Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken
Birthday: 31/03/1943 Year
Age: 71 years
Place of Birth: Queens, New York, United States

Nationality: United States
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg

Each new role – a new experience
Christopher Walken is one of the most actively removed Hollywood actors of his time. Born March 31, 1943 in Queens, the son of a baker. At birth, was given the name Ronald Walken (Ronald Walken). Later, the actor is already an adult, changed his name with a light hand Monica Van Vuren – singer, dancer on with whom he worked in a nightclub.

Christopher’s parents support the aspirations of the child to get into show business on Wednesday, took him for all sorts of casting. Christopher was fond of dancing and theater, eagerly watching movies with his idols Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, Katharine Hepburn and Christopher Plummer. At 10 years young actor starred in the TV series, took part in the TV show. And speaking privately circus acrobat playing the role of a son, and he did it for free, just because it was very interesting. Christopher, like all children in school, but a much greater influence on the formation of his personality still provided show business.
In 1961, Christopher Walken went to university, but, having studied only one year, turned out to be expelled. He worked part time trainer of lions, traveled around the country, speaking as a dancer. And in 1966, the debut of Christopher Walken as a dramatic actor in the Broadway production of “The Lion in Winter.”
Film career
Christopher debut in cinema was not too noticeable to others, but the actor was on top of happiness. It happened in 1969 in the film ‘Me and my brother. ”
In 1971, the young actor was fortunate enough to be on a film set with Sean Connery, acting in the film directed by Sidney Lumet ‘The Anderson Tapes’. The film became one of the best films of the robberies in the 70s.
For the first time also to attract the attention of critics Christopher succeeded in 1977 by a small role played in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.” This was followed by the films ‘All’ and ‘Roseland’.
A break in the career of Christopher Walken occurred in 1978, after the release of the military drama directed by Michael Cimino ‘The Deer Hunter’. For the role of an American of Russian origin Nicanor Chebotarevicha Christopher Walken was ‘Oscar’.
In the 80 years of career Christopher Walken soared upwards. He took part in a project directed by Michael Cimino ‘Gates of Paradise’, and in the musical ‘Pennies from Heaven’ directed by Norman Z. McLeod shone his choreographic talents.
He starred in the title role, along with Louise Fletcher and Natalie Wood in the science fiction film ‘Brainstorm’. This was followed by a mystical thriller based on the novel by Stephen King ‘Dead Zone – The Dark Zone’, a film about the adventures of James Bond ‘View to a Kill’, as well as paintings ‘Puss in Boots’, ‘home boy’, ‘Contact’.
Christopher Walken has become one of the most prominent Hollywood actors. He almost never gave up roles that he was offered, considering each new role as a new experience. This is a very versatile actor who perfectly suited to the role of villains, unbalanced people, he is subject of comedy and melodrama.
Actor annually removed in about five scenes. He is the winner of the Oscar ‘,’ BAFTA ‘, the Screen Actors Guild Award USA.
In recent years, Christopher Walken are increasingly began to prefer comedic roles: ‘Wedding Crashers’, 2005; ‘Person of the Year, 2006; ‘Seven Psychopaths’, 2012
Personal life
Prominent, handsome man, pet women Christopher Walken – an exemplary family man. He married in 1969 a girl Georgiana, with which they were together during a trip to West Side Valley. They have no children. Christopher favorite pastime is reading scripts. The actor is no need to restrict your diet, it almost does not drink hard liquor, except for good wine. Despite its age, Christopher looks good, keep fit classes at the gym.
Rules of Life
Actor Christopher Walken – smart and innovative people.
He believes that many people find it strange: ‘All my education, my experience, all my acquaintances, everyone with whom I grew up, all I know – all of show business. I have always lived there. Of course, I’m weird. I’m from another planet. ”
The actor loves to look at children’s drawings: “It seems that none of them are bad. It is always terribly interesting. ”
About his childhood, he said: ‘It was such a rule: if you can not swim, you have to throw you into the water and you poplyvesh. I had to catch out of the pool. I still can not swim. ”
Starring in a huge number of negative roles, the actor does not like violence: ‘It’s really strange I think the society in which adolescents have automatic weapons, and serial killers safely travel the highways. ”
Christopher Walken loves to dress in black: ‘… It is practical. You look thinner, you look clean, even if it is not really so. ”
He is skeptical about the memoirs: ‘If you do not plan multivolume work, it’s like signing a death certificate for yourself. ”
The actor has played many roles that portrayed people with mental disorders, and has a particular relevance to psychiatrists. Once he was advised to talk with one of them: “… I thought it was he needed help.” However, Christopher like to play psychiatrist: ‘I would have turned out well. ”
And Christopher Walker, no computer, no cell phone, no watch. And it’s not because he has no means to them – just those are the rules of life.

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