Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin
Birthday: 16/04/1954 Year
Age: 61 year
Place of Birth: New York, New York, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 170 cm

My character wants good, and really makes a terrible evil
Place of Birth: New York, NY, USA beauty in the traditional sense will not name – tiny, crooked nose, mouth curved line, narrow eyes – but how much passion and sexuality (“Siesta”, 1987)! The beautiful actress tends to choose roles. It was first noticed in the movie “Diner” (1982). Remembered for the films “Tender Mercies” (1982), in the “more buzz” (The Big Easy), 1987, and “Sea of ??Love”, 1989. She was married to Gabriel Byrne.
-Missis Barkin, you became famous as a movie star, blonde diva, whose beauty is a guarantee of commercial success of the film. Here you have a slightly different role – rather satire, grotesque than the pathetic drama. You was not unpleasant to appear before the audience a simpleton?
– Not at all. I love comedy, grotesque, humor. I am in life is love. Moreover – playing, as you put it, simpleton, I am in some way played himself. Even Closet own use. Opened the closet and got dressed for the role. So, my character to some extent myself. An ordinary woman, not a star.
– And I thought that Hollywood stars dress only famous fashion designer …
– No, thank you! The simpler, the better. Even when I was presented with luxurious dresses, made for shooting, I am their sisters. Or mother, girlfriend. Of course, if a picture is worth a hundred million dollars, I’m in your closet is not helpful. Such orders I have not. But Spike Lee movies and Todd Solondz my rags quite amiss.
– In addition, you can use your wardrobe, acting Spike and Todd, Is there yet any similarity between them? (Spike Lee’s film “She Hate Me” was one of the programs of the Venice Film Festival. In addition, Spike Lee – a member of the jury of Venice 2004).
– I do not want to compare them. The only thing I can say is, we assume about Spike that he stunningly virtuoso works with the genre. In his films, with a mean absolute American, Hollywood, genre, full of hints and allusions inherent in European cinema. This is a very delicate lace. As for Todd – in my life, there was nothing like it in the professional sense. I have not filmed for four years, did not find anything suitable, and suddenly the two works in the auteur cinema, Todd is absolutely not overbearing, he gentle, sympathetic – just a gift for actors. In addition, he said, despite the fact that he can explain the problem exactly, and even gives space and freedom for your own creativity. This is a rarity.
– So you could improvise, compose the course of their own replicas?
– No way! I can not stand to improvise: the text must be accurate, verified. Freedom was different. In filling the role. When the director allows the actor to improvise, it often means it unprofessional. Todd also always knows what he wants. And it impresses me. I like to work with strong people. I actually agreed to this role only because of Todd.
– You trouble your character? You blame her?
– Not to blame, but … It is, of course, very limited man caught in his own life credo. Look: urging daughter to have an abortion, she passionately broadcasts about the choices that everyone has it. Arguing as reasons most modern women are more selfish than their grandparents. In fact, it was she, my heroine, this choice is essentially deprives daughter. The family mother Sunshine disadvantages, but to force them to have an abortion would never have occurred.
– Despite the drama of the situation – you persuade, daughter crying – the audience laughing all the time whenever you are prompted.
– Oh yeah, that’s the role and complexity. On the one hand, was supposed to be funny, grotesque, but it was impossible to replay too komikovat was required to keep a balance. It is here that Solondz and gave me complete freedom …
– What else but fear to beat, was the difficulty?
– The fact that Solondz is no definite answer, what is good and what – evil. Things change places … sometimes flickers eerily. After all, my character wants good, worried about her daughter, and really makes a terrible evil. But, roughly speaking, my character – not a negative. Just hard of hearing. Can not hear their own child. And sighted: can not see the world through the eyes of his daughter.
– Do you know your children?
– I think so, oddly enough. Contact us in any case, there is. At least when my son grew up, I threw Los Angeles, although the actress would be good to be closer to Hollywood. Actually, I left Los Angeles and returned to my native New York for the sake of the children, a son and a daughter. New York – a cultural city. I do not want children to grow up in an atmosphere of greed inherent in Los Angeles. In New York, they will have the opportunity to develop intellectually. And I was right – my kids grow Readers, read day and night about a lot of thinking, experimenting, are more likely to be creative, rather than a business.
– Well, the movie is in their interest?
– Here puncture (laughs). My daughter loves to commercial cinema, mainstream, and the son does not like him at all.
– Maybe your son in his own right? American cinema becomes, in my opinion, less and less interesting.
– Yes, unlike the current Hollywood from the old only in the fact that the films have become much worse, but the fees and budget – better, more.

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