Clive Owen

Clive Owen
Birthday: 10/03/1964 Year
Age: 50 years
Place of birth: Coventry, West Midlands county, United Kingdom

Nationality: British
Height: 188 cm

Actor Clive Owen flair
In what family grew Clive Owen? When he realized that I should become an actor? In what film debuted Clive? Why Owen first film career did not develop, and how it has affected his life? What movie was the first great success of the actor and brought him a Golden Globe? Owen refers to fame? In a television project is now occupied by an actor? As there was a meeting of Owen with his future wife, and why the actor believes that this was a sign from above?

A start in life
Clive Owen was born on October 3, 1964 in the small English town of Coventry. His father, a little-known country singer, left the family when Owen was 3 years old. He and his four brothers raised by his mother and stepfather, who worked as a cashier at the railway station.
Clive dreamed of a movie, so at age 13 began playing in youth theater. After high school, he could not determine the choice of profession, so spent some time on the dole. At some point, the young man realized that his calling to be an actor, and entered the Academy of Dramatic Theatre.
In 1987 Clive took a job at a London theater ‘Young Vic’. Here he made his debut on stage in the production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Shakespeare. In the same year, Owen made his debut on television, playing a small role in the project ‘Kids Rokliffa’.
In 1988, Clive Owen first appeared in the film, playing a Man Jake in the movie ‘roar of the engine. ” Despite a successful debut, his film career did not develop. After the failure of the movie ‘Close My Eyes’ (1991) Owen for several years retired from movies, to immerse themselves in a theatrical work. Return actor on television took place in 1993, but little prospect he did not have. He played in the walk-through movies and the chance that someone has noticed, was scanty.
Gaining popularity
The real breakthrough for Clive Owen was the drama ‘Addiction’ (1997), in which he played the Dachau concentration camp prisoner Max. The film was awarded the Cannes Film Festival, and Owen received praise from critics. In his next work – crime drama ‘Dealer’ (1997) – actor proved that the success of his previous film was not a fluke. Critics wrote that direction ‘Croupier’ weak, and the film rests mainly on the game Owen.
The new millennium has met Clive Owen plethora of roles, most of which brought him fame throughout the world. His first work was a loud social drama ‘Gosford Park’ (2001), the legendary director Robert Altman. In 2002, the actor played the charming sniper in a spy movie ‘The Bourne Identity’.
This success came to Owen in 2004, after the release of historical drama ‘King Arthur’, where he played a major role. Despite the negative reviews from critics, the film was well received by the audience and earned $ 200 million. The wide scope of the film allowed the actor to express themselves, and soon his popularity began to grow.
Next work of Owen – drama ‘proximity’ (2004) – had a big budget, but was highly praised by critics. The film was an adaptation of the play, in which the actor played in 1997, allowing him to better reveal their talent. The role of the dermatologist Larry brought Clive Golden Globe and a nomination for Oscar and is considered his best work.
No less spectacular was the game of the actor in the film by Robert Rodriguez ‘Sin City’ (2005). Thanks to the stellar composition and unusual imitation of comics, painting gained immense popularity and Owen brought worldwide fame. It was a radical change in his career Clive – he joined the ranks of Hollywood and now he could dictate terms.
The year 2006 brought many positive reviews Owen. The actor has played in three films: the crime comedy ‘The Pink Panther’ thriller ‘Do not be caught – not a thief’ and philosophical fiction film ‘Children of Men’. Particularly successful, according to critics, was the role of activist Theodore Pharaun in the film ‘Children of Men’. The painting took part in the competition program of the Venice festival, members of the jury who was named the game Owen best since ‘Intimacy’.
Recent work
Clive Owen became a star in Hollywood, but he never chased after fame and had no purpose to be glorified. He never once stopped playing in the theater, and the choice of roles, guided only by a professional flair. And I must admit, it is rare when it fails. This applies to the fighter ‘Shoot them’ (2007), and to the thriller ‘International’ (2009), and to the adventure ‘Nothing Personal’ (2009). All these works have had great success with the audience and have been well received by critics.
In 2012, the screens went motion picture ‘Hemingway and Gellhorn’ in which Owen appeared in the form of writer Ernest Hemingway. The role of his lover, Martha Gellhorn, performed inimitable Nicole Kidman. The film was a great success with the audience and brought the actor nomination for the Golden Globe and Emmy.
Clive Owen is now busy in the shooting of the TV project ‘The Knick’. It’s the story about the personal life of Dr. John Thackeray, played by Owen. The premiere of the first season took place in August 2014, and in view of the fact that the show was a success with the audience, it was renewed for a second season. Actor for his performance was again nominated for Golden Globe.
Personal life Clive Owen has developed successfully. Working in ‘Young Vic’, Owen met with aspiring actress Sarah-Jane Fenton. It is symbolic that their romance began during the making of the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Clive played the role of Romeo and Juliet played Sarah. The actor said that it was a sign from above. In 1995 they were married and now has two daughters – Hannah and Eve.
In addition to his beloved work, Clive Owen has many hobbies. He is an ardent fan of the football club ‘Liverpool’, and is interested in music. Actor constantly attends concerts of his favorite indie rock band ‘Hard-Fi’.
Owen can not imagine that would do without cinema. Since fate gave him the chance to express themselves, the actor believes that they need to be sure to take advantage of. He believes that more than one will play a good role and give the audience a lot of fun.

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