Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo
Birthday: 16/05/1944 Year
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA
Nationality: United States

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Curriculum Vitae
American actor known mainly by numerous different roles of gangsters or villains of Mexican or Indian descent.

Danny Trejo was born in a family of Mexican Americans in Los Angeles. His father Dan Trejo was a construction worker. Cousin Danny is a famous American film director Robert Rodriguez, who shot his cousin repeatedly in his films.
As a teenager, Danny often made and street crime was dependent on drugs. At the same time, Danny tried his hand at professional boxing career, but this career did not take place due to a long prison term future actor. While in prison, Trejo became a boxing champion among inmates in California immediately categories of light and medium weight. In prison, three also took a course of rehabilitation from drug addiction.
Currently, Danny says that playing the criminals trying to show young people that this road quickly ends up in jail or in the cemetery.
His career
After his release, Danny joined the creative team to shoot the film “Runaway Train.” Edward Bunker, himself a former prisoner, invited three as a boxing trainer for Eric Roberts. Watching the work of Danny, director Andrei Konchalovsky offered him a role in the film.
After that, the three began a brilliant career in the film industry; He mainly plays the role of gangsters and villains.
Filmed in the eighth season of “The X-Files” episode 8×06 «Murder” in a cameo prisoner.
In 1996, Trejo starred in the video group Sepultura Attitude.

As a teenager, Danny was a criminal and drug addict for 11 years now and then found himself in jail.

In 1985, he accidentally fell on the set of the film Andron Konchalovsky’s “Runaway Train”, where he was immediately offered a small role, probably due to the abundance of tattoos.

All this at once memorable actor you’ve seen about forty Hollywood films. Its hard not to remember: the lanky Mexican flecked with scars and smallpox person with a severe look and strong fists occurs in the frame each time, as soon as the main goodie think that all the problems were left far behind. Danny Trejo – was the name of a remarkable man, whose specialization in the movie speaks for itself – the main villain. And whose biography is much fun any action movie!
He haggling drugs and weapons, and when it came to “disassemble” the first exit on the line. It is no accident cronies, and later in the criminal environment for the strongest young men is nicknamed “Senior” / Major. He was fearless and invulnerable to sharp blades and bullets smashing. Like a charm, as if fate had prepared him far more weighty test …
Eleven years severe sentence for a robbery he took for granted, and immediately began to develop in a new role. On the area was not so bad. Later, in his only TV interview Danny Trejo acknowledged that the street was for him the same prison, and that he just moved to a new location.
Among the inmates he does not differ by about temper. Instead of English classes for prisoners, he disappeared for hours in the gym, where the thousandth time working out the Crown left jab. In the end, the tenacious Mexican guy noticed the prison thugs and was admitted to the “holy of holies” – the zone championship boxing. In his early 22, he became the champion of San Quentin prison in two weight categories – light heavyweight and heavy. At the end of the 12-tiraundovogo fight rival coach pounces on Trejo with a knife, but a boxer and sends it to the floor of the ring!

He replaced nine prisons and zones until he was on the loose. Gleaned experience behind bars more than enough – Danny decided that never again repeat this way. Trying to poobvyknut new role, the ex-convict agrees to months-long rehabilitation program developed by the government.
This is where amazing happens to him twist of fate, to radically change his future life. At a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous (more precisely, those who are trying to get rid of destructive habits) approaches him and someone offers to train the actor boxing. It turns out that soon begin shooting a Hollywood action movie, in which the protagonist escapes from prison.

So Danny Trejo has appeared for the first time in his life on the set. Prison drama with elements of thriller “Runaway Train” (1985) was nominated for several Academy Awards, including for the most prestigious “Oscar” – “Best Film of the Year.”
But is not it interesting, but the fact that the film’s director Andron Konchalovsky, seeing Danny Trejo selflessly trains actor Eric Roberts for the scene of the prison boxing match, decided to make Trejo hero of that same episode. Due to this coincidence colorful kinobandyugan received a residence permit in the big Hollywood.

Since then, the shortage of proposals was not there. Endless line went negative Supporting Actor – “Maniac Cop 2”, “3 Tyuryaga”, “Death Wish 4”, “Shannon Deal,” “drug war”, “Kinjite” …
Mexican tattooed with developing hair in the wind and not speaking a word (Trejo still speaks in broken English) strikes fear in the audience is only one of its appearance!
Classic villain made his role Navajo knife thrower in action movie “Desperado”, the evil vampire bartender Charlie – “Blade” in the horror film “From Dusk Till Dawn,” a sexual maniac John “Johnny 23” Buck in the blockbuster “Prison plane” and gangster named “Scarface” in the drama “The Trojan War”.

As acknowledged by Trejo, the most difficult thing for him – communication with other actors. “The only one who is not afraid of me and speak normally – this Nicklas Cage” – says Danny. On the set of “Con Air” Trejo helped Hollywood star in all episodes of communication with “kinougolovnikami”, prompting the correct intonation and the only possible course of action. He helped Cage famous master zekovsky reception – hit bottom. As well as a strong psychological trick – how to look into the eyes of a foe and not blink!

2000 is going well for him – he starred in five films, two of which – Mexican.
In October, the US box office started the film “Animal Factory” / Animal Factory, where Trejo first tried his hand at producing. His close friend and pal Steve Buscemi has directed, and in small roles criminals noted his good friends Mickey Rourke, William Dafoe, John Hurd, Seymour Cassel. “None of us can not be called handsome, so we love to get together!”

Especially for the project “Animal Factory” Trejo invited Edward Bunker, his former cellmate at San Quentin prison, which is now in Hollywood is a famous writer.

In 2001, Danny Trejo … first played a positive role. His character in the teen film “The Boy from bubble” boy helps to understand where it ends and begins the evil acts of kindness.

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