Edge Of Tomorrow

Almost every summer in the list box-office film premieres there is some kind of “dark horse”, ie. E. The film, at first glance, producing the impression of something sterile and secondary, and when viewing prepodnosyaschy pleasant surprise. So “All You Need Is Kill” by their very existence illustrates exactly this pattern: I personally expect that this picture is essentially duplicates a long-standing “Battle: Los Angeles”, but in fact the first impression was very misleading.

Subject basis of the film combines several components: Scene rod with a loop time of “Groundhog Day” situation with an alien invasion of the already mentioned “Battle for LA”, as well as stylistic direction “Star landing”. Cocktail specific, and not everyone is given a blind screenwriter this something quite exciting and intelligent. But in the case with this film turned out exactly what I’ve been longing to see in a science fiction film. In this picture very well balanced action and talk, brutality and ideological component. Action is used very sparingly and carefully and precisely in an amount that the film did not seem overloaded action. On the other hand, the dialogue scenes are very briskly and intelligently reveal the essence of the main characters as well as the issues that are addressed in the course of the narrative.

In terms of characters in the film are also incredibly happy. Tom Cruise’s great cope with the role of hateful “Staff rat”, the fates decreed abandoned in the thick of war. As time passes the loop over and over again, his character undergoes a gradual change, becoming a perfect fighter with all the provided quality. In no way inferior and Emily Blunt as just the very ideal fighter, already notorious torture last time loop and get away from this maximum gain. Protivopostavoenie and interaction of these two characters are very well built, and the heroes themselves ambiguous: cowardice and pusillanimity William Cage replaced by courage and resourcefulness, and through cool and cynicism Rita Vrataski now and then breaks the pain and despair of the experience. It is also important that the most romantic line is present in the form of a dotted line through the entire story, and this unobtrusive film only benefit. I almost forgot to mention about Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson: their characters given time a bit, but they played just fine.

The visual side of the film has not left me indifferent: pleased that the action is transferred to overcast old Europe with its recognizable in many other movies landscapes. Moreover, great atmosphere reproduced wartime, when the war itself becomes a long-term habit and part of everyday life. Good looking and do battle, although the designated age rating special grinder on the screen was not. Very interesting and quite realistic looks outfit fighters. Soundtrack perfectly complements the action and listen separately just great (and pretty much ranged «Can you love me again» in the credits and did not manage to annoy, this is the same).

“All You Need Is Kill” once again proves that the judge by the trailer of the movie is sometimes not worth it. Being strong and worthy of a blockbuster, this film combines action and talk, brutality and emotion. In this case, the writers really tried, albeit a secondary offering, but ingeniously delivered story forces to look differently and the problem of the relationship of man to death, and on the value of human life, and the person’s ability to change for the better and change others, we need only give him or her a second chance.

P.S. If imbued with the theme of this film, I strongly advise to see episode 6X14 series “The X-Files”, will not be disappointed.

US, Australia
slogan “Live. Die Another Day. And again ”
directed by Doug Liman
Scenario Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, …
Producer Jason Hoffs, Gregory Jacobs, Tom Lassally …
operator Dion Beebe
composer Christophe Beck
artist Oliver Scholl, Ravi Bansal, Alastair Bullock, …
installation of James Herbert
genre fiction, thriller, words …
$ 178 million
charges in the US
$ 100,206,256
fees in the world
$ + = 269 000 000 $ 369 206 256


Tom Cruise
Emily Blunt
Bill Paxton
Brendan Gleeson
Jonas Armstrong
Tony Wei
kick Gurry
Franz Drameh
Dragomir Mrsich
Charlotte Riley

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