Coconut belongs to the family of nuts, but it is not a true nut, but rather dry fruit.
The shell has three small “holes”, where the minimum thickness of the shell. If you make a hole in them, then you can safely drink the juice through a straw coconut. It is recommended to make two holes at once, one that had the opportunity to come into the air, and the other through which you drink.
If we talk about the origin of coconut, in this issue, there are many disputes.
Homeland coconuts want to be right, and Asia, and South America and New Zealand.
This fruit is common at present in large quantities in tropical countries because it could spread through the sea as It has a very long shelf life.

The cultivation of coconut palms very profitable to do, because:
1. First, the tree gives a very large crop, which equals about 75 fruits per year.
2. Second, all parts of the palm, in addition to coconut, can also be used for various purposes. It is known as the “tree of life”, as translated from Malay means – “a thousand uses a tree.”
Coconut juice is rich in sugars, fiber, protein, antioxidants and vitamins.
It is very nutritious and useful. In addition, the nut is not open, it remains perfectly sterile.
Coconut is used in the production of chocolates and chocolate bars.

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