Chris Hemsworth

Name: Chris Hemsworth
Date of Birth: August 11, 1983
Zodiac: Leo
Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Activities: Actor
Weight: 95 kg
Height: 191 cm

CHILDHOOD AND FAMILY Chris Hemsworth Chris Homeland – Australia. He was born in Melbourne. Together with him in the family grew two brothers. The family moved, but finally settled on Phillip Island. Sport was present in the life of the actor since childhood. Most of all, he loved surfing, which he started already matured. All three brothers for days on end, according to the memoirs of Chris, was carried out in the bush growing around the house. There they built forts, weapons master and could deal with all that so fond of boys of school age. Despite the fact that none of the brothers dreamed since childhood of film career, they all became actors.

First role Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth first auditioned in very quickly closed children’s TV show «Guinevere Jones». In the 2002’s he played a role in this project of King Arthur. This was followed by a series of very small role played by Chris. These were projects such as “Neighbours”, “Horse Club”, “Marshall Law”. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman At the age of nineteen, the young man tried in the TV series “Home and Away”, which sought to get the role of Robbie Hunter. However, this role was played in by other actors. Chris offered to play Kim Hyde. This role was offered to him a little later the producers. After receiving proposals Hemsworth immediately moved to Sydney, where there was a shooting. In this project, he starred in the one hundred and seventy episodes. For participation in the soap opera debutant has received an award of Loki, as the most talented newcomer. Filming of the television series lasted for about three years. According to the memoirs of the actor, it was a good school for him, so they had to learn everything on the go. After this lengthy work and the subsequent movie awards Loki novice actor invited in the movie “This is different Fergus McPhail.”

MOVING actor in the United States, new movies with Chris Hemsworth some time in the career of budding actor was simple. In 2009, the year he moved to America. There he took part in the work on the films, the former something much more than all his previous roles. We are talking about the project “Star Trek.” Such was the start of an actor in Hollywood. Around the same time, he played a role in the thriller “A Perfect Getaway”, as well as in the criminal film “Big Money”. It was after roles in “Big Money” Chris noticed American directors. Interview with Chris Hemsworth in the 2010th year Hemsworth appeared in just one picture. It was a short film titled “Ollie Klablershterf against the Nazis.” One year later, Chris got the role of god Thor in the blockbuster “Thor”. In the story he had quarreled with his father, who as a punishment sent him on our planet. The film is based on the comics that Chris did not read as a child. In 2012, the year of the actor appeared again in this role, but in the movie “The Avengers”, where together with his hero was Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk. All of these superheroes on the plot were together for the sake of protecting the planet. In the same 2012th viewers saw a handsome actor in the movie “Cabin in the Woods” in the role of Kurt Vaughn. This story is about a group of young people who were forced to spend the night in a hut found in the woods. Just Hemsworth appeared in the movie-tale “Snow White and the Huntsman,” where he played a hunter named Erik. With him in the starring Kristen Stewart. Chris Hemsworth talked about “The Avengers 2” and Altron One of the main roles was offered the actor in the movie “Race”. His hero – James Hunt. In 2013, the year on the screens out the second part of the picture of God named Thor, it is called “Thor 2: The kingdom of darkness.”

Chris Hemsworth CURRENTLY Currently, Chris – demanded actor. We are working on the third part of the film, where he plays Thor. The release is planned only in the 2012th year. Just an actor in films “In the heart of the sea” and “Cyber”. In 2015, the year the audience will see the continuation of their favorite films “The Avengers”, its name – “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” where Chris will appear again in the familiar image of the god Thor. PERSONAL LIFE actor Chris Hemsworth first married in the year 2006. His choice was Isabel Lucas (actress). They met during the filming of the joint in the television series “Home and Away”. The marriage fell apart pretty quickly. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portmans wife Elsa Pataky In 2010, the year Chris met with Elsa Pataky due to the fact that they had at the time was the general agent. Young people do not hide their feelings, appearing everywhere together, and very quickly got married. Elsa – Spanish actress, best known to viewers from the film “The Fast and the Furious 5” .Zhena actor his age of six years. In the spring of 2012 in the family there was a remarkable girl who was named India Rose Hemsworth. Visiting Moscow, the actor took part in the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan Urgant. In Russia, he was part of the promotional tour, timed to coincide with the release of pictures “The Avengers.” Chris – an adherent of a healthy way of life, he does not smoke, drink in his life is very rare. His athletic he is obliged hobby surfing. Largely thanks to its shape and was invited to the role of the Torah. That less for the role he had a lot of training to build muscle. Hemsworth, after filming a fairy tale of Snow White, is recognized as one of the sexiest actors.

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