Dracula Untold

This week’s most anticipated films for me – “Graduation” Vsevolod Brodsky and “Dracula” Harry Shore. Naturally when there was a choice what to watch on Thursday, we did not hesitate to go to the foreign blockbuster because of Russian cinema is nothing good for a long time should not wait.

The movie “Dracula” was one of the most anticipated this fall, as his trailer is constantly shown to all loud and not very new this summer and, given that the framework laid down in the brilliant work by Bram Stoker cherished the hope to see something enchanting. Prior to this last quality was an adaptation of the eponymous film by Francis Ford Coppola, but even he could not convey the atmosphere that was in the book. And what was disappointed when he came to the movies, we have not seen anything close to the original. In my opinion, in the name of Stoker screenwriter should not even write, because all that was taken from a book, you can borrow from other authors.

Well, okay, move on to the film. Directed it unknown to me Gary Shore. I do not understand how a man who previously took only one short film, the film was entrusted with a hundred million budget, but it is noticeable that in the production was laid down to the last penny. Fight scenes are well established and fascinate its dynamism, the film would have looked at one go, in spite of so different from the Bram Stoker story, if not one but … it rolls over the amount of “snot” on the screen between Dracula and his wife. As practice shows, and most of the films, it is women who are always to blame. Those who watched certainly understand that Dracula wanted to give his son the education of the Sultan, but his little wife as always spoiled all his whining. What was all over, you can see in the movie, I will not spoil.

Let’s talk about the actors, and especially about Luke Evans, which plays Dracula himself. He was not bad in this role, but still gives some secondary after “The Hobbit.” We can say that the characters themselves and Bard and Vlad Dracula very similar, but still he and the actor to play a thousand roles. Sarah Gadon, who plays the wife of Dracula MIRENA so terrible and static, and that proudly could compete with Kristen Stewart in the infamous franchise. Her game is so terrible that even strong gusts Evans show love between their characters, the film is converted to some second-rate Mexican serial. Her game is impossible to believe even when she takes the child. Speaking of the child, he was played by Irish Art Parkinson familiar to many on the cult TV series “Game of Thrones.” Its role is also not original, like Evans, but agree that some special games in 12 years and do not have to wait. Who really impressed me, it’s Charles Dance. Pervovampir was as magnificent and so frightening that I had goose bumps every time he appears on screen. We have to admit that England has always been a good school of acting.

I also want to mention the soundtrack. It was written by Ramin Djawadi. In general, it is strange that so many in the movie from “Game of Thrones”, two actors performing one of the main roles of composer. Perhaps the creators wanted to transfer the atmosphere of the series in the film, but with the music, they just did not miss. The soundtrack is impressive, because Ramin wrote music not only to the popular TV series, but also to such blockbusters as “Iron Man” and “Clash of the Titans.” I hope that soon he will get his Oscar for best soundtrack, because of its ability to create atmosphere is truly impressive.

In conclusion we can say that “Dracula” a good movie and worth watching in the cinema. And if you love suffer excessive romanticism and overacting, much more. After all, good film history of Dracula is very small and this is one of them.

slogan “Legend will gain immortality”
director Gary Shore
Matt Sazama scenario, Burk Sharpless, Bram Stoker
producer Michael De Luca, Joseph M. Caracciolo ml., John J.. Dzhashni …
operator John Schwartzman
composer Ramin Djawadi
artist Fran?ois Audouy, David Doran, Heather Greenlees, …
Installation Richard Pearson
genre of horror, fantasy, action, drama, war, words …
$ 70 million
charges in the US
$ 55,991,880
fees in the world
+ $ 159,248,846 = $ 215,240,726


Luke Evans
Sarah Gadon
Dominic Cooper
Art Parkinson
Charles Dance
Dayarmeyd Murtagh
Paul Kay
William Houston
Noah Huntley
Ronan Vaybert

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