Coyote – an American jackal. Unlike many predators it has adapted to the invasion of civilization in the world of wildlife and managed to survive, although the man was destroying him mercilessly. That man helped resettle coyote across the continent. Previously, coyotes lived only on plateaus of the West. After the start of the hunt he was to flee, and now these predators live throughout North America from Alaska to southern Mexico.
Their nocturnal howling is heard and movie stars in their villas in the hills of Hollywood, and tourists in New Hampshire, where 30 years ago has not been a single coyote. The total number of coyotes in the US is now about one million.
Coyote resembles a smaller copy of the wolf – it weighs 9 to 18 pounds: three times less than its big neighbor. His legs are thinner than those of a wolf paw sleeker, sharper nose, eyes, golden-yellow, and the tail is long and bushy. In acumen is not inferior to the wolf, a more selective in food, adapted to the neighborhood people and learned not to get them in the eye.
Coyotes distinguishes this family cohesion. Creating one couple, they usually stay together for life. The male-female coyote diligently helps raise puppies. He protects them, plays with them, licking, brings them part of the booty. Coyotes relatively small and therefore it requires a small amount of food.
Their needs are completely satisfied rabbits, mice, lizards, birds’ eggs and leftovers in the garbage cans. Exactly what they have almost no damage to agriculture, and saved them from destruction. Of course, they sometimes like raiding the chicken coop to eat melons and tomatoes in the fields, but it is very small in comparison with the sins of the benefit that they bring.
Archenemies coyotes immediately became breeders who do not doschityvayas lambs in a rage led a real war with coyotes. Although researchers have shown that sheep coyotes rarely attack.
The losses in this war have suffered very heavy coyotes. In the sixties Service predator control reported the destruction of 89,653 coyotes. However, this massacre was fruitless. Coyotes with unimaginable speed multiplied to the former livestock.
In the vicinity of settlements coyotes began to appear only at night. Where people have little, they can be seen during the day. Sometimes they hunt alone, but more often in pairs and groups. One observer saw six coyotes walked across the field circuit as infantrymen. When one vspugival hare, others immediately blocked the way for him. Coyotes great hunt in pairs, using different tricks.
So, for example, one coyote drives hare, and the second lies in wait behind a bush. Sometimes the coyote begins to tumble in the grass, and the second, meanwhile, sneaks the hare, which with interest looking at strange jerk coyote. Coyotes often exploited and other animals. Coyote specifically vspugivaet the nose of mice and voles badger. They hide in burrows. Badger throw them dig out, and when the mice begin to run out, clever coyote grabs them before badger time to recover.

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