Durian, which is often called the “king of Thai fruit,” weighs from 2 to 10 kg, and the durian skin dotted with menacing thorns and size. In Thailand and many other Asian countries, durian is considered to be a delightful and captivating even fruit. Popular beliefs is also credited with rejuvenating power of durians. It is believed that durian, growing in Thailand – the most delicious in the world, so the market is one of the most expensive fruit. That does not prevent him from being also one of the most popular.
There are over two hundred species of durian, but the most famous in Thailand – a cha-nee, or “gibbon” – the fruit of irregular shape with a golden-yellow flesh; gahn-yao, or “long barrel” – spherical subspecies durian with a firm yellow flesh; and mon-tong, or “golden pillow” – durian elongated shape, weighing between 2 and 5 kg, with creamy yellow flesh. Inside each fruit protected by a solid and thick-skinned greenish-brown color, are located one or two large brown seed durian.
It is believed that the smaller seeds of durian, the fruit flavor is more pronounced. Of course, the pulp edible contained in the fruit more. Skin durian covered with sharp spines that protect and preserve the contents of the smell of the fruit. Often joke that is not worth too zealously to bargain with the seller durians because his hands ready weapon.
Durian grows in hot and humid climates. Fruits ripen for 4-5 months. When durians fully mature, they break away from the trees that people who accidentally under a tree, can have very sad consequences. In May and August, the durian season, all sales counters crowded this incomparable fruit. Stores that specialize in selling durians are also not for nothing.
Besides that durian – very valuable fruit, it has a specific taste. The Englishman, who visited Siam in the 19th century, describes his impressions of the taste of durian: “This is akin to eating herring with blue cheese over the open sewer manhole.” More accolades argue that taste like the taste of durian mixture of garlic, cheese and onions. Experts say that the durian is consumed within a few days after finally ripe fruit. In this case, the aroma of durian just felt more strongly. People who try durian for the first time, it is advisable to do this outdoors. Because of the strong odor in the countries of Southeast Asia are often not allowed to make durian to public places, transportation and so forth. The smell of durian is sometimes described as a mixture of rotten onions, cheese and turpentine.
Ripe durian should be firm to the touch. If overripe fruit, the skin is cracked. Durian should keep at room temperature for more than 3-5 days, better separately from other fruits and outside the home. To use the durian fruit is cut along the natural grooves in the center, allowing you to reach the pulp. Two fruits that are inside are separated and pull together with pulp.
Harvest season: June-August. The durian is grown mainly in the eastern regions of Thailand – Rayong (Rayong), Trat (Trat), Prachin Buri (Prachin Buri), and Chanthaburi (Chanthaburi) and southern Surat Thani (Surat Thani) and Chumpon (Chumphon).

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