Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Arquette
Birthday: 06/15/1964 Year
Place of Birth: Birmingham, UK
Nationality: United States
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 50 kg

In June last year in San Francisco at the Cathedral of the Lord’s grace was such a crowd, as if waiting for the Pope himself. But it was much simpler: the public’s attention attracted marriage of two Hollywood stars – recognized beautiful and clever Courteney Cox and David Arquette, a representative of the famous acting family Arquette, the younger brother of famous Rosanna and Patricia.
The show was excellent – the bride in a dress from Valentino was a miracle as well, elegant bride she is fully consistent with, and other celebrities gathered for the wedding as it was for someone to take a look. Came all the main characters of the series “Friends”, which Courtney weekly appearing on television in this popular sitcom in the role of Monica Geller, connect the most friendly relations. Jennifer Aniston, of course, accompanied by her boyfriend Brad Pitt. Arquette Sisters, of course, could not miss the wedding of his beloved brother, glad that he chose such a “right” wife. While the guests arrived, the crowd moaned with delight, recognizing all new, albeit less famous, but such native serial actors.
Now in America, many simply call Courtney S. the first letters of the name and surname (Courteney Cox), indicating that its immense popularity. Such an honor previously given only to Marilyn Monroe in the United States, France Brigitte Bardot and Claudia Cardinale in Italy. Americans believe that Courtney – smart, calm, always seasoned and slightly sarcastic beauty – a sort of typical modern American. (Or maybe they just want to believe it?) Courtney not argue with that, though he believes that this is probably her character Monica from “Friends”, and not herself. What is it actually, Courtney Cox, who, like David Arquette, we have learned in the country thanks to the cult horror film “Scream” and its two sequels? Probably everyone draw their own conclusions, if acquainted with the history of her life.
Americans know all about it. Maybe even more than she Courtney. Born June 15, 1964 in a small town in Alabama, that is, in the American West. Was the youngest in a family with four children. Parents separated when Courtney was ten, all children remain with their mother. The girl, who adored her father, a man with a cheerful, easy character, long vinyl mother that he left the family. Vinyl, until risen and did not understand that parents do not really fit together, though lived together for nineteen years. Since then much water has flowed, and now her mother Courteney very friendly. Independence of the young provincial girl wanted very early. Even in his school years, she earned a saleswoman, and the age of sixteen to save money on the first car. After high school, enrolled in the faculty of architecture college “Ver-non” in Washington, having gone in the footsteps of her beloved father, a builder by profession. Courtney studied fine. Like many of her classmates, playing tennis and swimming and about any artistic career did not think. But in the last year fell in love with her stepfather’s nephew Miles Copeland. He introduced her to friends in the fashion business, Courtney quite successfully tried his hand as a model and began taking lessons of Dramatic Art. Just in case …
First there were roles in commercials. By the way, after Courtney became a star, journalists tortured her with questions about advertising “Tampax”, in which she once starred. Courtney sick to death of this topic, and she parries questions, recalling that there was also a “face” of cosmetics company “Maybelline” and also appeared in the pages of fashion magazines and covers of romance novels. It was first noticed in the video of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”, which made the director Brian De Palma. Courtney was for him only three hundred and fifty dollars. But she was invited to conduct a TV program “Music Week” and started to actively capture and in movies, and on TV. She played in “Asa Ventura” with Jim Carrey in the series “Family Ties,” with Michael J.. Fox. And in 1994, Courtney began to show “Friends.” Since then, it has managed to play even in the three “Scream”, a “love triangle” Danny Boyle, along with Kenneth Branagh, and now is going to play with Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell in “3000 Miles to Graceland”.
Five years of her life were associated with actor Michael Keaton. They broke up in ’95 and since then almost did not communicate. “The parting was difficult, as it seemed to me that my relationship with Michael – it is forever” – confessed the actress. Then Courtney was not up to the novels, but journalists just could not leave alone a woman who joined the list of the fifty most beautiful people in the world, compiled by the magazine People, – even her picture graced the cover of the special issue of this journal. At first she attributed to an affair with Christian Slater and then with many other actors and musicians. Courtney just shrugged: “It is enough to kiss a friend who accompanied you to the airport, as will hundreds of newspapers with the message about your new novel.” Magazine as the actress learned that suffers from bulimia (roughly speaking, gluttony). The actress first even offended, and then laughingly explained the origin of the hearing: “I’m just said in an interview that I love candy.”
Still, much of what they write about it, it does not dispute. For example, what keeps fitness through yoga. What once smoked “weed”, but completely get rid of this habit. That for many years was wearing contact lenses, and then she developed an allergy to them. (In fact, no longer on the set of distinguished Jennifer Aniston Lisa Kudrow from, Courtney decided to operate on the eyes, as wearing glasses categorically did not want to.) And write that it does not accept plastic surgery and reduces made by a youth tattoo. That buys houses, rebuilds them, furnishes its own taste and sells a large profit. That loves to give advice, even at the risk seem boring. Her favorite actress – Barbra Streisand. It does not attract men glazed, and very much like those who are considered ridiculous. Courtney has always wanted to be loved just like that. But she is afraid of this insanely boring. Maybe, after the story of mocking Keaton.
Fortunately, on the set of “The Scream” Wes Kreveyna life has brought with David Arquette Courtney. At first she appreciated it was his ability to entertain people. He said that immediately fell in love. Then there was the “Scream 2”, and David continued her laugh. But then it turned out that the very merry needs help: drug and alcohol abuse is very difficult to say goodbye alone. It was especially hard to David after his mother’s death, and saved him only what Courtney responded to his love. It was near, she brought his life in order, but to finally win a cautious Courtney, he still had to sweat. Only in 1998, she agreed to get engaged, and David moved into her house in the upscale Brentwood (a suburb of Los Angeles). A married David Courtney pleaded for another year. First received the blessing of her father, then by selecting the appropriate day, led to your favorite beach and made the proposal at a time when the ocean began pre-arranged by him fireworks. And Courtney surrendered ratsionalistka decided to associate with romantic life. About the wedding you already know, but it’s not final …
After the wedding, the family began the harsh everyday life that Courtney coolly plans. She even offered to enter into a marriage contract to David, and he did not mind. David loves to spend money, it is trying to teach a young man (he is seven years younger than his wife) to a reasonable economy and is committed to spend your marriage ship through all life’s reefs. On the reverse side of your engagement ring is the inscription: “The deal is a deal.” Understand what you want. And Courtney and David decided to use the services of a psychologist, a specialist in marital problems. Not because they have a lot of problems, and to have them. Now the couple again starred in an independent studio in the film “The Shrink is in”, and their marriage is as strong.

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