Dota2 : Oracle

Ranged – Support – Lane Support – Nuker

For centuries, the heirs to the throne of Great Simurri oracles imported exclusively from the White hatchery that the hollow top of the ridge fanatics. The entrance fee was given at conception the embryo, and the rest, for delivery to the Gate carved king of mature, well-trained prophet. Pale prophetess withdrawal of all permitted oracles, giving birth and raising them, and their physical form oracles are fixed in the world, common to most of us. As their souls wander far, barely related lightest astral umbilical cord. Returning from his universe wandering prophets broadcast fiery words of the language of the flesh. Simurriyskie advisors analyze the mystical words of the prophets, and find in them a vision of the future, diplomatic advice and other supernatural needed, giving the dynasty of kings carved victory at court and in combat. And so it went on for generations, filling page Chronicles of the Kings carved the names of the kings of the winners and they conquered lands. This went on until one oracle named Nerif, arrived to serve the last of the lords in stone helmets. From the very beginning of the prophecy Nerifa were unusual. They did not seem to predict the future and be heard by him. Strange predictor vykarkival advice when no one asked, and suddenly found themselves simurriytsy engage in conflicts with new enemies. Advisers, feeling a threat to their power, quickly realized in the last oracle source of unwanted cook. They demanded his removal, requesting to take back defective Sibyl Prophet and provide a worthy replacement. But in a sinister dream Nerif described the death of the incubator and a few hours later news came that terrible crash destroyed the ancient school. Fearing to share the fate of Pale Sibyl, advisers retired to their chambers for meetings, wanting to avoid the attention of the oracle. But Carved King always had a practicality. He did not fully trust his ultra-cautious advisers. Oracle so rare, he thought, should be used to extend possessions. Based on this, he shifted his overly timid advisers and brought Nerifa. Poor understanding the properties Nerifa, he simply stated their wishes and forced Nerifa express these desires as predictions. At first all went well. The last of the kings carved himself boasted that taking minion of fortune, he mastered the destiny. Should be taken as a warning when the invasion of land Neudovletvorimogo satrap, he tried to get in his oracle predicting certain victory, but only quietly whispered Nerif, “everything can be.” Harder words King could not get to fly from his lips. However, the king was sure of his army. Satrapi had no access to the sea, was poorly armed and devoid of all potential allies. The words “all may be” King understood as that by a margin of military power, his plan is not a serious risk. Of course, we now know that he had to understand the words more literally predictor. Even with careful study Annotated annals possible, what happened on the battlefield at the palace Neudovletvorimogo satrap almost impossible to imagine. It looked like the start of a battle among the massacre bifurcate. In every crucial moment reality divided and broken up into fragments. The retreating soldiers and falling at the same time hold it firmly and boldly engage in. Section and the consciousness of the soldiers, they felt, and living and dead, existing and non-existent. Victory and defeat are divided, and both felt the same time by both parties. The universe turned into a hall of mirrors, each of them endlessly crashing. The immediate effect of what is happening was crazy. Unable to understand the condition of winning and losing at the same time, consciousness carved king broke into pieces the madness. Naive satrap got no less. The opposite of reality continues to divide and separated as they echo filled endless options of what happened, every village uncomprehending residents who soon lost the ability to feed themselves, dress, defend or propagate in the usual way. However, long before the effects of the incident fully manifested, tsimurriyskie advisers Nerifa seized, tied him up, gagged and thrown out of his universe on the barge capable of measuring the cross, in the hope of ever leave him somewhere where he can not hurt them. Of course, for them it was too late. Perhaps for us, too.

attribute Value
The strength of the 18 + 1.90
Agility 15 + 1.70
Intelligence 23 + 2.90
Damage 22 – 28
protection 2.1
Movement speed of 305
Level 1 15 25
Health 492 997 1,738
Mana 299 827 1,464
Damage 45-51 86-92 135-141
Protection 2 May 11
Range coverage (day / night) 1800/800
Attack Range 620
Attack Speed 900


Fortune’s End
Interrupted – gathers all the power of the hero in the shell burns energy that stops enemies in the area around the target, dealing damage and removes them from the positive effects. Maximum time of reading: 2.5 seconds. Time to Hold enemies equal to the time of casting.
Mana cost: 130Kuldaun: 12
ABILITY: interrupts aimed at UNITA
Operations against enemy BEINGS
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 75/150/225/300
MIN. Prolonged immobilization: 0.5
MAX. Prolonged immobilization: 2.5
Stellar sphere bursting of power and clean energy escapes, temporarily breaking the connection of the enemy with his own body.

Fate’s Edict
Expels goal in the spirit world, depriving her of attacking, fully protected from spells, but increasing the damage from other sources. Can be used as allies and enemies.
Mana cost: 50Kuldaun: 12
ABILITY: Direction on units
Increases damage: 50%
DURATION: 3/4/5/6
An unbreakable prophecy resounds: a chosen ally shall briefly suffer no magics. Other kinds of suffering however …

Purifying Flames
Burn all the filth of the goal, inflicting massive damage, and then restores vitality with every passing second. Can be used as allies and enemies.
Mana cost: 55/70/85 / 100Kuldaun: 3
ABILITY: Direction on units
Damage: MAGIC
Damage: 90/180/270/360
Treats in seconds: 11/22/33/44
TOTAL TREATMENT: 99/198/297/396
Duration: 9
Like a hall of mirrors might amplify the light of a single candle, the shattered walls of the universe can transform the light of prophecy into a burning torch.

False Promise
Delays fate ally, making it invisible when driving, attacks and use abilities, as well as delays and receive any treatment until the end of the damage of this ability. Any treatment that is applied during the term of this capacity is doubled. When the target application removes any negative effects.
Mana cost: 200Kuldaun: 20
ABILITY: Direction on units
Applicable to the Union HEROES
False prophets do not see the future, and your enemies will not see your allies.

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