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acceleration 0-100 km / h – 2.5 seconds

  Features Caparo T1

   Caparo T1 produces a British company Vehicle Technologies. The car is a very easy and powerful design similar to the aerodynamics and performance with a Formula One and is designed for demanding clients, fans track days.

   The biggest attraction in the specifications CaparoT1 is a power to weight ratio that is 1045 hp per ton of weight, this is the first production car pereprygnuvshy barrier of 1,000 hp per tonne, such results were achieved through the installation of 3.5-liter V8 rated at 575 horsepower at lightweight composite body and chassis weighing 550 pounds with the motor.

  Maximum torque of the engine is in the area of 9000 rev / min and 420 nm
  The maximum power is achieved at 575 horses 10500 rev / min.
Caparo throttle
   CaparoT1 monocoque made of carbon fiber with the use of aluminum honeycomb materials that have great strength and toughness at the minimum body weight providing high rigidity, so necessary to ensure good governance. Rear subframe is made of aerospace steel.

   Suspension parts are made without the use of composite materials, which illustrates the company’s ability to produce light and firmer suspension without exorbitant price for suspension parts made of carbon fiber or other composite materials.
Caparo T1 is easier and faster than the cars racing series Le Mans sportscar and even sport bikes do not reach the ratio of power to weight.

   To disperse hundreds of 2.5 seconds, to 160 for 5 seconds, stop with the 160 3.5 seconds.

   The starting price is around 190,000 euros and will vary depending on configuration and individual wishes of the customer in the choice of colors, materials, trim and so on.

   engine Specifications

Aspirated 3.5 liter V8 engine with fuel injection.
575ls power (425kW) at 10,500 rpm
Torque 420 nm (310lbft) at 9000 rpm
Tests on methanol 700ls (515kW)
The engine speed is limited to 10,500 rev / min.
The collapse of the engine block 90 degree V8, 4 valves per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts
Bore / Stroke 64.3mm
Valve made of a titanium alloy
Block and heads are cast from an aluminum alloy.
Crankshaft forge steel billet.
The engine has a complex system of piston cooling
System dry sump lubrication and additional oil cooling.
8 throttle intake system.
Electronic fuel injection system consistent with two injectors.
Pectel SQ6 engine control unit (ECU)
The engine runs on 98RON fuel pump with fuel pressure 5bar
Air filter zero resistance.
Engine weight with attachments 116 kg.

   General description Caparo T1

575lc engine V8 / 550 kg curb weight
1045 hp per tonne power-to-weight
Fully customizable aerodynamics
The average position of the engine.

Caparo T1 Caparo Ferodinamika

The body is made with use of Ground Effect
Adjustable front wing
Adjustable rear wing
Adjustable diffuser flaps
Low drag coefficient


The steering column of magnesium alloy
Bespoke removable wheel


System dry sump lubrication 8 liters
The fuel tank 70 liters


Monocoque carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb.
Rear tubular frame made of hromonsilevyh pipes.

wheel Caparo T1

Front and rear suspension is based on the wishbone
Transverse stabilizers are fine-tuning.
Shock absorbers CaparoT1 have five customization options.


Gearbox housing made of magnesium alloy with pneumatic Instant gear.
Limited-slip differential.
There are several variants of gear ratios.
Cv joints of equal length.

Caparo T1 brake system brake
   brakes CaparoT1

Steel brake discs 355mm diameter. For front and rear wheels.
Front calipers 6 piston rear 4 piston.
Fully adjustable brake bias.autowp.ru_caparo_t1_6











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