Will focus on the monkey chimpanzee. It is strikingly similar to humans, as the structure of the internal organs, and purely external features. Scientists believe that about 20 million years ago, the ancestors of humans and chimpanzees were one species, but went their separate ways for development.
Dark hair chimpanzees consists of the same number of hair, which has on the human body. It is true that hair is longer, darker, tougher and, of course, more noticeable. The body of a monkey too similar to a human, the only difference in the proportions. Long arms and short legs allow chimpanzees to move on all fours. This method is fundamentally different from the way a person walks straightened. In adulthood, male chimpanzee weighs about 70 pounds and reaches a length of 130 centimeters.
A newborn calf weighs less than a chimpanzee two kilograms. He, like a human child, weak and helpless. However, a few weeks later he hangs on the mother’s womb, keeping hands and feet behind her hair. In six months he was riding on her back, moving so through the woods with her mother. At this time in his sacrum appears white fluff. This is a distinctive sign, which, as it warns: “I am a child! Do not hurt me.” But when the fuzz starts to fade, and the baby turns into a teenager, over the antics he is already receiving hefty slap from older.
Chimpanzees live in the tropical forests of Africa, as well as the surrounding areas. They eat fruits, nuts and young leaves, and sometimes meat. Chimpanzees live in communities where there are between 30 to 80 individuals. To find scattered through the forest food sources, chimpanzees are divided into groups, in which 5-6 monkeys. When the members of one group find food, they are barking to alert the others.
Chimpanzees can perform different actions. They build nests, using stones to break nuts, and sticks to explore the hollows. Chimpanzees are trying to hunt. Sometimes after an accidental success, they acquire a taste for meat diet and begin to actively pursue a possible prey. Can catch and kill departed from the herd baboon. Winner of production climbs up a tree, and here it is precipitated other chimpanzee begging for a handout. They look so touching and stretching out their hands with palms up, it is difficult to resist. The owner of production is necessarily divisible food.

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