About him and his work, you can talk endlessly, in one of his songs you can hear a lot of anger and hatred, while others take the songs for the soul, so that the tears welling in his eyes. Fate did not just played a trick on him and sent him a lot of unexpected surprises … But he managed to get out of all this shit, but in such a way that it is now hardly anything scare.

His real name – Marshall Bruce Mathers III of, it came to light in the small town of Kansas City, Missouri, 17 October 1972, is not too happy family. His father and mother were members of the group show, giving an idea of ​​the taverns along the state borders. However, after the birth of Marshal they lived together for a short time – after five or six months, the father gathered their belongings and left the family. Although Marshall was still young and did not understand what his father with them longer lives, but nevertheless – the childhood without a father – a bad childhood.

His mother Debbie could not sit still, and Marshal childhood passed in a trailer in the endless traveling from Missouri to Michigan. Of course, this way of life, he had no way to make friends and go to school normally. The only other was his uncle Ronnie, who introduced him to hip-hop: Eminem remembers that he first heard rap record was “Rhyme Pays” Ice-T, which gave him an uncle in 1987. Then the teenager and thought that would be nice to be a rapper. When he was twelve, mother decided to settle down and settled in Detroit – in a black neighborhood where, according to the recollections of Eminem, in addition to the three of them (in 1986 he became the brother Nathan) were still only two white men – a couple of crazy bikers in the neighborhood. I’m indifferent to skin color, – he explained his choice of residence mom. – But the teenagers in the quarter caused us trouble – she added innocently.

The troubles were of this kind:

Once I returned home from a friend – says Eminem. – Then I passed by three black guys in the car. They showed me the finger, I told them – in return, well, like everything. But they stopped the car … One came and moved me in the face so that I fell. Then he pulled out a gun. I literally jumped out of the shoe. I thought they needed shoes. But the shoes they were not necessary: ​​he returned the next day, Marshall found them in the same place, vlipshimi in the mud.

The school, consisting primarily of black teens, trouble, too, was missing. One of the first songs written by Eminem, was the “Brain Damage” – “Brain damage”. Total autobiographical, she talked about his relationship with his chief enemy, teenager two classes over named DiAndzhelo Bailey.

I was in the fourth, and he was in the sixth, – says Eminem. – One day he came to the toilet, when I was writing. He hit me in the back, so that I fell down and doused himself.

On another occasion, winter Eminem mocked one of the young friends of Bailey. Then he went up to him, knocked him down and began pounding his head on the ice. When Eminem’s ear was bleeding, and he passed out, Bailey was frightened and ran away. Eminem spent in the hospital in a coma for five days.

It was at the school, Eminem began to participate in the so-called “battles” – competition, which is arranged between the young MC. There he defined himself a suitable nickname – just read your initials written like “M & M”. With the competitions he had a problem – as soon as he took up his microphone as he began to shout: “Hey, you white bastard, get out to play your rock ‘n’ roll!” What saved him was that by that time he had a few blacks among true friends. In addition, it was difficult to challenge his exceptional talent – few could rap as artistically as he is.

Initially – says Eminem – people said, “And you’re cool for white” – and I regarded it as a compliment. Then I grew up and thought: “What the fuck does that mean?” Nobody asked to be given birth or who did not have the choice of what color it will be. And I had a lot of work before people stopped noticing my skin color. And the best thing I could say Bob, said once a woodpecker in Detroit. Like this: “I do not care, it is green or orange, this dude is cool!”

Eminem took off from the ninth grade after five Eminem mulligans in detstveperevodnyh exams. My mother was very happy with it. She said her son: “Get out on the street and help me pay the bills, or throw you out of the house.” Eminem went to work.

He was a seasonal worker, waiter and cook in a restaurant. The restaurant owner recalled that he was a good worker, but constantly rapping, shoving into the text all the way up are listed in the menu of dishes. We had to shout to him to do it more quietly – the restaurant was family.

At the same age he began to engage in more serious “battles” on the independent repperskih competitions. According to witnesses, in the “freestyle” (ie, voice improvisation), he almost always won. Later, he liked to talk about it because they do not want to be seen as “battle MC” – in his opinion, it narrows the understanding of the artist.

Then he met the future mother of his child, his future wife and, in some way, the lyrical heroine of his future albums Kimberly Scott. Later, they began living together in the same trailer as the one in which he spent his childhood. In one of the walls of the home for a long time adorned the hole from accidentally flown into the bullet box. For two years the young family had to buy four TVs and VCRs five that they regularly steal. Worst of all, that the thief was a real crazy: one day he appeared, when Kim was one, and brought sandwiches and peanut butter, anything is not taking. But in another – I pulled out all but the beds and couches, including clothes and utensils.

At the age of 19 years, Eminem has befallen the highest mountain in your life with a shotgun shot his favorite uncle Ronnie. It was the most difficult time for him. Then he wrote down his plate “Infinite”, is absolutely untenable, and very few people interesting. Independent studio, associated with it, has sold a little more than 1000, destroyed the rest of the circulation and broke up with him.

I had no money – says Eminem – sometimes my friends bought me clothes.

His last hope was the annual competition of rappers – Rap Olympics, passing in Los Angeles. The night before leaving, Eminem came to the house and found the door locked and a note that he was evicted for non-payment.

I had to knock the door – he says. – I had nowhere else to go. There was no heating, no water, no electricity. I slept on the floor, woke up and went to Los Angeles. I was in deep shit.

He did not win the Olympics. His manager, Paul Rosenberg, recalls sitting in the hall, he heard the black neighborhood shouted: “Give a prize white guy Give a prize white!” According to Rosenberg, it seems that Eminem was going to cry.

However, the victory came from an unexpected quarter. Eminem blew the studios of Los Angeles several cassettes with a record of what was to become “The Real Slim Shady LP”. Legend has it that the great Doctor Dre, singer and one of the best rap producers found a tape on the garage floor boss of Jimmy Interscore Yovina. Together they listened to the recording.

In my whole career – says Dre – I have not seen anything worthwhile on the demo tapes. When Jimmy lost this, I said: “Look it up immediately.”

“Slim Shady” was born unexpectedly. Once Eminem practiced before a mirror and tried rimfovat your nickname, but it turned out badly. And then he picked up the first thing that spun in my head: “Slim Shady, vile bastard, the dark side of the soul Eminem It was like a revelation..

Slim Shady – it’s all the evil thoughts that come into my head. The things that I should not think. In my opinion it is necessary that people can determine when I’m serious and when to play the fool. Because most of my songs – funny. I generally deformed sense of humor.

The first album, “The Slim Shady LP” bombshell. Firstly, because of the exceptional talent little-known artist. Secondly, because of the color of his skin. And, thirdly, because of the quite extreme record content. Fragile white-haired man with bright blue eyes spit out into the world absolutely monstrous obscene text content: stories about violence, racial and sexual watered-not-correct, unbridled dreams spoiled urban teenager. Most of the noise done the song “97 ‘Bonnie And Clyde” – Pope conversation with a young daughter, which he asked to help him to throw the corpse into the river mother killed them. Here is an excerpt:

EminemMama says he wants to show you how far she can float. And do not worry about the little bo-bo in her throat. It’s just a little scratch, it does not hurt. She just had dinner, while you slept. And spilled ketchup on a T-shirt. My mother had a name – Kim. The audience was shocked: this mocking text narrated about real people. Eminem announced the devil in the flesh, not paying attention to detail: the text was not read on his behalf and on behalf of Slim Shady, allows himself to commit the acts of which the common man only dreams in minutes rabies. Slim Shady – American Mr. Hyde, with its characteristic scale of the country.

Eminem became famous again faced with the problem of the color, but now from an unexpected quarter: everyone who came to interview him, the first thing asked, as he dared, being white, rapping. Very soon it will start to enrage him. All my life I had a problem with the race starting from the place where I grew up, and ending with the fact that I’m a rapper. I reached boiling point. Whoever pulls this map again, get it back in his face, – he said in an interview.

At first glance, it may seem that after a long period of life as a national minority, a person has developed an appropriate set, but it is not so. Just learning about the racial problems from an unexpected quarter, Eminem became painfully apply to any manifestation of racism, especially not bothering to political correctness.

In a sense, unleashed all the subconscious fears and complexes, and the young man did it with exceptional ingenuity, Eminem became the voice of his generation. At least part of his thinking. Meanwhile, things are not so innocent: according to eyewitnesses, at his concerts underage audience special roar of approval meets the most dirty passages. Eminem, however, refuses to take responsibility for it.

On my plates have tsenzorny neck, so now let the parents take care of their children, – he says. – Those who copy their idols – idiots. A normal person if they jump off a bridge, it is only because he wanted it, not because he was in his rap Dre advised. The opinion is debatable, but not hypocritical.

In all the interviews Eminem produces the same impression: a surprisingly gentle and quiet man. His modesty is not just playing a trick on him: witnesses tell of how guards would not let him in providing him or her dressing room, in the restaurant where he once worked as a waitress demanded from him a document proving his age, to give him alcohol. The most typical case occurred in San Francisco: there, in the street, Eminem nose to nose collided with the teenager, who demanded from him a fee for passing through the territory. He initially thought it was a joke, but this lad got something like a gun. And then “Detroit punks” short-circuited when it was dragged from a teenager, he was literally smeared on the asphalt.

His second album, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, Eminem is dedicated to the memory of his beloved uncle Ronnie, but did not change one iota of his attitude to life and material. The album immediately hit the top spot in Billboard, surpassing Britney Spears.

EminemV night of the fourth of June, Eminem with a friend, to whom he said, though his wife met with some man, drove up to the parking lot of one of the bars in Warren, from which just came out Kim with your friends. Kim friendly hug and kiss with a certain John Guerra, when it ran an angry Eminem with a gun in his hand and pointed weapons Guerra’s face, threatening to kill. There was a brief struggle, during which the gun fell to the ground, picked it up and gave Eminem companion rode patrol. The gun was not loaded. Police arrested the two, then stepped forward and gave Kim a patrol. They grabbed her. Guerra immediately sued. Eminem filed a court charged with armed assault and possession of an unregistered weapon. And journalists excelled in assumptions: Eminem Is not going to make the art of reality, since its second record was a song “Kim” – a kind of prologue to “97 ‘Bonnie And Clyde”, a monstrous dialogue quarreling wife and husband, full of threats and tantrums.

The situation is complicated by the fact that a week later a letter arrived in the city of Warren Court, in which the unknown promised to burn the whole city if Eminem is not an acquittal will be presented. Eminem’s lawyer said that his client has nothing to do with the author of the letter. So whether Eminem as detractors claim, seeking glory in every possible way? In an interview, he was asked whether he wants to fame?

Will it sound okay, if I say “no”? – Hesitating, he asked. And then he said:

“Glory – it’s not what I’m looking for I want you to respect me, but, you know, thank -.. Is something that comes bundled with the respect I agree to it, because, you see, respect can not feed. my daughter. So let him be the glory. ”

And somehow he believes that he is not dude. Because dudes do not survive in the conditions of war – where is born a real hip-hop. Marshall walked through fire, water and copper pipes, has undergone a lot of unpleasant moments in their lives (eg, the death of Uncle Ronnie’s best friend Proof …), but still it proves once again that God is! All the efforts, work and effort – all rewarded Emu to this day. So, guys, take his example, do not miss, believe me!

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