Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis
Birthday: 29/04/1957 Year
Age: 57 years
Place of Birth: London, UK

Nationality: British
Height: 187 cm

Original name: Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis

Master of paradoxes
Daniel Day-Lewis is considered one of the greatest actors in Hollywood, despite the fact that the list of his roles is not too large. Actor removed every few years, and in his spare time engaged in the processing of wood, the craft shoemaker. And at the same time, Day-Lewis is the sole owner of three statuettes ‘Oscar’ for the best male role.
Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis could be called the most controversial figure in the history of cinema. He is shot in Hollywood and at the same time, a dual citizen of Ireland and the UK. Film critics call him the greatest actors of our time, although the official filmography Hollywood celebrities currently consists of 24 films and eight roles on television. In this list of awards Day-Lewis is amazing – eleven films with his participation have received many prestigious awards, including the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA Award and other awards.
Daniel Day-Lewis was born in London on April 29, 1957 His family was quite extraordinary and belonged to the creative elite. Cecil Day-Lewis, an Irish Protestant, was recognized by the English poet. Mother actor Jill Belkon, came from a family of Jewish immigrants. She was a movie star, and his grandfather, Daniel, Michael Belkon – known film producer who worked with Alfred Hitchcock. Two years after his son’s birth, the family moved to Greenwich. Daniel grew up with her older half-sister Tamasin Day-Lewis, who later became a documentary filmmaker and editor of television. As a child, Daniel was not too well-behaved child – often in conflict with their peers and even commit petty theft in stores. In 1986, the boy was placed in a prestigious boarding school in Kent, where, he said, he has mastered the three most favorite exercises for yourself: the woodwork, playing on stage and fishing, but soon because of poor progress he had to go to another school . At age 14, David Day-Lewis made his film debut. In the film ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, he played no role was incorporated into the titles of the young vandal and, according to him, was insanely happy, smashing the camera an expensive car, and even received two pounds for it.
In 1972, Cecil Day-Lewis died of cancer, and in front of Daniel there was a question about the future professional career. In 1975, after completing school, he enrolled in drama school at Bristol ‘Old Vic’ and at the same time began to act on the stage of the theater of the same name. Despite the fact that the ‘Old Vic’ held traditions of classical theater, Daniel became a staunch supporter of the Stanislavsky system, and eventually decided to leave the theater. He moved to London, starred in several television movies, but the main success was waiting for a young actor on the silver screen.
In 1982, Daniel has played a small but plot-role of Colin in the film ‘Gandhi’, which received eight Oscar, five awards Golden Globe, BAFTA Award five and many other awards. The following works of Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie became ‘pirate’ movie ‘The Bounty’ (1984) and the comedy ‘My Beautiful Laundrette’ (1985), which brought the first recognition of the actor – Film Critics Association Award in New York and Los Angeles for his role geya- bully. A great success and enjoyed a romantic film ‘Room with a View “(1985), in which Day-Lewis played the role of an aristocrat Wise, and also received two awards for supporting actress. The award-winning was also noted and execution Day-Lewis in the role of Thomas’ Unbearable Lightness of Being “(1988), but the real triumph of the actor became the protagonist of the film ‘My Left Foot’ (1989). The role of the patient’s cerebral palsy, in which David insistently get used to the comfort of your wheelchair even after the shooting, first brought actor Oscar, BAFTA Award and European Film Academy, the prize of the Montreal Film Festival and many other awards. After a three-year break in the filming of Daniel Day-Lewis appeared on the screen in a completely different incarnation – muscular and agile hunter-Indian Hawkeye in the movie ‘The Last of the Mohicans’, for the performance of which the actor received the title of’ British Actor of the Year ‘award and the newspaper’ Evening Standard ‘.
During the work on the role unjustly accused Irishman in the film ‘In the Name of the Father’ (1993) Daniel constantly talking with an Irish accent and demanded that the crew that they insulted him, and during the filming of ‘The Age of Innocence’ wore old clothes, hat and cane . At the end of the 90s. actor for a while left the film and appeared on screen in 2002, playing Bill the butcher in the famous film “Gangs of New York ‘. For this role, Daniel perfectly mastered the New York accent and art butchering, and continued shooting even ill with pneumonia. This role earned Day-Lewis sixteen awards for Best Actor, including award BAFTA. Second Oscar and Golden Globe and a BAFTA another actor was in 2007, playing oilman Pleynvyu in the film ‘Oil’ (original title ‘There Will Be Blood’). This role to date is considered the best, played by Day-Lewis, but only for her performance actor received 24 awards. Contrast to that image was the role of the Italian director of the musical ‘Nine’ (2009).
The last work to date Daniel Day-Llisa in the movie is a biopic ‘Lincoln’ (2012), which earned him a third Oscar, the second Golden Globe, another award BAFTA – only sixteen prestigious awards.
Daniel Day-Lewis lives very closed and rarely communicates with the media. For six years, he tied a long relationship with Isabelle Adjani. Their son Gabriel-Kane was born in 1995, a few months after the final break. In 1996, during a visit to the playwright Arthur Miller, Day-Lewis met with his daughter Rebecca. A year later, their wedding took place. In 1998 was born the eldest son of Ronan, Max, and four years later – the younger, who was named Cashel Blake. In June 2014 for services to the arts Daniel Day-Lewis was elevated to the dignity of knighthood.

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