Clark Gable

Clark Gable
Birthday: 01/02/1901 Year
Age: 59 years
Place of birth: Cadiz, Ohio, Spain
Date of Death: 11/16/1960 Year
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 185 cm

Original name: William Clark Gable

The King of Hollywood
Why father was opposed to Clark became an actor? As two marriages with very different women Geyblu helped to achieve success in the movies? Why chapter ‘MGM’ Mayer sent the actor to star in the studio ‘Columbia Pictures’, and how it affected his career? What movie brought Geyblu ‘Oscar’? What condition set Meyer, agreeing to marry Clark Carole Lombard? After the release of the movie actor has been the subject of adoration viewers all over the world? What event caused Gable enlisted in the army and go into the thick of the war – the territory of Nazi Germany? Did the actor after the death of Carol love with another woman, and he spent the rest of his days?

Early life
Chapter ‘MGM’ Louis B. Mayer once said that his studio work is the most beautiful man who has just created nature – Robert Taylor, but still want to see on the screen eared Clark Gable. What was the secret charm of the actor, and how he managed to become a Hollywood star?
Clark Gable was born on February 1, 1901 in the city of Cadiz, Ohio. His father worked at an oil well driller, and his mother was a housewife. Clark was not a year old when his mother died of epilepsy, so his upbringing involved father and grandmother, and then the stepmother.
Clark grew intelligent and agreeable boy, but against the will of his father paid more attention to not sports, and the arts. His passion for music and theater Gable Sr. is regarded as slyuntyaystvo, so I decided to educate their own way. My father bought a farm, where he intends Clark had to work hard from morning till night to raise a confident man. But suddenly he stood up for her stepmother, who persuaded her husband to give his son a chance to try your hand at your favorite business. The father agreed.
After high school, Clark said he wanted to become an actor. Father did not approve of this, but did not interfere with his son. Gable began his career as a stagehand. Paid him a little, so the young man had to earn money in different places. Finally, when Clark was 20 years old, he made his stage debut in the role of cook-Negro. The director found his game and failed again translated into the number of stagehands.
Fate decreed that Gable was in Portland, where enrolled in acting classes Josephine Dillon. Teacher, who was older than Clark for 14 years, so fascinated disciple that love. In 1924, they were married, but, as argued Dillon, among them were only platonic relationship. The actor also never thought this marriage seriously, but the meeting with Josephine and six years of marriage, had the key to career Gable.
World popularity
In the 30 years in the movie came a sound. Most of the actors who shone in silent films, proved unnecessary. Studio demanded new stars and cinema – new heroes. Such hero was Clark Gable. But how obscure boy managed to get the location of Film?
That’s where you need to remember about Josephine Dillon, who struggled for six years on diction Clark. Her lessons were not lost – unlike other actors Gable good command of voice, so has become a valuable instance for Hollywood. Of course, not without its share of luck. In 1931, Clark married Mary Lengem – rich widow oil tycoon, who was his senior by 17 years. She wanted to see her husband’s a movie star, so to invest more money in its promotion.
The first film with Clark Gable, shot in the studio ‘MGM’, have not had much success, but gradually aspiring actor gained popularity. While producers followed the moral character of their stars, so when Gable twisted affair with Joan Crawford, had the reputation of a depraved woman, as punishment Mayer sent Clark takes on the less prestigious studio ‘Columbia Pictures’.
Ironically, it was at this studio in 1934 for the film ‘It Happened One Night’, a game in which the actor was awarded the ‘Oscar’. In addition to awards, Clark received national love and immense popularity. The situation was amusing: a movie that was filmed in the studio ‘Columbia Pictures’, Gable did the brightest star ‘MGM’.
Some explain the success of the actor that viewers become boring beauty and charm of the then-screen hero Robert Taylor, tired of illusions and fantastic reality. Gable represented a strong, reliable and courageous man of life, however like to see all Americans. That’s why he liked both women and men.
Soon Gable twisted romance with actress Carole Lombard. They met in 1932 while filming ‘Not her man’, but then there was hostility between the actors. Four years later, they met again. On Valentine’s Day, Carol gave Clark ‘Ford’, decorated with hearts. Their affair grew into love, and in 1939 they were married.
Louis B. Mayer was not opposed to their marriage, but he had one condition: Clark was supposed to play Rhett Butler in the film adaptation of the novel “Gone with the Wind ‘. First actor doubted he could master such a complex role, but Meyer said that in case of failure it will remain out of work. Needless to say how much weight was the film ‘Gone with the Wind’ career Gable? He was not just a star, and the subject of adoration and admiration for thirty years.
Recent years
Gable and Lombard were a beautiful couple in Hollywood, and their marriage was considered ideal. Both madly in love with each other and could not even think about change. However, their happy life ended abruptly. January 16, 1942 the aircraft, which was Carol, was unable to gain sufficient altitude and crashed. When Clark reported the death of his wife, he burst into tears.
The death of the woman he loved has become a real blow for Gable. He began to drink, do not appear to work, but instead to sign a new contract with ‘MGM’, went into the army. It became obvious that the actor is looking for death in battle. Contrary persuaded Louis B. Mayer and senior people from the government, Clark became the gunner on the plane and carried out several air raids on Germany.
Miracle survivor, Clark Gable returned home in 1943 with the rank of Major General Aviation. He was all too popular, so the company is ‘MGM’ re-sign him. But the actor has worked without a ‘spark’. After the death of his wife in it as if something went wrong. In each of the women Clark sought ‘new Carol’, but when he realizes that his wife did not return, drowned out the pain with alcohol.
Gable was married twice more – on a beautiful but vulgar Sylvia Ashley and young mannequin Kay Williams. In addition, he had an affair with all the beauties of Hollywood: Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly. Great success in the movie was not. The exception is the films ‘Beloved teacher’ (1959) and ‘Not for me’ (1960), a game in which the actor was nominated for a Golden Globe.
In January 1960, Clark Gable has announced that they are expecting a baby with Kay. However, his only son, the actor did not see. On the film ‘The Misfits’ at Gable had a heart attack, and 16 January 1960, he died. On this day, America orphaned. Her King, the hero, a symbol of stability and reliability of the spectators left to rejoin the beloved Carole Lombard. Now, several decades later, the movie has its heroes, but Clark Gable will always be the King of Hollywood.

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