Debra Winger

Debra Winger
Birthday: 05/17/1955 Year
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Nationality: United States

Debra Winger argues that the sign of becoming an actress she has been given above. Riding on a carousel in the amusement park, she fell and lay a few minutes without memory, and when she awoke, it said it would be in the movies.

This event took place after her return from Israel. Debra went to the land of their ancestors immediately after graduating from high school in California. Worked for two years on a kibbutz, six months served in the army, petitioned the Israeli citizenship, but returned to the United States. As her interested in social aspects of society, she entered the socio-criminological Faculty, University of California. Another student had a small role in the TV series “Police Woman” (1974).
TV crew noticed the girl and asked her to star in a series film “Wonderful Woman” (1975). Actor Debra activity is so fascinated that she decided to take part in the competition for the lead female role in the movie “Urban Cowboy,” which was the star of those years of youth idol John Travolta, and was the victor. Her charm was appreciated and Steven Spielberg, who instructed her to voice the role of fantastic creatures in the movie “ET Alien” (1982).
Decisive breakthrough on the American screen Winger took place in 1982 thanks to the film “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Debra Winger plays Paul – a simple girl, with which the hero (Richard Gere), who grew up on the bottom of society, met on his first ball at a military school. From morning till night she works at the paper mill and dreams of a prince who enters into a new happy life. In the end, Paul wins indecision loved one, and in the final film, he takes her with him.
In the “officer and a gentleman” has clearly revealed the superior quality of the actress – extraordinary vitality of her heroines, helping to defeat oppression of the most hopeless circumstances. She has such a strong love of life that there are no forces to oppose it. Those same qualities distinguish and Emma, ??the heroine of the film “In the language of tenderness” (1983), although the fate awaits her death in the prime of life. By the way, since this movie, Debra established a reputation for complex conflict actress. On set, she had a few run-ins with Shirley MacLaine due to different understandings of the script. Winger’s no secret that has come to the cinema not to play nonsense, but prefers the role of independent intelligent heroines.
Black-eyed, slender, slim Debra well be gone for double Julia Roberts, if not face – thoughtful, inquisitive. Winger is not devoid of sexual attractiveness, which allowed her to act with partners such as D. Travolta, R. Gere, Robert Redford, T. Berenger, N. Nolte, but it is important. In the late ’80s it became a symbol of a new generation of American women, entirely focused on his work and almost no privacy. It is no coincidence that the actress has appeared three times on the screen in the roles of representatives of the American justice (“Lawyers virtuoso”, 1986; “The Black Widow”, 1987; “devotees”, 1988). And this is quite a different matter than to play a special no definite occupation. In the second of them appeared Debra FBI agent Alex Barnes, which bring to light the young adventurer, learn how to easily despatch their husbands, each time enriched more and more.
When the famous director Costa-Gavras has started filming the political thriller “The Constant”, he had no doubt that the role of Cathy Weaver sent the FBI to investigate the mysterious death of a journalist of the left, should play Winger. Footprints lead her to the edge of an idyllic farm in the Midwest, where she met with the recently widowed farmer Gary Simmons and falls in love with him as the most ordinary woman. He introduces his beloved in a circle of friends – members of right-wing extremist political organization that killed journalist. Suddenly received something that persistently sought all these months, Cathy loses composure. She does not know how she behave in her fight love and duty, tenderness and fear. An unusual turn of events helped create by dramatic actress portrait of the modern woman. Debra knew that in America, the film will be accepted without much enthusiasm, but the theme of right-wing extremism interested her so much that she decided to take the risk.
Cooperation with Costa-Gavras reputation as an actress in the eyes of European filmmakers. B. Bertolucci Winger offered a starring role in “The Sheltering Sky” (1990). Rich Americans Port and Kit Moresby, tired of the boredom of life and his own marriage, going to Africa, hoping to rekindle their relationship. While her husband live fast, Keith suffers from loneliness and humiliation. But when the port is dying, she discovers an incredible ability to survive. Arrived to the caravan crossing the desert, becoming the mistress of his leader, she saves his life. Keith is not like the old heroines Winger, but the actress has managed to make his own way in the tone by bringing to the fore the topic of women’s vitality, helps to overcome the most painful circumstances.
Two years Debra was married to actor Timothy Hutton, but because of the dissimilarity of attitudes they separated. Debra lives with her son Emmanuel Noah, who from the age of three accompanies his mother on the set.

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