Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato (biography)
Birthday: 08/20/1992 Year
Place of Birth: Dallas, United States
Nationality: United States
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 49 kg

Demi Lovato is only 16 years old, but it already know, millions of teenagers around the world, sold all over the posters with her picture, she devoted hundreds of Internet sites in many languages, and the number of daily declarations of love that Demi will receive an e-mail, seldom less thousands per day.
Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992 in Dallas (USA). Demi’s parents divorced when she was barely two years. The girl’s father immediately after the divorce had gone to New Mexico, so we can say that the “conscious” life Demi talked with him for the first time recently – in February 2008.
At the age of six years Lovato first came on TV – she played a role in the children’s series “Barney and Friends”. In 2006, Demi starred in several episodes of «Prison Break» and performed brief role in the film “Just Jordan”. But the real fame came to the young actress after the screens of America came the series «Camp Rock». Role Michie Torres – fourteen girl who dreams of becoming a singer – Demi made a star in just a few episodes.
Burden of glory was not such an easy – she had to leave school because of constant conflicts with classmates, hire a few personal guards, forget about privacy and constantly thinking about how correctly perceive focused on sensations reporters answers to their own tricky questions.
The other side of talent Demi Lovato – music. Even at the age of 11 years Demi perfectly sang and played the guitar and piano. In 2008, Lovato was accompanied by Avril and Jonas Brothers during their big tour in the United States, speaking at the opening act. Believe in themselves, Demi decided to record their debut album- “Do not Forget”. The girl helped such celebrities like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Kara Diogurandi. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that only in the first week of sales were sold almost 100,000 copies of the new album, and he eventually won the second largest number of sales on the Billboard 200.
After the triumphant success of “Do not Forget” for Demi well established role of talented and promising young singer. Although the Demi in an interview MTV once admitted that it is not too fond of pop – music – it more in the style of soul “heavy metal”. After a successful photo shoot for the magazine «Teen Vogue» Demi Lovin asked if she would be also a professional model. “No, – Demi laughed. – My real passion – the music, and everything else is just a hobby “.illera, although Hitchcock sacrificed gripping story credibility, logic and coherence of the narrative, but will benefit from this. Hitchcock is considered to be an apologist for horror films, but his work was only one film, is entirely consistent with this name – “Psycho» (Psycho), which was shot on a small budget, using television technology since the major studios refused so rigid material. Hitchcock movie made millionaire, and later he prodyuciroval his paintings themselves. «Birds» (The Birds) on a story by Daphne du Maurier anticipated popular in the 70s theme clashes with hostile person and inexplicable forces of nature.
Contribution to cinema
Inspired by the paintings of German expressionists, Hitchcock began working in movies – first in England, and since 1939 in the United States. For the first time on the work of Hitchcock drew serious attention to the criticism of the French “New Wave”. Francois Truffaut was the first to note the author’s view of the shell entertaining movie. Up the life of Hitchcock – 55 feature films, many of which have become classics of world cinema. In addition, Alfred Hitchcock took more and 21 TV movie series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and two documentaries (both in 1944), 2 more film work remained unfinished. Alfred Hitchcock is still one of the most respected and popular filmmakers.
Hitchcock also known for his cameo. He loved to appear in episodes in his films: in the form of a passerby, in the form of street onlookers. He starred in almost all of his later films. And in general, Hitchcock, especially in later years, sought to create around itself a mystical atmosphere, surrounded himself with an aura of mystery.
directorial handwriting
Hitchcock films based on fear and suspense. His heroes – people trapped in the circumstances. Another common theme of his films – the relationship of men and women, it is often rather cynical view of romance.
Among the favorite cinematic techniques Hitchcock’s worth noting shoot from the point of view of the character, that is, shoot camera with this aspect of the audience to the stage as if seen through the eyes of a character. Hitchcock also credited with the invention is very fast and fractional installation, clearly demonstrated in the famous scene in the shower murder in “Psycho.” Now this manner of installation is often called “assemblies of emtivishnym” because in 1990 it is widely adapted directors of music videos, display on the TV channel MTV. This installation was also a frequently used trailers.
It has been noticed and brand passion Hitchcock shoot starring the “cold” blondes (Grace Kelly, Vera Miles, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh, Tippi Hedren, Claude Jade).

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