Echidna vaguely reminiscent of a hedgehog with a very large bill. It differs awkward flattened body, which is covered with fur, mixed with sharp needles. Beak echidna cylindrical, no teeth at all, instead she has sharp horns needle. Language in this animal is long and vermiform, he pulled away from a small mouth slit, like an anteater. In vipers strong short legs with big claws adapted for digging. The tail is very small and dull.
When echidna lays an egg, she is carrying his leather fold (bag) in his abdomen. It is interesting that after the cub grows, the bag itself disappears.
There are two kinds of echidnas. The first refers to the five-fingered echinated echidna legs and clawed fingers. Typical representatives of this kind – the Australian, Papuan and Tasmanian echidna. All these animals are not longer than 50 centimeters, and a bottle of densely mixed with long, thick needles.
The second kind is woolly echidna. It is covered with thick hair, and also has a needle, but shorter.
Echinated vipers live in the mountainous dry forests. During the day they hide in burrows, and at night looking for food. These animals dig the ground in search of worms, insects and ants. In case of danger viper instantly collapses into a prickly ball. If you catch him, you can seriously injure yourself on the sharp needle. Indians often prey on echidnas and say that roasted echidna – a very tasty dish. In captivity, the viper is very affectionate and not aggressive. Love to sleep and can sleep for 50-70 hours.
This is a very strange animal. They are found only in Australia and around the continent to the islands. They are also called ptitsezveri because, on the one hand, resemble animals, covered in fur, feed calves milk, have four legs, and on the other hand, lay eggs, just like a bird. By the way, they do not have a nose, and a beak like a waterfowl.
Such animals on land only two species. The first are the vipers, and the second – platypus.
The second is ptitsezverem platypus. This animal has a body like a beaver or otter’s body, and the nose is very similar to a duck’s beak. The length of its body 45 centimeters and a length of flat tail 15. Short legs palmately that on the front legs can get out and give place claws that animal can dig. On the sides of the head at the platypus have cheek pouches in which it stores food. Fur the platypus – smooth, shiny, silky, dark brown in color.
Platypus found on the eastern outskirts and in the central regions of Australia. They prefer quiet river backwaters. Here, in the steep banks, they dig themselves a hole with two strokes. One of the passages leads directly into the water, and the other on the ground. Nora are in a depth of 15 meters.
Platypus, like a viper hunts only at dusk. Its menu consists mainly of slugs and insects river. He swims beautifully, but long in the water can not remain.
And the platypus and echidna are easily tamed, but in captivity die quickly. Even bring them to Europe there is no way.

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