Lingonberry – evergreen shrub. Perennial plant. The specific name vitis-idaea, which translated from Latin means – “the vine from Mount Ida,” the place where dwelt Cybele, the ancient goddess of fertility. Name vitis-idaea cranberries for the first time and is in Dodoneusa Gesner.
The area of ??distribution – dry raw coniferous and deciduous forests, peat bogs.
The fruits cranberries – sweet-sour red berries, sweet cranberries. In cowberry less acid (2%) and more of sugar (8-9%). Ripening time late August – early September.
Cranberries are eaten fresh, as well as soaked, steamed, dried. Berries are used for saccharification, make jams, pickles, fruit drinks, candy fillings, extract, and so on. N. Lingonberry is rich in a wide variety of substances of medicinal properties. This is a universal healer. Lingonberry helps in the treatment of rheumatism, tuberculosis, lung, kidney-stone disease, catarrh of the stomach with insufficient acidity, as vitamins and antiseptic agent.
In folk medicine, used not only berries, but also the leaves of this plant. Of them make teas and tinctures, which are used as a disinfectant and diuretic. Included in the leaves of bilberry tannins help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, the conclusions of some toxic substances from the body (such as lead, cobalt salt) regulate mineral metabolism. Because cranberries found in urinary tract antiseptics (arbutin), extract of dried leaves of cranberries are used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders, rheumatism, diabetes, gout, kidney disease. If the wrong dosage of such hood can cause poisoning.
The broth from the berries cranberries good thirst quencher during fever. Juice drink with the neuroses, high blood pressure and anemia in pregnant women. Lingonberry carotene content exceeds pears, apples, cranberries, lemons, grapes and even blueberries. Therefore, juice and cranberry syrup sighted.

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