Carice Van Houten

Carice Van Houten
Birthday: 05/09/1973 Year
Age: 41 year
Place of Birth: Leiderdorp, Netherlands

Nationality: Netherlands
Height: 169 cm

Rachel from “Black Book”
Carice van Houten is a real star in his home country, the Netherlands; quite a number of successful works have glorified it, and in the States, but to forget their homeland actress apparently has no plans – indeed, Karis admitted to the press that live in the rhythm of Hollywood just does not want to.
Dutch actress and singer. Is best known for the role in the, perhaps, successful (commercially) Dutch film in the history of world cinema, ‘Black Book’ (‘Black Book’). Is very popular in the country and is known for its nice outside.
Carice van Houten was born in Leiderdorp, Netherlands (Leiderdorp, Netherlands); her mother, Margot Stassen (Margje Stasse), was a member of the board of the Dutch educational television, and his father, Theodore van Houten (Theodore van Houten), was a writer and broadcasters. The younger sister of Karis, Yelka van Houten (Jelka van Houten), also became an actress.
For the first time as an actress Carice tried her hand at school in Utrecht (Utrecht). Van Houten some time studying at the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts (Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts); a year later, however, Karis continued her training in the Amsterdam Kleinkunstacademie.
First major role van Houten has played in the television movie ‘Susie Q’ (‘Suzy Q’); this role is subsequently brought her Dutch award ‘Golden Calf’ (‘Golden Calf’). Another ‘calf’ – and along with the prize ‘Pisuisse Award’ and ‘Top Naeff Award’ – Karis received for her role in ‘Undercover Kitty’. For the first time in the eyes of American audiences Karis got in the same year – a picture of Martin Koolhoven ‘Amnesia’ (‘AmnesiA’) got including to several American cinemas.
In 2006, Carice van Houten played Rachel Stein (Rachel Stein) in the film ‘Black Book’. The Dutch Film Festival (Netherlands Film Festival) this picture made considerable furore – and even brought the actress a new ‘bull’. Pretty high on the abilities Karis said and film director Paul Verhoeven (Paul Verhoeven) – he even said that never in my life did not work with a talented actress (comparing passing Karis with Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone) – and not in favor of the latter). Karis came to taste and international press – here critics drew parallels between van Houten and Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson).
Role in ‘Black Book’ opened the way for Karis in a number of high-profile American projects; so van Houten played with Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) in ‘Valkyrie’ (‘Valkyrie’) and Jude Law (Jude Law) and Forest Whitaker (Forest Whitaker) in ‘Repo Men’ (‘Repo Men’). Do not forget, however, van Houten and about Dutch cinema – so, she co-starred in three films already familiar to her Martin Koolhoven.
Van Houten popularity continues to grow – in 2008, the actress was named ‘Woman of the Year’ according to the ‘New York Magazine’ and hit the pages of the March issue of ‘Vanity Fair’. In the same year Karis had a chance to play in the film ‘Body of Lies’ (‘Body of Lies’) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio); alas, the final version of the film scene with Van Houten were not included.
In July of 2011, van Houten won the role of priestess Melisandre (Melisandre) in the popular television series ‘Game of Thrones’ (‘Game of Thrones’).
A while Carice van Houten was having an affair with Sebastian Koch (Sebastian Koch), another star ‘Black Book’; In August 2009, however, they separated. In October 2013th actress has officially announced his affair with Kisom Van Newkirk (Kees van Nieuwkerk), son of the famous Dutch TV presenter Mattis Van Newkirk (Matthijs van Nieuwkerk).
In 2012, Carice van Houten has released his own album; it was called ‘See You on the Ice’ and contained composition in the style of pop-rock.

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