Charles Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin
Birthday: 16/04/1889 Year
Age: 88 years
Place of Birth: London, UK
Date of Death: 25/12/1977 Year
Place of death: Vevey, Switzerland

Nationality: British
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Original name: Charles Spencer Chaplin
Great magician comedy
In the world, probably no one who has not heard about Charlie Chaplin. Comic and eccentric, he became famous primarily for its comedies, creating one of the most famous images in the world of cinema – the image of the good-natured tramp Charlie. However, its merit is not only that. Charlie was a versatile master of cinema, and serious roles were given to him as easily as a comedy. Moreover, he made films, he wrote the script himself and created music.
Early life
Charlie Chaplin was born in London on April 16, 1889. It is noteworthy that 4 days later Hitler was born – a man whom Chaplin repeatedly copied in his works. Charlie’s parents were stand-up actors. Mother appeared in theaters, father sang in the London music halls. Shortly after the birth of her son Chaplin Sr. began to drink heavily and died in 1901.
Charlie first came on the scene in 5 years, after his mother’s voice broke, and it needs to be replaced. The future actor was covered with a storm of applause of spectators who, besides, threw coins and bills scene.
In 1898, Chaplin became a member of the dance troupe ‘Eight Lancashire guys’, but stayed there for long. In school, he also almost did not go. Charlie earned selling newspapers and working in a printing house, but due to the young age of nowhere did not linger long. In 1903 he was cast in the production of messenger Billy ‘Sherlock Holmes’. It is not literacy, Charlie was afraid that he will be asked to read the text aloud. A role he learned with the help of his brother Sidney.
In 1908, Chaplin was already a well-known theater actor Fred Karno, which created sketches and pantomime. On tour, he has traveled all over Europe, and in 1910 with the troupe went to the United States. America won the young actor once and for all.
Life in America
In 1912, Chaplin returned briefly to England, but for myself already decided to stay in the United States. At one of the performances of the actor noticed influential producer Mack Sennett. He invited Charlie to work in the studio ‘Keystone’, and in 1913 he signed a contract with a salary of $ 150 a week.
However, Chaplin did not immediately adapt to the new requirements of the cinema. First Sennett even admitted that he was wrong in talent Charlie. Only thanks to one of the stars of the film studio, Mabel Normand, the actor was given a second chance.
Over time, the audience loved Chaplin. His films have become incredibly popular. Actor gained experience and he’s got his vision of art, which often do not coincide with the vision of producers. Then he decided to go to the studio to make movies on their own.
The first thing to take matters Chaplin – to shape and sharpen your screen image. According to the memoirs of the actor, he did not know how to make up to him and what kind of clothes to wear. One day on the way to the dressing room, he decided that wear baggy trousers and a narrow bus. Charlie wanted to in his suit everything was contradictory, and then he added to the wide pants a little pot and huge shoes. In order not to look too young, he stuck himself little mustache. So there was a unique way of Rolling Stone, who will soon become recognized around the world.
Meanwhile, Charlie’s earnings grew. In 1917, he signed with the studio ‘First National Pictures’ contract for $ 1 million, becoming the most expensive actor in history. Chaplin received the final independence in 1919 when he founded his own production company ‘United Artists’. Its owners have become Mary Pickford, David W. Griffith and Douglas Fairbanks, too tired from the influence of film distributors actors.
The first work done on a new film studio, was the picture of ‘Parisienne’ (1923). This atypical for creativity Chaplin psychological drama was greeted spectators pretty cool. At the same time, it was appreciated by critics, who were convinced that Charlie first author.
For ‘Parisienne’ followed by the classic film ‘The Gold Rush’ (1925) and ‘The Circus’ (1928).
Top creative director began his painting ‘City Lights’ (1931). In the love story of a beggar tramp to a blind girl, flower girl reflected and melancholic lyricism and sharp satire and eccentric cam. Some critics consider it to be the first sound work comedian, although it has only musical accompaniment. Charlie’s voice audiences first heard in 1936, when the screens out the picture ‘New Times’. It comedian sang a song lyric in fictitious language.
Realizing how important can be the voice for the perception of the film, Chaplin began to create one of the most ambitious of the projects. The result of his work was antitotalitarian tape ‘The Great Dictator’ (1940), where he played two roles simultaneously: fascist leader Hynkel and humble Jewish barber. Incredible transformation in one film critics appreciated: in New York, Chaplin presented an award for Best Actor.
Persecution in the US and moving to Europe
Charlie Chaplin was always politically active. He often spoke with harsh statements criticizing the government. Intelligence services began to suspect him of a secret communist. In the 30s the FBI head J. Edgar Hoover instructed to collect a dossier on the actor. Prosecution by the federal service reached its peak in the 40s, when Charlie held company in support of opening a second front.
In 1952, Chaplin went to Europe for the premiere of his painting ‘Limelight’ and stayed there forever. Hoover still achieved a ban on entry into the country of the actor. Charlie settled in Vevey, Switzerland, where he lived until his death.
In Europe, the famous comedian continued to work. He wrote the music for silent pictures, put movies, published an autobiographical book. In 1967 he published his latest motion picture ‘A Countess from Hong Kong’, in which the main role was played by Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren.
Honorary Oscar Chaplin was awarded in 1972. He was allowed to briefly come to the US, which caused a big stir. In 1975, Queen Elizabeth II knighted dedicated to Charlie.
The greatest actor in the history of cinema died Dec. 25, 1977. He was buried in the local cemetery of Vevey. March 1, 1978, unknown vandals dug up the coffin of Charlie and kidnapped. After the police caught the criminals, the actor’s body was reburied in Corsier-sur-Vevey Cemetery on Meruz a two-meter layer of concrete.
Charlie Chaplin’s personal life was as eventful as creative. The actor has been married four times and had 12 children. Best known as an actress bought his daughter Geraldine Chaplin. But that’s another story.

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