Brains on the walls and road signs, severed limbs, the reasoning of the scrotum Wolverine, the feasibility of sexism, bald-patch Professor Xavier and Sinead O ‘Connor, as well as the benefits of brown pants in combat, magical unicorns, baby backpacks, stuffed with weapons, whore, Stan Lee strip club, tons of profanity and hurricane stabbing – a “Deadpool”, which we have all been waiting for, the best superhero film project in recent years.
Ryan Reynolds – is not just getting in the way, he was obviously born for this role. And to prove it, he had to play Deadpool twice. For the first time in the film “X-Men:. Wolverine,” in which the efforts of the writers of his hero somehow turned into Superman result of unsuccessful mating with guinea pig embryo. Finally, the solo project, show the “talkative mercenary” the way it should be – gay thug with no brakes, preferring krovischu, verbose moralizing colleagues from the community of X-Men.
When a certain number of years, the film adaptation of the comic book will again be on the rise, it is an image reading Deadpool, Reynolds suggested, would be as a reference, as the image of Wolverine, Hugh Dzhekamnom created, or the image of Iron Man as Robert Downey Jr.
Director Tim Miller, whose existence was previously known only in the most desperate Hollywood experts, managed to make a film-festival, which is so rare in recent years. Through its joint with the writers Rhett Reese, Paul Vernik efforts “Deadpool” film project turned out surprisingly harmonious, in which a very correct proportions mixed comedy, romance, high-octane thriller and sci-fi thriller.
The film is full, “easter eggs”, quotations and references not only to the superhero franchise Marvel and DC Comics, but also a large number of popular movies, TV series and video games. But the main object of “bullying” by Deadpool, of course, serves as Wolverine, but rather himself, Hugh Jackman. Almost any explanation here is fierce spoiler, so the potential audience is just to believe: as a dense stream of irony not attacked the Australian actor and his on-screen alter ego ever.
As rightly stated one of the commercials, “Deadpool” – is primarily a love story, which is organically woven into the whole screen burn and does not seem far-fetched, or too “comics”. On the contrary, it looks very natural in view of the biography and the environment of the protagonist, and serves as an excellent support for all of its motivations.

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