Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker
Birthday: 08/31/1972 Year
Age: 42 year
Place of Birth: Decatur, Georgia, USA

Nationality: United States
Height: 185 cm

“Rush Hour” was one of the first films in which he played an American comedian and impersonator Chris Tucker. Together with him starring Jackie Chan made. Together they have made quite a colorful alliance. “We were born to work together. We’re like brothers, but I’m black, and he was Chinese,” – says Chris Tucker.

When four years ago, action comedy “Rush Hour” suddenly broke many box office leaders in the North American film critics condescendingly thought it was a fluke. But after “Rush Hour 2” gathered in the United States astounding sum of $ 190 million, related to kinoserialu changed in fundamental ways.
“Rush Hour” was one of the first films in which he played an American comedian and impersonator Chris Tucker. Together with him starring Jackie Chan made. Together they have made quite a colorful alliance. “We were born to work together. We’re like brothers, but I’m black, and he was Chinese,” – says Chris Tucker.
Chris Tucker was born August 31, 1972 in Decatur, Georgia, USA. He was the sixth – and youngest – a child in the family. Chris’s mother worked as a cleaner. “Kogda I realized that I could entertain people – recalls the actor – I decided to make a living. Besides, I’ve always loved movies. I knew I wanted to star in a funny movie. The teachers tried to break me, but did not were able to get me to turn off the chosen path. ” The path was correct. At the age of twenty years, Chris left his home and seriously engaged in the actor’s craft.
The first success came to Tucker after he played a major role in the crime comedy “Friday” (1995). But the most memorable of his character became narcissistic radio host of sci-fi thriller Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element” (1997). That character Tucker was the most attractive in the film Besson, overshadowing them, and sverhpolozhitelnyh heroes, and their unusually aggressive opponents. In 1998 saw the release of Brett Ratner’s “Rush Hour,” and then it became clear that the success of Tucker in “Fifth Element” was not a fluke.
“Rush Hour”, created in the genre of action comedy, talks about the investigation carried out in connection with the kidnapping of the daughter of the Chinese ambassador to the United States. Ambassador calls from Hong Kong to America Chief Inspector of Police Lee, martial arts, that he took part in the liberation of the girls. US intelligence experts were not happy with this turn of events and highlighted the most worthless Officer James Carter, that he showed a Chinese city attractions, and most importantly – do not let it interfere in their affairs. Naturally, after a lot of quarrels and clarify the relationship with each other heroes join forces and taken seriously for rescuing hostages
Brilliant game Tucker and Chan could not go unnoticed, as a result, they were awarded the prize “MTV Movie Awards” and “Blockbuster Entertainment Awards” in the category “Best On-Screen Duo”. The success of the “Rush Hour” was a surprise to everyone, even for the filmmakers. This tape has become the most cash not only for Chris Tucker, was just beginning his career in the film industry, but also for Jackie Chan, by then more than twenty years working in film. Nobody doubted that soon will be released in theaters “Rush Hour 2”, the more that Tucker was offered $ 20 million for their participation in the sequel. But the long-awaited continuation of the acclaimed tape appeared only three years later.
Everyone thought that the second part should be an exact copy of the first, but the actor did not want to appear in the same film. To film quickly came out, it was decided to affect Tucker, and therefore was created a scenario in which the action takes place in Hong Kong. In the end, the script requests the audience, perseverance and studio bosses of Jackie Chan (and, of course, $ 20 million promised by Takeru for shooting) Chris convinced that to continue to work on the sequel to his famed tape still stands.
In the second part of the “Rush Hour” with Chan and Tucker were filmed wonderful actors: John Lone, who became famous after starring in the execution of historical tape Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor” (1987), Zhang Ziyi and the young, who became famous after painting Ang Lee “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon “(2000). In the new film easy Los Angeles cop James Carter had the misfortune to cross the road and heroes Lone Ziyi. And it is possible that the energetic and talkative fellow American law enforcement agencies would have to very tight, if Carter had not come to the aid of Inspector Lee from Hong Kong. However, their relationship is still far from complete trust and mutual understanding …
“In my opinion,” Rush Hour 2 “was even better than the first part, – says Chris Tucker. – The second series was funnier, more action in it and very beautiful location shooting. Some of the scenes we filmed in Hong Kong. You will not believe, but to “Rush Hour 2″ in Hong Kong has never shot no American movie! The Chinese love their movies, and the US is considered stupid. By the way, in Hong Kong, I was almost the only black man. Therefore, I’m always point the finger! ”
Himself Jackie Chan Chris Tucker gave a tour of Hong Kong. They went to bars, karaoke (Tucker loves to sing) and Chan favorite fish restaurants. “I fell in love with Hong Kong – enthusiastically says Tucker. – There are attentive waiters, not like in Los Angeles. I’m planning another visit to this wonderful city to explore all the details.”
Chris Tucker argues that he has to learn martial arts before that Jackie Chan – in a previous life. “I looked like a stuntman doing stunts for me, – says the actor – and I loved it! My understudy excellent exercise, absolutely not afraid of anything and looks just like me. And now I go to the gym, hire a trainer for kung Fu. So to me, it is better not to stick! ”
“Chris and I helped each other very much – said Jackie Chan. – I showed him how to fight, and he built for me the dialogue.” English has become perhaps the most difficult “trick” to Jackie Chan. “When they brought me the script and I flipped through this thick book, I felt bad, – he said. – But I’m not accustomed to retreat or surrender. When I could not utter the phrase, Chris helped. And when I had to shoot scenes of fights, then I have Chris helped. You know, compared to the first film he matured significantly and can now properly hit when angry. Previously, he was building more and more scary faces. ”
“Rush Hour 2” was awarded a lot of different prizes. Not surprisingly, the on-screen will soon be a third “Rush Hour”. Tucker signed by 45 million contract with the company New Line Cinema, according to which he is doomed to participate in the sequels and should play in the next “peak hours” …
Asked about his future plans for further ado Chris Tucker says, “I think that my career in the film really begins now. And I’m ready for it.”
One of the most colorful images embodied Chris Tucker on the screen became black unmarried US President in the comedy “Mr. President.” “This is a very unusual film – says the actor. – I very carefully preparing for a new role: meeting with Bill Clinton, who at the time was president of the United States, association with known African-American politicians Andrew Young and Jesse Jackson, visited the White House. I I want the audience to see me with the other hand, realized that I was able to play not only in action movies and comedies. I’m really looking forward to it. “

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