This is the most beautiful and agile animal, fastest runner on the ground that, in pursuit of prey, while able to run at a speed of 120 km / h. His name is a cheetah. Translated cheetah means “dog-cat”. The way it is. This cat does not look like a cat. The body is more like a wolf, only spotty skin, but face like a cat. He did not even roars like a tiger or a lion, and only barks, just like a dog.
African cheetah is born with a mane on his head, but eventually it disappears. Lacrimal black strips pulled him from the eyes to the upper jaw, and this seems like a cheetah something very sad. At first glance, the cheetah looks very clumsy – arched back, wasp waist, slim legs, but as soon as he began to run, as it becomes the epitome of graceful swiftness. Cheetah claws do not retract, they help to change direction while running in no time.
He hunts antelope. Always knocks the victim in one leap and kills her, bite her throat. Cheetah never eats carrion. After eating your fill of freshly killed prey, he leaves the carcass birds and dragons. Unlike general relativity lions he does not guard her until the next afternoon and leaving, he is never coming back. Cheetahs – solitary hunters. Only occasionally they hunt in pairs or family groups.
Cheetah can jump from site to as many as eight meters. For short distances, it easily outperforms racehorse. In ancient times, the rulers of India and Assyria specially arranged match cheetahs. This was considered truly the royal fun. At that time there were a lot of hand cheetahs. They often traveled to hunt antelope. Cheetahs are very easily tamed, and despite his hunting skill, affectionate and calm animals. Has not been a single case to the cheetah attacked the man.
By the way, hunt with cheetah loved and Russian princes. Nowadays cheetahs live in Africa, and more recently they roamed the grassy plains of India, Iran, Arabia. They often met in Central Asia and the Caucasus. But the man was always cruel to cheetahs. Quick feet did not save bullets. Immoderate, ruthless hunting set the fastest runner on the brink of extinction. Now, to save and restore the population of cheetahs, you should first of all try to breed it in captivity. Only caring person to help save for posterity this beautiful, graceful and rare predator.

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