Dan Aykroyd

Dan Aykroyd
Birthday: 01/07/1952 Year
Age: 62 year
Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Citizenship: Canada
Height: 185 cm

Original name: Daniel Edward Aykroyd

Who played Ray in “ghost hunters”?
Dan Aykroyd was born simultaneously with two congenital anomalies; up to 17 years, he dreamed of becoming a priest, but later chose unexpectedly far from the path of religion, at the same time being able to succeed. What projects glorified Canadian comedian?
Daniel Edward Aykroyd (Daniel Edward ‘Dan’ Aykroyd, 1.07.1952) – Canadian actor, comedian and singer, best known for participation in the projects ‘Saturday Night Live’ (‘Saturday Night Live’), ‘The Blues Brothers’ and ‘ghost hunters’ (‘Ghostbusters’).
Aykroyd was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada); born, he appeared with syndactyly – a rare congenital disease in which partially fused fingers. Was Dan and another inherent feature – his eyes were different colors (green was right and the left Karim).
As a child, Dan wanted to become a priest; later he enrolled at Carleton University, where he studied for a while criminology and sociology. Study, however, Aykroyd and did not finish; eventually drew his show business. Daniel has studied music in Ottawa; when he was a student, he tried to act in all sorts of comic projects.
Glorified Aykroyd program ‘Saturday Night Live’; worked in a team of TV shows Dan screenwriter and actor. For 4 years, from 1975 to 1979-th, Aykroyd was able to considerably improve the quality of local numbers; helped him young enthusiasm, an extraordinary range of interests, talents, parodist and almost supernatural ability to work. The audience is best known for his parodies Dan – the actor portrayed Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Carter) and Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon), Rod Serling (Rod Serling) and Vincent Price (Vincent Price), Tom Snyder (Tom Snyder) and Julia Child (Julia Child). Dan played in sketches; Naturally, over time, he developed and permanent roles.
Succeed in ‘SNL’ was not easy for talented comedians here, to put it mildly, lacking; Aykroyd has managed to stand out even against the background of a highly talented colleagues. Dan, however, is not jealous; the stories of colleagues, his sense of humor was too trivial, and other actors realized that in this style, they simply can not do.
It is known that in the ‘SNL’ have developed a friendship with Aykroyd, John Belushi (John Belushi); In addition, here the actor received several nominations for Emmy, and once this award he won.
Of friendship with Belushi and grew project ‘Blues Brothers’. Blues Belushi Aykroyd became interested in it because of; later they began to perform this music together. Aykroyd has managed to make quite good musician Belushi; Together they performed and recorded. It was assumed that the duo will perform at the ceremony of the Oscar in the category of ‘visual effects’; Alas, a few weeks before the ceremony Belushi died. The group, however, continued to exist; Aykroyd now continues to serve the company’s brother John, James (James Belushi).
After leaving the ‘SNL’ Aykroyd played several leading roles in feature (and mostly comedic) films; these films varied greatly as to the success and quality. Aykroyd had a chance to play three times in one movie with Belushi. It is known that for Belushi, Dan wrote the role of Peter Venkmana of ‘ghost hunters’; after the death of Belushi role passed Bill Murray (Bill Murray). How joked later Aykroyd, to some extent on the image of his deceased friend was constructed image Lizunov (Slimer). The painting was extremely successful; for Aykroyd, who spoke to her at once as one of the writers and one of the leading actors, it was particularly important result.
In 1989, Aykroyd was nominated for an Oscar as “Best Supporting Actor” for his role in the film ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ (‘Driving Miss Daisy’). Award this year, however, was Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington).
Act as a screenwriter Aykroyd continues to this day; Before he could try his hand and as a producer.

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