied the charges actor. The hearing was held in February 1943 in a Los Angeles court. Among the familiar Flynn, who volunteered to testify, was directed by Raoul Walsh, nine films which starred actor. As a result of this scandalous affair ended happily for him – February 9, ten of the twelve jurors found him not guilty, and Flynn was acquitted. In the same period, Flynn met with Nora Eddington, 19-year-old daughter of the head of the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles, who worked in a court during the hearing of his case, selling cigars and candy. Between the two began an affair and in August 1943 they were married in Acapulco.
Charged with rape not only destroyed the career Flynn, on the contrary – it has become even more popular with the public, especially the ladies. Fans came to the courthouse for autographs and, while there was a trial, sent him more than 16 thousand letters expressing their support. It has become commonplace expression In like Flynn, it means to be popular with women as Flynn or behave in the style of Flynn.
Continued career
Because at that time there was a Second World War, Flynn was going to go into the army, but due to health problems (the actor had a weak heart) he was found unfit for service. He began to drink heavily and to lead even more racket than before. Relationship with a young wife who was younger Flynn fifteen years, also did not develop. Having lived with Flynn year, Nora was going to file for divorce, but after giving birth January 10, 1945 the daughter of Deirdre, changed her mind and returned from Mexico, where she lived the last months of pregnancy, moved into a house wife. In March 1947, they had a second daughter, Rory.
Despite the messy personal life, career Flynn continued to flourish, and his fee rose to 200 thousand dollars a year. While in Europe were fighting, most of his paintings were on military subjects. In 1943, Flynn starred in the drama about the opposition to the Nazis in Norway called “Edge of Darkness” and the spy movie “Northern Pursuit”. This was followed by the melodrama “notoriety”, the events that have been moved into occupied France, western “San Antonio”, where Flynn once again acted as a champion of justice cowboy Clay Hardin, and the war drama “The goal – Burma”, received in 1945, three nominations for “Oscar”. In this film, Flynn played the role of the brave Captain Nelson, who led a platoon of US soldiers in Burma.
His partner continued to be the most beautiful actresses of the time – Barbara Stanwyck in the mystical film “Cry Wolf” (1947), Ida Lupino in the drama “Never Leave Me” (1947), Ann Sheridan in the western “Silver River” (1948 ), Greer Garson in a melodrama based on the novel Galsworthy “The Forsyte Saga” (1949).
In 1946, Flynn bought a new boat called “Zack” and about 1947 made her cruise to Jamaica. Bench him like this country, he trudged extensive holdings there, and at the same time bought a house in Boston for 33 thousand dollars.
Sunset glory
In the early ’50s glory Flynn gradually began to fade. He was in his forties and he had aged considerably – made themselves felt passion for drinking and nightlife, which led the actor. In 1948, Flynn starred in the role of the legendary conqueror of female hearts in the adventure melodrama “Adventures of Don Juan”, and the film became one of the last successful works of the actor.
Over time, his relationship with his wife finally deteriorated. In July 1948 Nora Flynn and divorced a year later married singer and actor Dick Jaimes. In 1950, the tabloids wrote about the affair with Flynn’s 19-year-old Romanian Princess Irene Ghica, who worked as a fashion model in Paris. He even planned to take her as his wife (despite the fact that Ghica was married), but for some reason he changed his mind and October 23, 1950 married 24-year-old actress Patricia Uaymor, his partner in the western, “Rocky Mountain”. In the same year, Flynn went to court with the intention of reducing the amount of maintenance to achieve that in 1942 paid his first wife Lily Damite – annually it receives from Flynn’s 18,000 plus $ 5,200 for the maintenance of his son Sean.
In 1952, under the joint decision studio Warner Bros. Flynn and terminated his contract. The actor went to the UK and invested half a million dollars in the movie “The Story of William Tell”, but because of the bad faith of its financial partners the film’s production was stopped, and it almost led to the bankruptcy of Flynn. In 1953, the financial position of the actor even more worse. It turned out that his manager Albert Blum spent the machinations of his bills and taxes, with the result that the US Internal Revenue Service to collect from Flynn’s more than 800 thousand dollars. To pay, Flynn was forced to sell all his property except yacht aboard which he lived for some time with his family.
At the time, came out a few pictures Flynn shot in Europe. In 1953 and 1955, aged playboy worked in the UK, appearing respectively in the historical film “The Master of Ballantrae” and in the musical melodrama “Royal Rhapsody” (in this film along with Flynn played his wife), and in 1954 were released his Italian painting ” Crossed Swords “, where the actor was a duet with Gina Lollobrigida. In 1953, while there were shooting in Italy, Patricia Flynn gave birth to a daughter who was named Arnella Roma.
Recent years and death
In the mid-50s Flynn traveled – among his routes were North Africa, Rome, Mexico City, Paris, Monte Carlo and Barcelona – and spent time in Jamaica, where his daughter grew up. From time to time he returned to Hollywood. Among his works of those years were a few relatively successful paintings – “The Sun Also Rises” (1957) on the novel by Hemingway (Flynn played the groom Brett, Michael Campbell), “Too much, too soon” (1958), where Flynn played the role of the famous actor John Barrymore, and “The Roots of Heaven” (1958), the film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Romain Gary, awarded in 1956, the Prix Goncourt. In 1957, Flynn launched in the UK television series “Theatre of Errol Flynn.” Altogether 26 half-hour episodes with romantic names like “Mademoiselle Fifi”, “A Thousand Nights of Don Juan”, “Duel”, “The wife of the king”, etc., and in the filming took part Flynn himself, his wife and son, Sean, and other famous actors – such as Christopher Lee and Paulette Goddard.
In 1957, Flynn, who at that time was 48 years old, started an affair with 15-year-old starlet Beverly Aadlend. Young shapely blonde who at age 13 won the title of Little Miss America so fascinated him that he was even going to throw Patricia and combined with Beverly marriage. In 1959, Flynn and his prot?g? starred in the film “The Cuban rebel”, a drama about the revolution in Cuba. This picture was the last film Flynn. In October 1959, accompanied by Beverly, he went to Canada to settle the case for the sale of the yacht, but died suddenly on October 14 in Vancouver from a heart attack. Beverly insisted that he was buried in Jamaica, but Patricia Uaymor wife ordered the body at its own discretion and Flynn was buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.
Interesting facts
In 1995, Empire magazine put Flynn’s 83 th place in the list of one hundred sexiest actors.
Joseph Brodsky says that “most precious” among available to it as a child of postcards with images of Hollywood actors Errol Flynn was in the “Royal Pirates”: “For many years I have tried to imitate his chin exposed and autonomously raises his left eyebrow.”
One of the most colorful characters Flynn Robin Hood came to the 16th place in the list of one hundred greatest movie stars, compiled by the magazine Premiere.
Most often a duet with actress Olivia Flynn was de Havilland – she starred in a pair with actor eight times.
In Flynn was nicknamed Baron.
The fate of Sean Flynn, son of Lili Damita, was tragic – he initially without much success acted in films, then worked as a war correspondent in Cambodia and 6 April 1970, after leaving Phnom Penh, was missing.
In Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator” (2004) performed the role of Flynn Jude Law.
Flynn has written and published three books – Beam Ends (1937), Showdown (1946) and his autobiography My Wicked, Wicked Ways (1959).
Some biographers of the actor, for example in the book by David Brett Errol Flynn: Satan’s Angel, declare that Flynn was bisexual. This statement is based on an interview with Lili Damita, in which she alludes to the wife of novels with men. In contrast to its statement of each Flynn, Hermann Erben, denied rumors of bisexuality Flynn in any way true.
Flynn honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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