Carmen Miranda

Carmen Miranda
Birthday: 02/09/1909 Year
Age: 46 years
Place of birth: Mark de Kanavezesh, Portugal
Date of Death: 05/08/1955 Year
Place of death: Beverly Hills, Portugal

Nationality: Portuguese

Original name: Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha
Carmen talent first ‘discovered’ in the late 1920s, and by 1933 Carmen Miranda has signed a two-year contract with the radio R?dio Mayrink Veiga, as well as played in his first film – ‘The Voice of Carnival’ (‘A Voz do Carnaval’). By the end of the decade Carmen Miranda became the real star.

Carmen Miranda (Carmen Miranda) in any period was considered one of the highest paid stars of the United States. Brazilian Portuguese origin, she became the first Brazilian actress and singer in the style of samba, which managed to gain universal popularity. Named Carmen Miranda was named one of the Hollywood area.
Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha (Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha) was born in 1909 in a village north of the Portuguese municipality of Mark de Kanavezesh (Marco de Canaveses, Portugal). She was the second daughter of Jose Maria Pinto da Cunha (Jos? Maria Pinto da Cunha) and Maria Emilia Miranda (Maria Em?lia Miranda).
In Brazil, she was a baby, even up to a year – followed her mother there for her father, who emigrated to the year before. It is noteworthy that Carmen Miranda never parted with his Portuguese citizenship, despite the fact that she had not lived in Portugal.
The family settled in a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro), where the head of the family opened a barber shop. The girl is very early to show their artistic abilities, and a childhood dream to become a singer or an actress. Parents select it does not share, but because young Carmen never really advertise their talents. However, her mother did not mind dragging daughter in show business, for which he was once beaten by her husband, who discovered that his mother Mary allowed to try out the radio show.
Carmen studied (then Mary) in a convent school Saint Therese of Lisieux. By the way, his nickname ‘Carmen’ girl got from his father for his great love for the opera ‘Carmen’ (‘Carmen’) Bizet (Bizet).
Later, the girl sometimes’ve come up with songs numbers at parties in Rio. In 14 years, Carmen had to go to work saleswoman – medical bills sisters with TB have been incredibly difficult for the family.
Thus, working in a boutique and manufacture a hat, Carmen soon able to open and own millinery business, which proved to be profitable. They say that Carmen always and everywhere singing – she sang at work, working on hats, she sang in anticipation of buyers, she sang even during fitting hats customers.
Carmen talent first ‘discovered’ in the late 1920s, and by 1933 Carmen Miranda has signed a two-year contract with the radio R?dio Mayrink Veiga, as well as played in his first film – ‘The Voice of Carnival’ (‘A Voz do Carnaval’).
By the end of the decade Carmen Miranda became the real star.
In 1939, Carmen was invited to participate in a musical revue in the US, she sang on Broadway, and, in addition, Brazilian actress was presented to the American President Roosevelt (President Franklin D. Roosevelt) at the White House (White House). It is noteworthy that this meeting took place within the framework of the President’s policy to strengthen ties with the countries of Latin America and Europe, which, however, does not diminish its importance to Carmen Miranda.
Soon Carmen was already in Hollywood (Hollywood), where she became a true symbol of South America with her temperament and sparkling energy. Her role was not at all straightforward – Miranda always and everywhere play hot dancing beauty in the Brazilian style. It certainly was wearing a bright fluttering dresses, open blouses, wearing incredibly high platform, as well as a very fancy hat that resembles a high fruit basket. By the way, this hat has become one of the essential attributes of Carmen Miranda, her ‘calling card’. Carmen even earned the nickname ‘a lady with a tutti – frutti hat’.
These were the years of the Second World War in Europe was fighting, and America suddenly turned his whole face of the neighbors; so, in the United States is a real Latin American boom, and this was true of movies, and music.
It was during this period of Carmen Miranda was just wildly popular that soon made her the richest actress of her time. She was called ‘the ambassador of Brazilian samba. ” Miranda enough of a movie more than 20 film roles, as well as shoot and TV. One of the most acclaimed films with Carmen became the musical comedy “The Gang’s All Here ‘(‘ The Gang’s All Here ‘) in 1943.
However, ‘Carnival’ Miranda, however dazzling as it was, did not last particularly long, and after the Second World War, its popularity began to decline. The last film in which she played, was released in 1953, it was a comic detective ‘Frightened to death’ (‘Scared Stiff’).
After retiring from the screen, Carmen Miranda was kept still for a while to see. She has performed in clubs and still appeared a TV show. However, all this, of course, was nothing in comparison to its former popularity.
In the last years of his life Carmen suffered bouts of severe depression. August 4, 1955, during the execution of the numbers on NBC’s TV show ‘The Jimmy Durante Show’, the actress had a heart attack.
Carmen Miranda died the same night, after a second heart attack; it happened in her own home in Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills).
Carmen died annoyingly early – she was only 46 years old and, despite all the rumors about her to dissolve the press, she was completely healthy lifestyle.
Her body, in accordance with her wishes, was transported to Brazil, where he was declared a national mourning. At the funeral ceremony Carmen Miranda came about 60 thousand people, and more than half a million people followed her coffin.
Later in Rio de Janeiro was founded by the museum its name. In 1995 he released a documentary film ‘Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My Business’, created from Star appearances and fragments of her interviews.

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