In the dense forests of the taiga, on the green lawns, surrounded by tall trees, you can find small animals, invigorating backwoods and silence. These animals – squirrels. Chipmunk – agile and nimble, like a small squirrel. He lives under the trees in the excavation of shallow burrows. In these holes he arranges spacious pantries, where hiding winter stocks: pine nuts, bread grains, seeds and herbs. But most of all mammal for their houses selects hollow trees like squirrels.
Usually Chipmunks lodge in mixed forests. During the summer and fall, they make stocks: accumulate more than four kilograms of various forages, which are stored in perfect order: separate the seeds of grasses, pine nuts and grains.
Naturalists say that squirrels often come to shelter a person to eat sunflower grains. Mammal smartly gets on her hat and flower gets to work. He pulls busily front paws of ripe sunflower seeds nests and fills their cheek pouches.
Stocks harvested in the early stages, before hibernation mammal dries and fingers. By the beginning of winter chipmunk sleeps and sleeps until spring. Wakes up in March and April, and a ready supply of eating quickly regains his strength. By the size of a chipmunk significantly smaller proteins. The length of his body just 13-15 cm. The length of the tail about 10 cm. Chipmunk very cute mammal: the very small, red-haired man, with black longitudinal stripes on the face and back, and with a luxurious tail.
Quick chipmunk is always in motion. He runs around the twigs of trees, on piles of brushwood, folded in the forest. In chipmunk in the woods a lot of enemies. His kill hawks and small ground predators: ermine, sable, marten and the ferret, and pantries are chipmunks and ruin bears.

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