Danny Devito

Danny Devito
Birthday: 11/17/1944 Year
Age: 70 years
Place of birth: Neptune, New Jersey, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 63 kg

The secret of a happy marriage – wild sex and good sleep
This week in the Russian rolling out Christmas comedy John Whitesell, “Welcome, or neighbors are not admitted.” Comedian Danny DeVito played a role Buddy, who lights up with new ideas as well as cools. Christmas illuminations at his house can be seen from space. Whether business neighbor Steve (Matthew Broderick) – lives quietly measured. In general, water, stone, ice and fire. Wins flame. And before the premiere DeVito talked to a reporter, “Izvestia” Galey Galkina.

“In the afternoon went to trial, and the night watchman was”
– Question: Your new film – about Christmas. Love this holiday?
– Answer: I – Italian, my wife – a Jew, and we live in Los Angeles, so that our family celebrates all holidays, including Christmas.
– Q: Is it true that once you have started his career in the barber shop, where he helped his sister Angela, and then decided to become a make-up artist in Hollywood?
– A: When I started helping my sister in her beauty salon, then quickly realized that I could make more money if instead of going to wield the scissors brush. Saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a course of study in the dressing room mastery Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Went there (DeVito was born and lived in New Jersey, near Ashbury Park. – “News”) and entered the academy, where he was to attend classes and acting … As a result, I told my sister that began in New York in York not make-up artist and actor.
Graduated from the Academy in 1966 found a job at a summer theater Eugene O’Neill Center in Connecticut. It was there that I first met Michael Douglas. At the time he was a hippie on a motorcycle, and we became fast friends.
– In Friendship was very productive – you have together made some memorable pictures: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Romancing the Stone”, “Jewel of the Nile” …
– A: I know Mike 40 years old, and very warm attitude to it, work with it – fun. He – in a board.
– Q: And with your fellow countryman Jack Nicholson met in New Jersey?
– A: No, but my cousin was friends with his sister, and I had heard about a respectable young man who went to Los Angeles to become an actor. When I got the role in the film “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, in which I was invited Douglas, for the first time met with Nicholson. But not admitted to him that also hails from Jersey. Five days later, he saw me and exclaimed, “You’re from Asbury Park!”
– Q: Did you enjoy being on stage in Connecticut?
– A: Yes, but I always thought about working in a movie. Flew to Los Angeles, lived in Hollywood for two years, and have not received a single role, although constantly went to the audition, and at night watchman earned ..
– Q: Is it true that Hollywood agent told you that you are not high enough to play in the movie (an increase DeVito 1 m 52 cm. – “News”).
– A: It was the casting of the film. He said that I would never be able to play in the movie, although I had never seen and did not know what I look like. Idiot!
– Q: But now you have changed the attitude of Hollywood to the people of small stature …
– A: Well, somebody had to do it!
“There is nothing worse than a civilized divorce”
– Q: Is it true that Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner squabbled with each other on the set of your film “War of the Rose”, like their heroes divorcing spouses?
– A: No, it’s fiction journalists.
– In: Hero Douglas pet cat killed his wife, Barbara, and she killed his dog, and even strove to feed her husband pate of his pet. This is the black humor?
– A: Yes, all that can not be called a light sense of humor, I think black.
– Q: Have you ever heard a story about divorce worse than told in “War of the Rose”?
– A: I once heard on the radio that a woman poured paint in the tank Ferrari her husband. Then I heard a woman’s nose cut out the character of Picasso, owned by her boyfriend. By analogy in my film hero Douglas cuts heels on shoes Barbara.
– Q: After this film, you probably have become an expert on divorce in Hollywood. Have to you for advice Britney Spears, Kevin Federline whose husband threatened to sell “homemade porn” after she filed for divorce?
– A: No, do not pay. As one of the heroes of the “war”, “There is nothing worse than a civilized divorce.” And this seems to be true.
– Q: In January you handle silver wedding to actress Rhea Perlman. What is the secret of your many years of marriage?
– About: Wild sex and good sleep (laughs). Ray lived in Brooklyn and two weeks after our meeting moved into our apartment with Douglas that we filmed in Manhattan. I still think she’s more like my address than myself. You know what I mean? (Laughs.) We paid for a house with Mike for 75 dollars a month. He soon moved to California, since landed a role in the TV show “The Streets of San Francisco”. But continued to send their part of the rent. I missed him, he’s so cool washed our clothes.
“My mascots – a mobile phone and a handkerchief”
– Q: You produced the film “Get Shorty,” which played together with John Travolta. He was glad your proposal to participate in this project?
– A: No, he was reluctant to play this role. Before “Shorty” I produced “Pulp Fiction”, so it is like to draw Travolta in his next project. Travolta is known to be a Scientologist, and he invited me and director Barry Sonnenfeld and screenwriter Scott Frank in Scientology Center on Hollywood Boulevard, where we dined well.
During lunch in the restaurant went singer Placido Domingo with two accompanying. I hugged him and admitted that he admired him. And he said that he was glad our unexpected meeting. Already in the car I told Barry that did not know before that Domingo – Scientologist. What Barry said that he probably thinks the same about me.
– Q: They say you supported the election of the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, a duet which played not in a movie?
– A: We’re still good friends, although not communicate as often as before – it is now very busy. But I send him e-mails when I do not like what he’s doing. I think he took a good centrist position, although improper support of the president, who, as we all know – one of the biggest mistakes of the United States.
– Q: Why Schwarzenegger Terminator decided to play with you in the comedy “Twins”?
– A: It has always been the experimenter, and by the time he tired of the order-action films. I am not surprised that the director opened his comedic talent: Arnold always loved to joke, including over itself.
– Q: It’s no secret that many actors are superstitious. Do you have a mascot?
– A: My mascots – a mobile phone and a handkerchief.

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