Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor
Birthday: 02/27/1932 Year
Place of Birth: London, UK
Date of Death: 03/23/2011 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality: British
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Star gossip columns
How old Elizabeth Taylor starred in the first movie? Why is the first award of the actress ‘Oscar’ turned into a scandal? What movie brought worldwide fame Taylor? What does it mean doctors, talking about ‘syndrome Elizabeth Taylor’, and how it relates to an actress? Why the US Congress wanted to ban the entry of Elizabeth and her husband Richard Burton? As alcohol and drugs influenced the film career Taylor? How many times did the actress to marry and whom from their husbands, according to her, she loved really?

A start in life
Elizabeth Taylor went down in history as the most scandalous actress in Hollywood. Perhaps no kinopersona the second half of the twentieth century has not been under such scrutiny of the press, as Taylor. Numerous love affairs, permanent marriage, scandals on the set, alcohol and drug addiction and frequent illness actress turned into a star gossip columns.
Elizabeth Taylor was born on February 27, 1932 in London, in a family of American actors. With the outbreak of the Second World War, they returned to the US and settled in Beverly Hills. Father opened an art gallery, and his mother tried unsuccessfully to make a career as an actress. Liz’s parents were wealthy people, so gave his daughter in the Byron school in Hollywood, where children were taught moviemaker and movie stars.
Unusual beauty Elizabeth began to manifest itself in childhood. She had raven hair and eyes purple hue. In addition, she was born with a congenital – a double row of eyelashes, making her eyes more expressive. It is no wonder that Taylor noticed filmmakers, and in 9 years, she starred in the film ‘There’s One Born Every Minute “(1942).
Elizabeth felt early taste of fame, so determined to become an actress. In 1943, with the consent of the parents she signed a contract with the influential studio ‘MGM’. The audience appreciated her performance in the film ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ (1944), “National Velvet” (1944), ‘Jane Eyre’ (1943), ‘Courage Lassie “(1946). And soon the critics said about the birth of a new star.
In the movie ‘A Date with Judy (1948) Taylor is no longer looked like a little girl. Gradually she began to acquire features of the future beauty and the most desirable women in Hollywood. Directed immediately rushed to the proposals, and in 1949 Elizabeth played her first ‘adult role’ in the film ‘The Conspirator’. Thus began her rapid ascent to Hollywood Olympus.
In its 18 years Taylor has achieved not only critical acclaim but also public scrutiny to the person. She had become a supernumerary several scandalous novels, so the press everywhere followed on her heels.
In 1950, Elizabeth said that with the wild life is over and married a millionaire Nick Hilton. Despite the fact that her husband cared for her in every way, their marriage did not last a year.
The second alliance with Taylor English actor Michael Winding proved more lasting. They lived together for 5 years and raised two sons. Elizabeth starred in many movies and almost did not pay attention to the family, and that was the reason for the divorce. A few months after parting with Winding Taylor was married to producer Michael Todd. According to the actress, Todd and Richard Burton were the only men she truly loved. Who knows how long they have lived together, if not for the tragic death of Michael. Ironically, he died under the rubble of the aircraft, which gave his wife and called ‘Happy Liz’.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth Taylor was already a real star in Hollywood. In 1960, for her performance as a prostitute in the film ‘Butterfield 8’ actress received her first Oscar. But there has not been without scandal. First Taylor adamantly refused to play girl of easy virtue, but then signed a contract with the condition that she will star in the film ‘Cleopatra’ (1963). Elizabeth rolled her tantrums and otherwise tried to disrupt the shooting. Despite the fact that she hated this role and the film as a whole, the American Film Academy decided to give the award to her. This has generated a lot of protests and doubts about the integrity of the judges.
They say that the Film Academy awarded the Elizabeth ‘Oscar’ for not acting, and for dealing with a deadly form of pneumonia, which she was sick. This version does not seem so fantastic, considering the fragile health of the actress. It is well known that in my life 75 times Taylor admitted to the hospital and underwent more than 20 operations. She injured spine, twice damaged the right eye, survived two clinical death and four stops breathing, was paralyzed and several times broke the legs. Any her illness turned into a malignant tumor, and several times her life hung in the balance. In medical textbooks America even a new term – ‘syndrome Elizabeth Taylor’.
Played Cleopatra in the same historical film, Taylor reached the top of fame. For the first time in history it has received a fee of one million dollars, becoming the highest paid actress of her time. This film brought Elizabeth fame worldwide.
During the filming of ‘Cleopatra’ Taylor twisted romance with actor Richard Burton. Fleeting affair quickly turned into a passionate love and marriage over another actress. Burton divorced his wife, Liz severed ties with fourth husband Eddie Fisher, and in 1964 they were married in Toronto. Their union came in the era of emancipation of sexuality and became a symbol of the sexual revolution. Couple did not hesitate explicit acts in public, constantly telling details of his sex life, and publicly called Elizabeth Burton ‘Miss bust’. The Vatican was shocked by the erotic escapades of star pair, and the US Congress even considered the decision to refuse them entry visa.
However, this alliance was hiding a lot of love. Despite the fact that after 10 years, Liz and Richard were divorced in 1975, they re-married, knowing that one without the other will not be able to live. Perhaps it was a self-deception. Both at the time suffered from alcohol dependence and lived as if in a fog. Finally convinced that the relationship with Burton exhausted themselves, Taylor threw her fifth husband.
Recent years
Alcohol and drugs put an end to her acting career, Elizabeth. Her movies less often pays off, and in 45 years it has actually ceased to act in films. Its last great work was the role of Martha in the movie vulgar ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ (1966), where she played with her husband Richard Burton. This magnificent duo secured the film an incredible success, and Taylor won a second Oscar for the main female role.
The actress has been married twice. After her divorce from her chosen Burton became Senator John Warner. According to Liz, even though she loved him, and with him it was incredibly boring. Soon they had left, and Taylor went to the clinic Betty Ford Center name to get rid of drug addiction. There she met an ordinary worker Larry Fortensky, who charmed her at first sight.
In 1991, Larry and Elizabeth were married. Celebrating honeymoon on the Pacific coast, the actress said that she is happy as ever and starts a new life without drugs and alcohol. Alas, but the marriage ended in divorce. In 1996, Elizabeth broke up with Larry, and a year later she underwent a complicated surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Taylor disease pursued until the end of her days. In 2001, the actress has pleased fans, having played in the film ‘old horse in the American’. It was her last appearance on the screen.
Elizabeth was able to beat skin cancer and a brain tumor, but 23 March 2011 her heart tormented by love and suffering, stopped. She lived a very interesting and eventful life, becoming a symbol of Hollywood 50-60s. Magazine ‘Empire’ named Elizabeth Taylor one of the most intriguing personalities of all time.

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