You will surely happened to see the king. Of course, nose to nose with him, hardly anyone of you come across, but the picture in the movies or on pictures just seen. So, almost all the kings are bound to have the mantle. It is a long, white, and on it a lot of black triangles. This gown is not made of cloth, and hundreds of small animals skins – ermine. Black triangles on the mantle – the tips of their tails. People destroyed this little predator mercilessly, is not only the king wanted to have a beautiful gown. Ermine coat made hats and capes.
Only in summer this small mammal could breathe easy. During warmer months, his hair is brown and not very thick, and only for the winter it becomes a creamy white. Length ermine only 20-25 centimeters, of which a good 15 of the tail. Ermine has a subtle snake-like body and very agile. From the enemies he hides in narrow cracks and holes in the same place hunts mice and voles. Ermine digs a very branched burrows with lots of bedrooms, pantries and emergency exits. One scientist has spent a week digging a hole ermine, but has not reached the end. Sometimes ermine make their homes under rocks, under piles of firewood, and sometimes in abandoned rabbit burrows.
Ermine very useful mammal. It destroys the year to 2-3 thousand mice and voles. There are cases when the ermine of the day to eat up to 15 mice. Due to its small size, dexterity and agility, stoats catch mice directly into their burrows. When this does not bother them that the entrance to the home of the victim covered with a thick layer of snow. Ermine, as the water, dives into the snow, finds a hole and catches the mouse. As deftly he spots them in stacks and stacks of hay, there where no will take no other animal.

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