Cape Town – South Africa Capital (legislative), the second most populous city of the country (3.5 million people). Cape Town is located in the southwestern part of the country, near the Cape of Good Hope, at the foot of Table Mountain (Table Mountain). The city covers an area of ??the Cape Peninsula and the adjacent mainland areas of land, much of the city is occupied by numerous rock formations. Cape Town is situated on the bank of a beautiful bay and is the most popular among tourists city in South Africa.
Cape Town

Thanks to the amazing nature of the Cape Peninsula Cape Town many tourists is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet. On the one hand the city is surrounded by majestic mountains, which is headed by the famous Table Mountain and the other bordering the beautiful Gulf coast is considered one of the best for a beach holiday in South Africa. However, in addition to the natural beauties in and around the city a lot of interesting attractions.
Today Cape Town is playing a significant role in the life of the Cape Province of South Africa, and the whole country. There are many government offices, cultural centers and universities. This is one of the most important economic centers of the country, there are the offices of major banks, multinational corporations, shipping companies. The ultra-sea port of Cape Town is one of the country’s largest in terms of cargo handled.
A bit of history

History of Cape Town is closely related to the search for the trade route between India and Europe, during which seafarers scrutinized the southern coast of Africa. When the sea route to India was found, there was a need for “transit point”, where ships could restock drinking and eating. So there was a city Kapstad, which translated from Dutch means “city on the Cape” (Cape of Good Hope).
Equally important seaport, of course, could not fail to attract the attention of an influential in the shipping world, the British Empire. After years of war, the British finally managed to get Kapstad, and in 1814 the city became a British colony, was renamed in the English style in Cape Town.
The city began to rapidly grow and develop, and after becoming South Africa in Cape Town in 1961 entrenched in the status of the legal capital of the new country, even though the size is already inferior to other cities, such as Johannesburg. Today, the tradition of legislative power is concentrated in Cape Town, the country’s parliament is working here.
Panorama of the city, in the background – Dining goravse photo

Climate Cape Town

The climate is characterized as subtropical Mediterranean. Best time to visit Cape Town – spring (October, November) and autumn (April, May). In summer (December to March) is quite hot, the average temperature is kept at 25 degrees. Winter (June, July) are considered to be the rainy season, the temperature at night can drop to 6 degrees.
Beach vacation and surfing

Beaches Cape Town is traditionally considered among the best on the coast of South Africa, where anyone will find a lot of pleasure and fun associated with beach holidays and water sports. Cape Town is considered the world capital of surfing, there will be interesting to ride the waves of both novices and experienced athletes. There are a lot of surfing instructors and rental equipment, and good waves and the wind certainly will not leave indifferent fans of this sport.

Gourmets and lovers of good food will discover many pleasant in Cape Town – local cuisine is traditionally famous for seafood and seafood, including tuna, salmon, lobster and, of course, oysters and lobsters. Perfectly complement the dinner local wine, a popular including outside of South Africa.
Cape Town Attractions

The symbol of the city, of course, is the Table Mountain – it is even depicted on the flag of Cape Town. The name of the mountain is due to its flat plateau-like top and steep slopes. The height of Table Mountain is 1087 meters at its top can be reached by a cable car.
It is also one of the most famous attractions is the oldest building in South Africa – the Castle of Good Hope, built as a defensive fort for the first settlers, and in 1936 became a museum.
Lovers of the underwater world and wildlife should definitely visit the largest aquarium in the southern hemisphere – Two Oceans Aquarium (Two Oceans Aquarium). As the name implies, the aquarium collected the most interesting representatives of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, for which you can watch through the windows 30 pools. No less interesting is an excursion to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, considered one of the best in the world.
Among the other attractions of Cape Town can be noted the South African National Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, St George’s Cathedral. It can be a fascinating trip to the Robben island prison, which spent 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela, who later became president of the country. It will be good and just walk around the city – very popular with tourists and locals alike in this respect enjoys beautiful V & A Waterfront.

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