Erich Von Stroheim

Erich von Stroheim
September 22, 1885 (Vienna) – May 12, 1957 (Paris)

American film director, actor and screenwriter.

Erich Oswald Stroheim was born in Vienna in a family of merchants. His father, Benno Stroheim, marrying prazhanke Johanna Bondy by wealthy Prague family opened a factory of felt and straw hats.
Erich Stroheim well in high school. He was smart, elegant, obvorozhitelen. After graduation exams he went to the factory. Then he was drafted into the army, in determining the Quartermaster Corps. But in 1908, under circumstances still unclear, Erich fled the country, promptly collected using native large sum of money.

Soon he reappeared in the United States and enrolled in the first squadron of cavalry regiment of New York State. However, as a foreigner he could not count on a military career in the US. By 1911 Stroheim traveled all over America, perevibayas odd jobs: he was a laborer, a porter, seller balloons, busboy, waiter. Dabbled in journalism, played in the theater variety shows, wrote plays.

In 1914 Stroheim settled in Los Angeles. He was not only an extra, but stuntman, dubbing actors in dangerous scenes.
By the time the US entered the war in Europe Stroheim became his own man in Hollywood. At first, he was a consultant to the German costumes and everyday life, then turned into an actor.

Stroheim was the directorial debut of inexpensive film “Blind Husbands” (1919). Already in the opening Stroheim showed himself wasteful, powerful and brilliant. Planned budget it has exceeded four times. Fortunately, the picture was a success.

In the beginning of 1922, the premiere of the film “Foolish Wives”. Company “Yuniversl” reported that Stroheim identified the picture of 50 thousand dollars, but because of his extravagance cost of the film increased by 25 times.
The film, part shocked respectable public, enjoyed a sensational success, so Stroheim began shooting the blockbuster “Carousel” on his own script. But when the film was almost ready, leadership removed him from shooting on the pretext that the formulation becomes too expensive.

He suffered only morally. Less than a month as “MGM” suggested Stroheim salary five times higher.

After the break with the “MGM” shares in Austrian director perzhnemu quoted very high. His hired VP-A.Pauers of “Paramount”.
At the beginning of 1926 Stroheim wrote autobiographical “Wedding March” and convinced Powers to make the movie in two series. But when he finished the first part of the installation, the management of “Paramount” suddenly appoint another director to make a second series of separate film.
Protecting their rights and enter into a dispute with the management studio, Stroheim as a result were blacklisted major Hollywood film companies. But another chance he was given a movie star Gloria Swanson. Being at the top of fame and wealth, it is conceived to release with producer J.-P.Kennedi silent film “Queen Kelly” (1928).
When the shooting was in full swing, Kennedy suddenly decided to invest big money in the silent film unreasonable. He stopped shooting. At the same time, rumors spread that Stroheim again exceeded the budget plan violated the shots, and besides, quarreled with Gloria Swanson …

Stroheim was trying to do more directing. but failed. Hollywood decided to definitively get rid of it. Erich Stroheim future thirty years of his life was finally forced to cut short his career as a director …

In 1930-1950-ies of Erich von Stroheim lot of filming in France and the United States.

Erich von Stroheim died May 12, 1957 at his country house near Paris. Shortly before this, the French government awarded him the Legion of Honor.
Ahead of the funeral cortege, which consisted of the famous French movie, Gypsy musicians were from the night cabaret, played Viennese waltzes …..

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