Edward Norton

Edward Norton
Birthday: 18/08/1969 Year
Age: 45 years
Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 73 kg

Edward Norton – Actor for his heart
Why is Edward Norton refused a prestigious job and began to play in the theater? What Norton struck the head of casting at his first audition? What role brought the actor Golden Globe? Why being a talented actor Edward remained unknown to the public? That, according to David Fincher, Norton had to do with his character of ‘Fight Club’? What movie glorified actor in the world? Why Edward broke up with Courtney Love and could not get along with Salma Hayek? As Norton cheated fate, and what he thinks about his life?
Early life
Edward Norton was born on August 18, 1969 in Boston. His father was a lawyer and served as the Federal Executive in the Carter administration. His mother worked as a schoolteacher in English. His family had a lot of celebrities. For example, the grandfather of Edward – known architect, the designer of the first supermarkets and many tourist centers in Boston.
Childhood actor was held in the town of Columbia, Maryland. Together with her sister Molly waiting for their secure future – his father was engaged in the education of children with complete seriousness, anticipating the moment when they will get a decent education and a successful career. But as often happens in these families, children made a different choice.
Especially protested against his father, Edward. From early childhood he was ‘sick’ and dreamed of becoming a movie actor. According to him, this ‘disease’ he began at age 6, when he looked spectacle ‘If I was a princess’, where he played his nurse Betsy True. Magic Theatre battled Edward spot, and soon he started in Colombian theater school. At 8 years old he made his debut on stage in a local setting.
Edward’s father thought the theater booth and after graduation in the form of an order made his son to think about their future profession. Norton is nothing to do but to go to Yale. He studied history, Japanese and astronomy, but a real passion remained the theater. According to the actor, it’s been five years of torment from which saves only the Yale School of Drama.
In 1991, Norton graduated and went to Japan, where he worked for several years in the company of his grandfather ‘Enterprise Foundation’. Dreams of a movie did not leave him, and at some point he realized that he must change his life. In 1994, Edward returned home and moved to New York with the intention of acting career. He quarreled with his parents, but in a different way could not act. The accusations of his father that he had betrayed him, Norton said that much worse to betray himself.
Worldwide fame
The first tests for the role of Edward Norton sociopath Aaron Stemplera in the film ‘Primal Fear’ (1996) have been fun. Pale and thin Edward absolutely not impressed with the head of casting Deborah L’Aquila. And when she was about to see off him, he grabbed her jacket and started screaming hysterically. Norton just played attack aggression, and when Deborah had recovered from the shock, she realized that before her hunky actor. They say that this recording done with cameras, still walks the hands of directors, as an example of high quality acting.
Maybe it’s just a beautiful legend, but the fact that Edward got the role and played so impressively that won the Golden Globe. With this film, Norton made his path to a great movie. They became interested producers, and soon the young actor he began to dictate the rules. The writers of the film ‘Rounders’ (1998) even had to rewrite the script, as Edward flatly refused to smoke in the frame.
The real breakthrough for Norton was the role of neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard in the film “American History X” (1998). For this role, the actor received a nomination for the Oscar and the most positive reviews. However, the film did not have much commercial success, and Edward was still in the shade – was virtually unknown to the general public.
All that changed with the release of the movie ‘Fight Club’ (1999). When the project director David Fincher asked Norton biography, he realized that no one better than him to play desperate clerk who decided to break the ‘system’. After Edward as his hero, once challenged society and decided to radically change his life. Many believed that the move to the screen sensational product of Chuck Palahniuk impossible. But how wrong they were! The film is not only able to convey the mood of the novel, but in many ways surpassed him.
It was the finest hour of Edward Norton. ‘Fight Club’ was a resounding success, becoming a cult film for the generation of the 90s. Together with great fame Norton got Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. Despite the fact that the actor was left without a nomination, it is this role earned him worldwide fame.
Recent work
2000s brought Edward Norton many interesting roles, as well as an invaluable experience director. His debut film ‘Keeping the Faith’ (2000) was kept received by critics and has not had much success. This work he dedicated to his mother, who died of a brain tumor in 1997. According to the actor, being engaged in the project, he got a lot of pleasure from the fact that the whole orchestra led by people with lots of ideas, findings and problems.
Norton continued to shine in the movie. In 2001, he starred in the film ‘Safecracker’, where his partners were Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando. A year later, the actor appeared in the film ‘Red Dragon’ (2002) – prehistory ‘Silence of the Lambs. ” Fortunately, according to critics, were his roles in ’25 th hour ‘(2002),’ The kingdom of heaven ‘(2005),’ The Illusionist ‘(2006),’ Pride and Glory ‘(2008).
Among recent works of Edward Norton – acclaimed film ‘Hotel Grand Budapest’ and ‘Berdmen’ that came out in 2014. Both paintings were recognized as one of the best feature films of the year, and Norton received several nominations and film awards. The actor has once again demonstrated his outstanding talent and the ability to choose good movies.
Edward Norton is credited with a lot of novels, but he tries not to show his personal life. It is known that the actor briefly met with Drew Barrymore, and in 1996 while filming ‘The People vs. Larry Flynt’ met Courtney Love – the widow of Kurt Cobain. Their romance was dizzy and brought both a lot of positive emotions. Edward was crazy eccentric and fun Courtney, and she called him a better man from the world of show business. Despite the fact that they were happy, they had to leave because of addiction to drugs Love.
Another passion Norton became a beauty Salma Hayek. They met four years and were even engaged, but the wedding did not take place. According to Salma, was the cause of the break systematic irritability Edward about her bright colorful clothes, which she loved to dress. The actor did not like Mexican motifs, and Hayek was too proud to accept the lack of respect for its national traditions.
Edward still found a soul mate. She became a producer Shauna Robertson, with whom the actor married in 2012. A year later, the couple had a son Atlas. Norton is happy with his family and continues to act in films. According to him, he always knew what he wanted. Even despite the fact that Edward graduated from the Faculty of History, he did not let fate take him aside. He proved that in life, nothing is impossible, and the fate of each person depends only on himself.

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