Dubai – the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, the capital of the Duchy of the same name, which is the second largest in the country. The city is located on the shores of the southern part of the Persian Gulf, and covers an area of ??approximately 1,114 square kilometers Dubai’s population – more than 2.2 million people.
Paradise amongst the sand dunes

Dubai – the most luxurious and ultra-modern city of the Middle East, which can be called a tourist jewel. It combines historic mosque and the latest architecture, quiet winding streets and highways, sandy beaches and fashionable boutiques, Arab and European traditions.
Today, Dubai plays an important role in all areas of the Emirates. Due to the absence of the tax system, its territory became a favorable location for head offices of companies with a worldwide reputation. The government strongly encourages the development of the economy, practicing the introduction of new business initiatives and various benefits.
The highest in the world Burj Khalifa

City of Tomorrow

A wise ruler of the emirate – Sheikh Rashid, decided to turn it into the capital of the most famous, fashionable and beautiful place on Earth. To realize his dream, he gathered the best architects in the world, who are allowed to realize their most unusual and extraordinary ideas. Therefore, Dubai is often called the city of tomorrow. Local beaches, hotels, towers, office buildings, shopping centers and fountains no equal in any state. That there is only seven-star hotel-sail “Burj Al Arab”, which became a local symbol, and his image adorns almost all the coffee mugs and T-shirts.
Dubai offers a unique opportunity for marine recreation and shopping. Many ultra-modern shopping malls daily offer their customers products brands at the lowest prices. Of particular interest is the annual shopping festival, during which up to 70% discounts. A dazzling selection of jewelry made of precious metals can be found in the famous Gold Souk. In search of the ideal conditions a beach holiday should go to the Jumeirah district of Dubai – its miles of sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear water, concentrated high-end hotels.
The city annually held competitions in various sports: horse racing, golf, tennis, rally, etc. Supporters of active rest can try yourself as a rider on a camel or a ride on a sailboat. In Dubai, there are no restrictions in the choice, the main thing to understand what he wants, and the city of tomorrow, be sure to give it the best possible way.
Sail seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab


It is hard to imagine that some 50 years ago in Dubai was no high-rise buildings, many shops, cafes, restaurants and equipped beaches. Instead of all this luxury Gulf Coast nestled a small harbor town, whose residents are mainly engaged in production of only pearls. He exchanged with the merchant for food, tools and clothing. It lasted until the Japanese did not invent the technology of cultivation of artificial pearls.
Certainly Dubai has gradually turned to an abandoned village, if in the vicinity in 1966 was accidentally found oil that has attracted investors to the territory. However, representatives of the ruling dynasty understood that the reserves are not unlimited resources, and have focused on the development of economy and tourism. Because of this, a modest village of pearl divers turned into an ultramodern and richest city of the Arabian Peninsula.

The most popular mode of transport in the city is considered to be a taxi or rental cars. In 2009, it opened Dubai Metro, but it does not cover all areas of the city. Of particular interest to tourists are abry – a water taxi, which is considered not only transportation, but also a local landmark.

The crime rate in Dubai, as in all the Emirates, is considered low. Where you can quietly enjoy the beauty of the streets, and have fun at the disco till late at night. Any crimes rarely happen because the indigenous population is subject to strict rules of conduct stipulated in Islam and the harsh laws.
Fountain Dubai – one of the largest and highest in the world
Fountain Dubai – one of the largest and highest in the world

Main attractions

The city is divided into northern and southern part – Deira and Bur Dubai, respectively. In each of them there is a lot of interesting places and beautiful buildings, around which a day is simply not physically possible.
Burj Khalifa
This skyscraper broke the world record for the number of floors and building height. In its form it resembles a stalagmite, and its design is based on the appearance of a desert flower. Most of the area is occupied by offices, but there and hotel rooms as well as luxury apartments. The total height of the tower is 828 meters. On the 124th floor observation deck is available to visit any tourist who paid the entrance fee. With it you can see the whole city and its surroundings and the islands. By the way, next to the skyscraper is the world famous Musical Fountain Dubai – one of the largest fountains in the world.
Dubai Aquarium
Ranked among the largest aquariums in the world. Below that is a special tunnel, walking through which visitors can observe the inhabitants of the deep sea. Capacity of the tank is 10 million liters of water, and the number of its inhabitants exceeds 33 thousand. Individuals. For the most daring of visitors there is a special attraction – a dive with sharks.
Wild Wadi Water Park
One of the most favorite places “little” travelers. Water Park consists of various thematic areas, simulating a fabulous story connected with the traveler Sinbad. In total, there are 24 rides, which are connected by water slides or channels. Comfortable temperature of water and air in the room, as well as the work of all the water park facilities, provides the most modern technical equipment.
Palm Islands
The world’s largest artificial archipelago. It consists of three islands shaped as palm trees. Each of them are the most expensive tourist and residential development. So interesting way city government failed to extend the shoreline, thus increasing the number of hotels with their own beaches.
Ski Dubai Ski
Only in the Middle East ski resort. It is located in the shopping center Mall of Emirates and consists of 5 tracks that run throughout the year. The air temperature is maintained at about -5 degrees, and snow cover provides special modern refrigeration equipment.
Dubai interesting facts

The Dubai Metro, there are special cars for women. Men come here strictly prohibited, and violators will travel to the police station.
The work week begins here on Saturday, but the weekend – the second half of Thursday and all day Friday.
For the comfort of tourists and locals in the subway, taxis, shops, bus stops and all other buildings are air-conditioned.
Upon arrival at the airport all enter the city must undergo retina scans. This activity is necessary to identify previously deported from the country and keep them repeatedly.
For drinking alcohol, smoking, or a walk in the outrageous fashions in a public place can be put behind bars.

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