Demi Moore

Demi Moore
Birthday: 11/11/1962 Year
Place of birth: Roswell, New Mexico, USA
Nationality: United States
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg

Original name: Demetria Gene Harmon

Soldier Demetrius
The fate of Demetrius Gene Harmon as well changeable as a kaleidoscope of her name – Hynes on the second husband of her mother’s first marriage to Moore, Kutcher – in the third and last to date. Screen star Demi Moore is a living refutation of all existing stereotypes. She was able to fly over the difficult circumstances in which increased; having a non-standard appearance, has made a career Centerfolds; get rid of drug addiction and alcoholism; shaved head and again grow hair; established a friendly relationship between the second and third husband; starred in the box-office flops and movies. One of the most unusual roles, which embodies the actress on the screen – ‘GI Jane’. These words have become common noun for the strong and purposeful women, is the best suited to the nature of Demi Moore.

A girl from a trailer
Future Hollywood celebrity was born in Roswell (New Mexico). Child marriage between a two-month pilot, and later felon Charles Harmon and promiscuous eighteen Virginia King came to light 11 November 1962. The girl had serious health problems – squint and kidney infection. Her mother remarried with Danny Hynes did not improve the situation of the family, bringing them into the category of trailer trash (scum with caravan). Stepfather and mother for 18 to 40 times to relocate, drank and fought until 1980 Hynes did not commit suicide, to close in the car and starting the engine. At the same time Virginia Hynes, once vainly dreamed of becoming a model and actress, cherished daughter relatively ambitious dreams. Girl twice to do the operation, she attended dance classes and gyms, and even the mother claimed that her first role in a TV show Demi got through it. At 16 years old, living in Los Angeles, Demi Hynes made friends with a neighbor, Nastassja Kinski, who later became a famous actress. That girlfriend convinced that she needed to work as model. Custom appearance with features of the Cherokee Indians and different colored eyes suddenly attracted the attention of photographers, although most do while Demi pictures can be classified as soft porn.
At age 18, she married thirty rock musician Freddie Moore (rumored to escape from the house), and lived in a marriage with him for four years. This period of life is associated with Demi successful debut on television and in the movies, as well as the abuse of cocaine and alcohol.
The path to glory
Early career Demi Moore on the screen refers to 1982. She participated in the television series ‘General Hospital’, and also played in the fi thriller ‘parasite’. They were followed by several more films, all of which fees were spent on parties and drugs, while in 1985 the director Schumacher dismissed the young actress from filming ‘Lights of St. Elmo’. Demi Moore took a two-week course of treatment and stopped taking drugs forever. By this time include Demi and close relationship with co-star Emilio Estevez. Couple was ready to announce their engagement, but in 1987 at a party on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Surveillance’ Demi Moore met with actor Bruce Willis. By this time, Willis has already received Golden Globe for his role as David Edison, Jr. in the television series ‘Moonlight’. Began a whirlwind romance, which in four months has led to a humorous wedding in Las Vegas, where the couple married the legendary rock musician Little Richard, and a month later, an official wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. Start living together often accompanied by quarrels and scandals, but after Demi announced her pregnancy, their marriage became a model, except for her shocking nude photos in the last months of pregnancy. Demi Moore gave birth to three daughters – Rumer Glenn (1988), Scout Larue (1991), Tallulah Belle (1994).
Beautiful woman and a bad actress
By the time of his marriage to Demi is a triumph of Willis in ‘Die Hard’, his role in ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Fifth Element’, ‘Death Becomes Her’ and other successful films. Demi Moore is also not satisfied with the role caring wife and mother. In 1991 saw the release of ‘Ghost’. A touching story of Sam Whit (Patrick Swayze), who, after the death of trying to establish contact with his beloved Molly (Demi Moore) had incredible success with the audience. The film won two awards Oscar, and Moore was nominated for a Golden Globe and won ‘Saturn’. It is noteworthy that the main character was played by Bruce Willis, but he turned down the role, considering the script failure.
The next sensation featuring Demi Moore became controversial film ‘Indecent Proposal’ (1994). This tape was a big box office success, and at the same time pouchila’Zolotuyu raspberries’. Despite this, Demi went to the rank of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She received a record fee of 12.5 million. Dollars for shooting in ‘Striptease’ (1996), where striptease scene as such were frankly a failure. In 1997 came another controversial film with her participation – ‘GI Jane’, also received the “Golden Raspberry”, and in the mass media began to appear rumors of conflicts in the family Moore and Willis. In 1998, the Hollywood couple divorced exemplary, maintaining friendly relations. Several times there were messages about their reconciliation, but in 2005 the wedding of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher comedy actor, who was sixteen years younger than his lady. Relationship looked very well, but in 2011 and broke up the marriage. Divorce lasted two years, was very heavy and daughter Demi even announced the doldrums of his mother. After the divorce, the actress called the names of her new boyfriends, and the latest news was the message that the short-lived relationship no longer a young Demi Moore with a 30-year-old restaurateur Harry Morton came to an end, and it became the new chosen Morton, Sr., 66-year-old owner of a chain cafe ‘Hard Rock ‘.
Obviously, this is not the latest sensation in the battle of life Demi Moore. It has the third highest number of nominations and the award of ‘Golden Raspberry “and became one of the most grossing actresses. She was a big scandal produced the division of property with Kutcher and continues to cooperate with him in a charity fund for the protection of children from sexual exploitation. The actress has never been shy to undress in front of the camera and talk about their plastic surgery, and an award of informal knowledge of ‘the most beautiful women and the most unsuccessful actress’ is with great dignity.

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